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  1. The Person Baccalaureate books are pretty good for history. Either the 2010 (old) or the 2015 (new) one should be fine.
  2. You should be fine if you found the source and looked at it yourself. In research it's perfectly fine to use the same sources. What's not cool is copying someone else's work based on the source (without proper citation).
  3. I still did the old syllabus but learned a bit about the new one as well. It is my understanding that historical perspective is basically historiography. Basically that you can recognize, and use where applicable, different points of view. For example, you recognize that Stalin's Five Year Plans have both positive and negative outcomes and can explain where the analysis comes from. [Although Stalin may not actually work for this question, cuz he did not establish power according to one of the IB marking guides from a Paper 2 from 2010-2015] 1. You have the opportunity to define however you like (within in reason) to in your introduction of your essay. The advantage to this is that you tell your reader exactly how to interpret them. I have no clue if establishment is different from rise to power according to IB. 2. You could use that setup you mentioned. That's definitely the most thorough method. Some of it is dependant on the guy you pick.
  4. IA

    A thing that he influenced is probably the best way to go about making this question more specific.
  5. Here in the good old U.S. of A., we currently playing with the idea of strikes and protests as a way of voicing our disapproval of the current regime. So, I was curious what you all thought of the idea of strikes against the government.
  6. After some lengthy discussions between the mods, we decided it was in the best interest of the forum to lock it. A full explanation will be published in the next few days.
  7. If your local system is crap, IB is probably a great alternative. That's sort of what I did. (Although I graduated the IBDP and my local system. But basically avoided any of the common core stuff. The U.S. is a bit weird...) I think straight 4's (24 points total) is roughly 50% in all the subjects which is generally pretty doable. I think just about anyone who is motivated enough can pass IB. In a lot of ways, IB is more of a test of discipline than anything else. With 6 subjects, there's always something to study for. You're bound to like some of the material and bound to dislike other parts. I've never been a huge fan of English, but I forced myself and pushed through and passed it at HL.
  8. Your first question seems promising. You probably can make an argument about how the declining population impacted the population of Spain's religious beliefs. I'm not sure if the origins of the Spanish Flu is 'history' enough on its own. If you can tie it to a specific historical event is would probably be 'history' enough.
  9. Everything is formally due to IB in April of the year of your exams. However, schools have internal deadlines that you have to meet. So, your best bet is to ask your coordinator when your school's deadlines are.
  10. Youtube videos are generally okay as sources if they are interviews and stuff like that. I would suggest trying to find ones for 'reputable sounding' usernames. EX: WW2History as a username sounds better than Tigers4lyfe2k16 in a bibliography. Also, you might be able to find segments of documentaries that cover your topic. (Which look better in the bibliography section)
  11. You cannot protest the hypothetical. The left, as well as right opposition groups, made some noise during the election. We canvased again Trump's hateful message. But it was mostly about getting out person, Hilary Clinton, into office. Now he is in power, actually doing the things he sought out to do. Now that he has acted, the people have something to protest. Trump lost the popular vote but the electoral college system. It is no longer protesting Trump for say, it is protesting his actions which violate the Constitution. It is protesting because Trump is running the country in a way that is contrary to the very laws it was founded on.
  12. You would apply domestically, right? If so, colleges here don't care about IB scores for admissions. I got into Bucknell (#34 on this list overall; #32 for Liberal Arts school) I didn't apply with IB scores and I had a 31 on the ACT, so roughly a 1430 on the new SAT. U.S. admissions look at much more than just test scores, so it's really hard to say. 1320 is on the low end for the upper unis. Which just means the rest of your application has to be spot on. Killer essays and teacher recs.
  13. 4 out of 7 for both. If you are doing the diploma you need at least 24 points (at least 12 from HL)
  14. An E in EE (or ToK for that matter) is an automatic failure, meaning that will not get the diploma. IBO got rid of the conditional passing score of 28 a few years ago.
  15. In order to make it less broad you might consider looking into how her lack of marriage affected a certain aspect of life for the English people.