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  1. Hi! I'm during my IA in international econ on Brexit and the depreciation on the pound. The problem is I have no idea how to show a depreciating pound in a diagram? Any help? Kind of stressed
  2. I ended up using another speech and creating a new speech of the same person, which was supposed to be her 5 years later. I ended up getting 19/20! So pleased
  3. Hi, I am supposed to write a written task on the following ted talk: And I am just lost on what WT1 really is. Any ideas?
  4. Hi, I' doing ab initio French. Is is possible to use a dictionary on the exam?
  5. Hi, I have my exam session may 2017. However, in French, I feel prepared enough to be able to take it this November. Would that be possible? As I have heard of some people splitting up their diploma, and one student did the French exam early last year.... It would be nice to just be finished with it. Is it possible though?
  6. Hello, What type of unemployment is greatest in Spain? Structural, right? And what really causes the unemployment there?
  7. Hello, I've been struggling with finding the right article for my IA in macroeconomics. I found this: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2016/07/palestine-integrate-technical-education-public-schools-labor.html However, is it possible to use Palestine as the main focus of the task, in a way? As, it is not a country, is it not allowed to write about? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I'm writing my EE in English Lang&Lit in category 3 (language). I am comparing how language used by male rappers has changed since the 80s, and have chosen three rappers that were active in the 80s, and that are still active, and comparing how their language used to be vs how their language is today. Hence, my research question is: "How has language in songs by male rappers transformed since the 80s?". I'm wondereing of whether or not "specific male rappers" should narrow it down a bit more... Do you think my overall idea is good though? As I do not want to bother my supervisor too much during the summer... :-) Thank you in advance.
  9. It seems to be as you are not going to continue with anything with science, nor economics, and hence, math HL might be a bit of a "waste" as it will take up a lot of your time. Sure, it looks good on paper, but if you're able to get a better grade in SL with less work, that might be a more suitable choice. Although, if you enjoy math, of course choose that. :-) Anyways, good luck!
  10. Hi, I have chosen the following article for my Econ IA: http://www.thelocal.es/20160428/spain-sees-jobless-rise-during-first-quarter-of-2016 However, I am not sure how to structure it etc... I got 13/14 on my commentary in micro, but seem to not really grasp how to do this in macro. Any tips/ideas??
  11. Hello, I am just starting my IA in macroeconomic. http://money.cnn.com/2016/04/05/news/economy/reserve-bank-india-interest-rates/ Do you think this is a suitble article? I am in a struggle, please help! Anne
  12. Sorry for a late reply, I would say to choose one. You have a very limited word count, so you should use the words you can for what is the most important: showing understanding of economic terms used, analyzing and evaluation, as explaining the graph(s). Using both models will only make you have less words for everything else you should include in your IA. Anne
  13. HL Econ is one of the easiest HL subjects out there, in my opinion. I always get better on HL tests than I do in SL in econ, with less practise. I think you'll do fine. I do not have a lot of mathematical skills, and I can do it (I have 6 in mathematical studies).
  14. Hi, I have chosen the following article for my IA: http://www.thelocal.es/20160428/spain-sees-jobless-rise-during-first-quarter-of-2016 . However, I am a bit stuck on how to structure the whole commentary: I was thinking: 1) Introduction: brief summary and definition of unemployment. 2) Diagram illustrating the rise in unemployment, with explanation of the diagram 3. Evaluating what the effects of this is 4. Possible solutions to the rising unemployment Do you have any thoughts about this article and different policies I should write about etc? Again, I am just not sure on the whole structure and "set-up" of the commentary,...
  15. Hi! In my TOK presentation, I'm using the definition above for knowledge. However, I have a hard time finding out where Plato actually said this. Does anyone know?
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