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  1. Extended Essay - TOK Points Conversion Matrix

    Matrix detailing the award for bonus points for the EE and TOK components, for exams sessions 2010 onwards.
  2. Controversy with DID

    The Controversy Surrounding Dissociative Identity Disorder in the Psychological Community
    Found on http://www.huskieibpo.com/EssaySamples.htm
  3. SL IA Commentary--Tyrolit Schleifmittel Gmbh

    How can Tyrolit Schleifmittel Gmbh increase sales in a time of stagnation in the German market?
    B&M Teacher Support Material 2007
  4. Aftermath of Suez Crisis MARKS

    See 'Aftermath of Suez Crisis' for the actual EE
    Grade: 33/36
  5. Aftermath of Suez Crisis

    The aftermath of the Suez crisis of 1956: A new era of superpower influence in the Middle East
    Grade: 33/36 [see 'Aftermath of Suez Crisis MARKS' for the breakdown of points awarded]
  6. Econ--Supermarkets Vs. Open Air MARKS

    Markscheme for the EE titled Econ--Supermarkets Versus Open Air Markets
    Grade: 31/36
  7. Econ--Supermarkets versus Open Air Markets

    Econ HL Oligopolistic competition between supermarkeys and the open air fruit and vegetable market in Pasalimani area.
    Grade: 31/36 [see 'Econ--Supermarkets Vs. Open Air MARKS' for the markscheme.
  8. Comp Sci DP assessment

    Diploma Programme assessment
    Principles and practice
  9. Comp Sci Specimen Papers SL and HL

    Computer science Higher level and standard level
    Specimen paper 1s and paper 2s
    First Exam in 2006
  10. Comp Sci Case Study on MIDI

    Computer Science Case Study on MIDI -- Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
    For use in May 2006 and November 2006
  11. Comp Sci Guide 2006

    Computer Science Guide
    First examinations 2006
  12. Comp Sci Case Study

    Computer Science Case Study: Computers and Disability
    For use in May 2007, November 2007, May 2008 and November 2008
  13. Music HL--Exemplars of the Musical Investigation

    IB External Assessment -- HL
    1) Flute techniques as a compositional element in "Koku," a Japanese piece, and Lookout by Robert ****
    Grade: 7 [24/25]
    2) Antiphony
    Grade: 7
    3) Constant Rhythm
    Grade: 5
  14. Type 2 Logistic Model--Exemplar

    Creating a logistic model
    Grade: 6
  15. Type 1 Matrix Powers--Exemplar

    The Matrix Powers IA
    Grade: 6
  16. Lab work exemplar: Experimental data collection and processing

    Investigating osmosis and diffusion of sucrose solutions in dialysis bags submerged in water.
    Includes markscheme. Graded on Data Collection and Processing
  17. Lab work exemplar: Experimental design

    Creating a model for understanding plant disease: How does humidity affect the ability of blumeria graminis to infect corn?
    Graded on Design
    Marksheet included. Annotated lab.
  18. Afghanistan and the US Connection

    To what extent did anti-communist policies of the United States contribute to the rise of the Taliban?
    Grade: 7
    History Teacher Support Material
  19. IA Comments from IB Biology Moderators

    What they check for in each criterion and common mistakes to avoid!
  20. Expressionism

    Filial Impurity and the Greek Tradition: Expressionism in Robert Israel's Set Design for the Richard Strauss Opera Elektra
    Subject: Theater Arts
  21. Electronic Structure of Atoms

    The Wave Nature of Light, Quantized Energy and Photons, Bohr’s Model of the Hydrogen Atom, The Wave Behavior of Matter, Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Orbitals
  22. Chemical Thermodynamics

    Spontaneous Processes, Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics, Gibbs Free Energy
  23. Periodic Properties of the Elements

    Effective Nuclear Charge, Sizes of Atoms and Ions, Ionization Energy, Electron Affinities, Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids, Group Trends for the Active Metals, and Group Trends for Selected Nonmetals
  24. Organic chemistry

    General Characteristics of Organic Molecules, Intro to Hydrocarbons, Alkanes, Functional Groups, Chirality, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Cellulose, and Nucleic Acids
  25. Basics and Stoichiometry

    Significant digits/figures, classification and properties of matter, nomenclature, predicting reaction products, empirical and molecular formulas

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