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  1. ibapiggie

    Twilight series: Good literature?

    i was really obsessed over it two years ago when it hadn't really exploded yet. but after a while i realized how crazy all of these fans (myself included) sounded and i got over it really fast. now i'm really disenchanted and highly annoyed at it's popularity. it's like every girl in the world wants him and feels the need to obsess over him every waking moment of their lives. and i think it's completely trashed the teen literature market. hundreds of authors just caught the wave of twilight's sucess and now there are all of these vampire books out that are so unoriginal. people need to get their own ideas and stop obsessing over a single minute section of the vastly diverse realm of possibilities that is the fantasy genre.
  2. ibapiggie

    For bookworms and bibliophiles...

    Oh my gosh i love james herriot! i want to be a veterinarian, so those books are the funniest thing in the world to me. And any fantasy book is wonderful,except vampires and werewolves, which are way too overdone right now. there's a hundred new ones that are all twilight copycats. but otherwise fantasy is great, especially anything by Tamora Pierce.
  3. grade 11 in America actually starts at 16 years old, not 17. and are American high school diplomas seriously worthless in Europe and the rest of the world?
  4. ibapiggie

    Ban the person above you

    banned for posting again after you had already been banned
  5. ibapiggie

    Hearing voices in your head

    wow, that's really cool! thanks for sharing that, i've never heard anything like that before
  6. ibapiggie

    Hearing voices in your head

    i really want to do my EE on this question that has puzzled me for years, but what would it be under? okay, it kinda sounds weird, but when i read a book, especially for fun, i hear the charecters voices in my head. depending on how descriptive the author is, it can vary from a general narrator and indistinguishable charecters, think like a radio station, to detailed mental images of the charecters as well as their distinct voices, think movie in a theater (or IMAX if you know what that is, i'm not sure if it's international). so when i asked whether my mom heard the same (trying to confirm to myself that i wasn't losing my mind) she said she did. yet my younger brother and older male cousin said that they did not. both my mom and i enjoy reading, but my brother and cousin do not and have struggled with it. obviously i would test more people, but i was planning to examine any possible correlations between reading enjoyment/sucess and hearing inner voices, gender's associated with both. perhaps a correlation between the voices, and learning disabilities as my brother has borderline dyslexia. perhaps a little nature vs. nurture, though i'm not sure because my brother and i were both read to and exposed to books from a very young age. how on earth would i phrase this without sounding crazy and what category would it go under? i haven't taken physcology, but that might be my best bet. i think it could also fall under English because it deals with literature. and maybe even Biology because of the gender and learning disability thing. i know i'm probably hopelessly random, but any help is appreciated
  7. ibapiggie

    IB Music

    i'm in it for choir, but i never really had much explained to me about it. i just picked it because i planned on doing choir anyway and thought it would be an easy way to get my IB elective credit. turns out it's more difficult than i thought, apparently there actually is some work involved i'm on of two in my year that's doing it, but we don't have a separate class by ourselves. we're just in the schools normal choir class.
  8. ibapiggie

    Gaining Action hours for CAS

    fyi, gym class at school is never supposed to be counted as CAS. you can never count anything that is a class that you are greded on at school, so art classes etc. are also off limits. my teacher even said that you can't count things like bowling, because he claims that it isn't really CAS worty action if you can do better when you're drunk. most of the kids in my grade organize IB flag football (american football, sorry) on some weekends. you could always organize other sports like that for your group, that way everyone gets CAS, there are witnesses to their action, and it also bonds you as a group. you might even be able to count it as service, because your participation is helping others achieve their goals and get CAS i got most of my hours from marching band. i'm in the colorguard (the girls running around with flags during american football half-time shows) and got major credit.
  9. ibapiggie

    America University requires SAT?

    at the highly selective schools like harverd and princeton they not only require that you take it, but that you have a certain mininmum score. less selective colleges aren't as strict obviously, but just about everyone does require them. i'd start taking it as soon as you can and as much as you can, because it only gets easier and you'll have more opportunities to better your score. but don't neglect to check out the websites of colleges you're interested in, they might have different standards for international students, as unfair as that sounds
  10. depending on how you write it up, it could count on creativity or action. all you have to do is use the right words and emphasize the most creative and active parts of it. my school lets us write up the same activity in multiple sections, but i'm not sure how yours does it. my teacher also says that if you can do better at the action when you're drunk, then it doesn't count. i've never meditated or gotten drunk, so i wouldn't know whether you could count it. but i doubt it, because he even refused to approve bowling.
  11. ibapiggie

    Group 4 Project: Physical Exercise

    standing heart rate? i think you mean resting. altitude would probably be a good issue to consider, but probably hard to experiment with.
  12. ibapiggie

    IB Music - what is honestly required

    i too am freaking. it thought I'd only have to be in choir for 2 years, like i was already planning on doing, and then maybe do some little assesment thing like sing the scales at the end of the year. but then my teacher randomly mentions that me and this other kid would have some summer reading so we could prepare for our investigation, nothing major. and i was thinking "what? you mean i actually have to do work?" i thought it was gonna be an easy class and i'd get my ib elective and do something i love at the same time, but apparently i was wrong. I'm sorry i don't know anything to tell you, except that it's not just your school that's not specific.
  13. ibapiggie

    How tall are you?

    i'm pretty tall for a girl, almost 5'8" but sometimes more because i love wearing heels
  14. ibapiggie


    English, Irish, and Swedish. but that's reaching waaay back to the 1800's. I'm a southern belle born and raised, even though you can't really count that as an ethnicity. it's kinda funny because I'm white as milk yet few of my friends are. Because of IB all my friends are Chinese, Indian, African American, and a bunch more i don't even pretend to know.
  15. ibapiggie

    Poetry analysis English A1 SL Help!

    by the way, the F in TPFASTT stands for figurative language. it basically means literary devices like on the list above. this is usually a good section because you can analyze a lot in it. i can usually find a ton to write about and make up a ton of symbolism about stuff as minor as alliteration. the best thing about poetry is that you can claim that it means just about anything and support it with the most random evidence and it'll work.

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