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  1. It might help if you formatted it to a "To what extent..." type question and still compare both LOAs of the aspect, that way it gets less broad
  2. Maybe you can compare its impact on first and third world economies during the industrial revolution then extrapolate data from there to apply to the future. Although it is worth noting the cultural revolution now where people are starting to prefer man-made products instead of machine-made. This would be very much applicable to online stores such as Amazon and Etsy. You might also want to focus on which industry/sector you want to investigate. Hope this helps and good luck with your EE
  3. If we read EE samples and guides do we have to cite it in the bibliography? Also, for the experimental method instructions, can we put it in the appendix, and is the appendix included in the word count? Thanks.
  4. Can anyone recommend good revision websites and worksheets please? The textbook questions aren't helping at all since they're relatively simple compared to the actual questions. Thanks in advance
  5. From personal experience, try each of them out! I don't mean buy all of them then stash it at the back of your closet when you get tired of it, but go talk to some of your friends, or your music teacher, or you might even want to take a stroll to your nearest music shop and spend some time fiddling with the instruments. The genre of music you listen to factors a lot to the instrument you want to play -- it's just like taking the IB, you don't want to be stuck on a subject you're barely interested in and risk changing the subject too late into the course.
  6. This website sums up all of the core topics per learning outcome (with the addition of Abnormal Psych): http://ibpsychnotes.com/ With evaluating, I usually just write 2-3 points each for limitations and weaknesses, which comes to about 5-6 paragraphs. However, the key to this is to include in your thesis statement the extent of the reliability/validity of the research (ie. The errors in attribution are helpful but they are biased to individualistic culture).
  7. Yeah the experiment got really messed up. Thanks for the advice
  8. Sorry for the confusion. The experiment had been prescribed to our class, and its purpose is to show the relationship between centripetal force and uniform velocity at a horizontal circular motion. What it detailed was we were to have a 1m length of string, with masses (kept the same throughout) tied to one end (with a mass hanger) and a bung in the other. The string had been slid in to a hollow glass rod, which we used as the handle. We then proceeded on to spin the bung end of the string using the glass rod with our wrists, so the radii velocities varied with each trial; the only variable we maintained was the time, which we measured using a stopwatch until 20 seconds. A paper clip had been tied onto the string supposedly to keep the radius constant, but it kept sliding into the glass rod so it wasn't really helpful at all. In the end, we recorded the radius of string using a metre rule by holding onto it with the other hand while the contraption keeps spinning. Theoretically the relationship should be that v2 and Fc should be m/r. Substituting the variables onto the trend line equation (y=0.152x+5.451), it kind of doesn't make sense... which I guess is because m was constant and r varied.
  9. Yeah, it's about uniform circular motion. I don't know what's going on the first graph, because like you said I was anticipating it to be more ordered. I did try fixing the second one however to show Fc over v^2, which is significantly more linear than the rest. I was hypothesising that maybe the radius had a relationship with the period as the bung was spinning at the specific speed with the radius I recorded (a hollow glass rod was slid over the string to act as the handle so the bung pulls up the weights at the other end to produce a radius). The experimental method was really uncontrolled (I was spinning a bung tied to a string manually), so I guess all this mayhem can be chalked up to inconsistency in the evaluation Though I'm still curious of what to do in the case that another graph with more precise data shows that same inconsistency as the first chart. Am I still supposed to measure the slopes from the first and last points even though they don't appear to be in the right place relative to the actual trend line?
  10. Hi all, I'm having some difficulties over the maximum/minimum trend lines for my graph. Here is the original one with the line of best fit added: And this is after I added the maximum/minimum lines: Now the problem comes in the minimum line, because it goes above the original trend line. The only way I can solve this is if I discount the upper and lowermost point, but they're not really anomalous as the final calculations graph looks like this: If it helps, this IA is about circular motion: the first 2 charts are for the relationship between radius(y) and period(x), and the last chart shows the relationship between centripetal force(y) and velocity(x). Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all, I'm doing my EE on chemistry, and I'm stuck on choosing between two topics of interest: 1) Extracting caffeine using various brewing methods - I'm quite the coffee addict so I'm very interested in this topic. However, I worry that it might be too simple given the rigor of doing a Group 4 EE 2) Investigating chemiluminescence in Rhodamine-B - Again interesting for me and I reckon that it is more complex the previous topic, though the equipment and chemicals will be hard to find where I live Thanks in advance for your opinion.
  12. I'm going on a trip to Anaheim in about a month from now. Thing is, my parents will be at a conference, and my little brother (he's 9 years old) and I will be left alone in the hotel for 4 days. We'll be staying near the Convention Centre, so I'm planning to drop by the Packing District and spend time around that area, as well as the Angel Stadium. That said, I'm a bit scared of walking to and from the hotel with my brother. So how safe is it for a teenager and a kid to walk in there? Also if you can recommend any other places to visit that'd be great. Thanks in advance
  13. Interesting point. There are circumstances where it is hard to determine who's who and what has been done. However, and to quote Atticus Finch, "all men are created equal". The judicial system was set to bring justice to whatever crime had been done; it is a you do it or you don't system. I would say that if you had done a crime, no matter the reason, punishment should be served justly. And as you said, it needs to go into context. Those men from India had been through the worst that life has to offer, and because of that they have gone into a morally corrupt area without any sense of law. So if a criminal sees his actions to be reasonable and tangential to their environment, should their punishments be less severe? Again, I'm not taking their side as reasonable, and their crimes are unforgivable, but I'm viewing this situation as a whole.
  14. In BBC's documentary about the 2012 Delhi Gang Rape, "India's Daughter", one of the rapists had been interviewed and had given the following statement: "A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy." Honestly, I am extremely infuriated and violated with his response, though after a while I realised that it's the environment he was nurtured in that shaped his personality to be like that. Then I began to think if maybe we're biasing ourselves too much against the criminals without understanding their point of view. I'm not saying that I agree with him, and that the rape and murder he committed is reasonable, but to a microscopic degree I do, and that really bothers me. A few months ago I had been hit from behind by a drunk driver on a sunny afternoon, and mind you it was a very wide road. I was with my parents at the moment and they dealt with the jerk while I collected and recuperated on the sidelines. In my opinion, the man should've been jailed for his recklessness. He had a kid in his car for Christ's sake, what would've happened if he drove into a ditch or straight towards a truck? What happened afterwards scarred me. On the way home, my mom told me that it was my fault that I got hit and I should've known my place on the road. To my defense I replied that I was on the sidewalk and it hit me from behind, so how could I have seen it coming? This might be stereotypical, but coming from an Asian household I have been raised to regard my parents superior and that they are always correct. So no matter how much I reject my mom's criticism, it still remains true to me. I'm curious about your opinions in this subject matter. To me, both sides have their own shortcomings. However, a criminal is a criminal: there's no grey area if you go against the law. Then again, referring back to the Delhi rape case, there is a law against the said crime, but their upbringing begs to differ. Human nature is not well-adapted to change, so what are laws exactly for if the majority disagrees with it?
  15. My parents are thinking of transferring me from an international school to a bilingual school since they want to save more money for my university other investments (ie. my brother and business). However, the bilingual school only offers A-Levels and is catered more towards the local students. I fear that my parents are prioritising money higher than my education as the school I am in already offers scholarships and has set a deal with my parent's company to set the prices low and agreed to pay external fees. I understand where they're coming from but I also think that they underestimate my situation and overstress the high fees. I am already well established into my school, it's my 6th year currently and I'm running the global issues group along with other extracurriculars. I believe that IB will get me into a university easier as I do not have a problem with the curriculum, and moving to another school, starting with a blank slate, and doing the A-Levels at such a late notice affect me personally and educationally. I realise that it is a bit selfish in my parents' perspective, given that I'm taking a risk we might not be able to afford in the long run.
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