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  1. Math. Definitely math. And it's only SL. Probability and stats kill.
  2. I would consider taking AP if you're only looking to get into American Universities as AP is much more respected in the US than IB. On the other hand, if you're looking to get into any UK universities, or even European ones, IB will be very very important. So in your case, your GPA and SAT score will be much more important. Also, I know a few friends who received acceptance into Ivy League schools even though they had only like...1 IB subject taken. So that's definitely proof you don't need IB to get into prestigious American universities. They've changed it into taking more well rounded students. Hope this helps! Toodles X
  3. Currently taking SL Math and that's already a lot to stomach. I'd say Chem HL will be much more beneficial than Math HL as chemistry is the connecting science. Go for math only if you have a genuine passion for math and would be okay studying math everyday. Hope this helps. X
  4. I'd say your mark will lean towards a 6. Although a 7 may be possible if you received 6 on your exam if your IA was basically perfect. Hope this helps x
  5. English is one of the harder subjects to study for. I'd say read read and read more. Looking at what other people have done always helps. Also looking at past work that you did helps as well. Hope this helps. Cheers X
  6. I can second this on the workload. History is probably second in workload to biology and biology only has more homework due to more frequent tests in biology. X
  7. Cartoons in the 20th century such as Tom & Jerry or Mickey Mouse or any interesting speeches online trends such as Charlie Hebdo and all that media stuff.. I think you just answered you own question! X
  8. Can work with chem since I took that last May while rest of my other exams are this May. I have chem notes if that would help? Other subjects are iffy but wouldn't mind a study group for it.Okay sounds good! I'm not to sure what works better Skype or something. Chemistry notes would definitely help me! My teacher tends to skip some lessons and doesn't know the answers to some major questions we ask her. If it is okay can I join? I am struggling with chemistry right now and could really like the help. PLEAAAASSSEE The more the merrier! X
  9. I have to disagree, if someone is somewhere around 0-200 words above the word limit it will be very difficult to notice by just having a "sense" due to seeing a lot of previous papers. Has anyone actually lost marks due to being over the limit, or is it just some myth going around in this thread? It would be cool to know of a irl example. My teachers have in fact given us examples about how students with a perfect essay got docked marks by going around less than 20 words over. They do make random checks at times as well.
  10. Hahahahah unfortunately which makes me cry. But integrating the quotations into what you already are going to say always lowers the word count.
  11. I did a game show that involved the whole class. The potential and ideas are limitless really so long you get your ideas and knowledge across and engage people. Hope this answers your question X
  12. How do you do that? Sorry I'm new here, I'm just getting the hang of it. No worries, this website takes a bit of getting used to for navigating, at least for me. You go to the category you want to study about, and click create new topic, a button that should be on the top right corner. Cheers X
  13. Yes, word counts do. You automatically get docked marks if you go over and they check, which they usually can sense because the examiners/markers have seen so many assignments.
  14. I'd say it'd probably be okay to open a thread specifically for studying and tips. X
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