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  1. Generally, your name, your school's name, and candidate number (f you know it) go on the cover page.
  2. At my school, when you turned an IA in, you were submitting it. There wasn't really an option for late work unless you wanted a steep late penalty. I don't believe they need to ask you since you've already shared the document with them. You might consider asking your teacher if you can continue working on it past the deadline.
  3. For SL at my high school, people used 3 sources online articles. I think they all have to come from different news organizations, though. For HL we used a book that we had read in class.
  4. For U.S. schools, they probably won't ask you about your EE at all. Generally, they don't care too much about IB classes unless you are seeking college credit for them.
  5. It doesn't mean that you fail, unless you don't get 24 total points. You can get a 2 in an SL subject and still receive your IB diploma.
  6. Yes, drive is perfectly safe. By default, they are accessible only to you. Yes, you can share them with other people as long it's not for unethical purpose. (EX: it's fine to share them with people if they are going to edit it.) Just keep them off the public internet and you should be good.
  7. Please don't reply to old topics. If you have a similar question, please make a new topic.
  8. 1. Practice. It helps to be familiar with the type of reading and close analysis you have to do. 2. Come up with a general plan of attack. Know a handful of useful literary terms and apply them. 3. Don't worry about creating some profound discovery. Mundane analysis as long as it's decent will score well.
  9. No. You only need to put things in your bibliography that you cite in your paper. (I am assuming you are using Chicago style.)
  10. Technically, it's up to your school as there's no official IBO policy for say. For example, my high school required As and Bs to stay in the IB program. (But I don't have any data to confirm this was actually the case.) That being said, a D+ may not count for college admissions in U.S. schools. (At least that is the case with Oregon colleges, but I think it's a fairly common policy.)
  11. Please don't respond to old topics. Locking.
  12. Both are treated basically the same by universities. The ACT has a science section whereas the SAT doesn't. Also, the ACT has four sections plus an essay whereas the SAT has like 9 plus the essay. So, the SAT has short sections that jump back and forth between the subject instead of powering through an hour of one section. Personally, I liked the ACT better because the questions seemed more straightforward and, at the time, the essay didn't count towards the score. (I don't think it counts for the SAT anymore either now.)
  13. Back when I did CAS (2016), the minimum requirement was 150 hours (50 of each). My high school still does it this way, however, I believe IB has changed the 150 hour requirement. Since CAS varies so much by school, your best bet is probably to go talk to your coordinator or whoever is in charge of your CAS.
  14. Generall, no. You would just leave that part out. So it would look something like “Title of Web Page.” Publishing Organization or Name of Website in Italics. Publication date and/or access date if available. URL. From: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/717/05/
  15. extendedessay

    Basically, you need to cite everything you got from a book (website, journal article, newspapers, etc.). You, generally, don't have to cite your opinions and analysis of the facts. With history imparticular, that means a bunch of citations. The more papers you write, what you need to cite and what it 'common knowledge' enough tends to become more clear. If you have specific questions about sentence or two, feel free to ask them either here or through PMs. -IB_taking_over