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  1. Generally speaking, it's okay if people from across the world have the same article/topic. (Don't take that as in invitation to collaborate, however.)
  2. Sure Intro Thesis statement argument 1 argument 2 argument 3 (continue till you are happy with the number of arguments) conclusion If you want more help, feel free to PM me.
  3. The Pearson Baccalaureate books are pretty good for history. They tend to provide multiple perspectives and some decent practice questions.
  4. Sharing of copyrighted material is not permitted on this forum. Locking this topic
  5. If it's all from the same page on the same website, you should only need to put it in the bibliography once. A bibliography is just a list of all of the sources you cited in your paper. Even if you cite the same source 65 times in your paper, it still only goes in the bibliography once.
  6. Contractions are generally not used in formal writing. They are viewed as too colloquial.
  7. For US schools: They tend to care about extra curricular stuff as well as grades. Extra curricular look pretty solid on your end. Your SAT score of 1100 is a bit on the low side for most of the schools you mentioned. In order to be competitive, you probably want at least a low 1300. Rollins and The New School look to be a better chance as they have Average SAT scores closer to 1100. There are a bunch of "chance me" sites for US schools which factor in GPA, and SAT scores and show you where you fit in terms of other data. I mostly used Cappex and occasionally College Board.
  8. Generally speaking, Chicago style is standard for history papers. But, IB doesn't have a preference so you can use whatever you are most comfortable in.
  9. the pin is different from your candidate number. Is a combination of, presumably, randomly generated letters and numbers. It's the same login info from when you submit files electronically to IB. Your coordinator should have given you a sheet of paper with your candidate number, personal code, and pin number.
  10. If you study in the States, you, generally, don't have to declare a major until your 2nd year. (And you can change after you declare.) In the States, you also take a bunch of general education classes regardless of your major. My best advice is to follow your interests. Look at some colleges and see what courses they offer in the majors you are interested in.
  11. In my opinion, Tsar Nick's worst judgments were the policy changes in 1905, starting with the Oct. Manifesto. He promised the people a voice in the government but failed to follow through. I think that the Russo-Japanese War or WWI could also be some of his errors in judgment.
  12. To echo those above, I prefer Mac over PC. I love my Mac book Pro. It's probably a bit overkill for the things I do (mainly using the internet and typing papers) but it's fast and reliable.
  13. Please don't respond to old topics. Locking
  14. Check with each institution as it varies on some level at each place. The UC system may be standard, but I don't know
  15. please don't reply to old topics. Locking.