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  1. yeah yeah, that's similar to what i did. so the speed of boat should be 27.2694549 exactly? That's 27.3 rounded to 3 sgf.
  2. hi, 175 is not the answer, it's part of the question. I think in the question the distance b/w A and C is 175, if I didn't look anything wrongly.... I just want to make sure that, so maybe my answers are correct. Hope so!
  3. Tz2 here. P1 is easy, but p2 harder. For p2 question 9 is the distanc between A and C 175? I am afraid that I might look the question wrongly, and messed all questions up cuz the time is pretty limited when I made to question 9
  4. Hi guys, I did an experimental ee based on a research done by previous scientists, and I explained important parts of the research that are related to my research question in the introduction. So, will the examiners still check again that research? Or they'll just depend on my explanation in the introduction? Curious about this, thanks!!
  5. Great help! Thanks IB_taking_over
  6. Hi Rosalina, the offer doesn't say anything or any required points for IB, so does this mean that ib isn't a requirement? thanks again!
  7. Hi, I applied to US university and got offers. When I applied, my transcripts were shown in ib grades and I also gave my predict. The ib policy of the school I want to go is like this: Students in IB programs may receive up to eight semester credits for each higher-level (HL) subject passed with a grade of five or higher. We encourage IB students to earn the full IB diploma. -Those who earn the full IB diploma with 30 or more diploma points may receive eight semester credits for each higher level (HL) subject with grades of five or higher -IB students may receive up to two semester credits for some standard level subjects with grades of five or higher. so does this mean that even if unfortunately I fail to get diploma (hope this won't happen!😕), my offer won't be rescinded since the school just encourage us to earn diploma? Btw, I know us university take seriously on students' senior grade and high school graduation certificate, but my school doesn't grant final grades+ certification based on our final ib results Pretty curious about this question because I heard US universities don't really care if you really get the diploma. They care more about ur gpa and sat and Ib is for credits. Thanks for the reply!!! 😊
  8. Hi, does anyone know for 2017 may, what are the required format for Biology HL ia in: font size font type margin around the paper space within paragraph and between paragraph thanks~
  9. Hi, does anyone know for 2017 may, what are the required format for chemistry sl ee and ia in: font size font type margin around the paper space within paragraph and between paragraph Thanks!
  10. I am currently doing chemistry ee, and how many repeats should I do for the experiment ? Also, as for comparing, I want to add different concentration of ascorbate into my solution, so, are 5 groups of different concentration enough for comparing??? thank you !
  11. Hi, I was browsing the syllabus for bio 2016, and saw "A reflective statement written by each student on their involvement in the group 4 project must be included on the coversheet for each internal assessment investigation. " So, what exactly is group 4 project? What we need to do for it? Do we need to hand any report about it to the IB? thanks for replying.
  12. Hi, I'm taking geography hl, and my teacher told us that for the essay questions in paper 1,2,3, we have to write 750-1000 words. Is this true? Because I searched and I didn't see this requirement in guide or other geography website. Thanks for answering, this concerns me a lot.
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