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  1. apoorva97

    What was your IOP topic?

    To what extent do the poems "Talking In Bed" and "An Arundel Tomb" by Philip Larkin display his pessimism? It was something I was genuinely interested in, so it made the IOP process more "fun". Funny to think it's been a whole year since I did my IOP...how time flies.
  2. apoorva97


    Could be! For our mock, we got questions written by the teachers, and the 12 mark one was about an implementation strategy for the new system. I think the 2 mark definition questions will be quite predictable - define 'big data' and another one of the terms on page 12. And then possibly something about customer privacy/security, etc. Good luck!
  3. apoorva97

    past paper question.

    Aha! I came across this one a short while ago. Use your GDC! Use the normal distribution function (InvN where Q1 probability = 0.75 with the RIGHT tail, and Q3 probability = 0.75 with the LEFT tail) and just subtract the value for Q3 - the value for Q1.) Good luck!
  4. apoorva97

    Extended essays

  5. apoorva97

    Predicted Grades stress

    In our school, our UPGs (predicted grades) were based mostly on in-class performance (tests, IAs) as well as in-class 'mocks' that we had - we didn't have proper IB mocks until January 2015 (unfortunately). Most people UPG's increased between the end of Year 12 (11th grade) and Year 13 (12th grade) so just work hard over the summer and prove to your teacher that you deserve the grade you've been predicted, or that you deserve a higher grade. Good luck, and don't waste time stressing about it - focus hard on studying for any upcoming tests that may help you to raise your grades :-)
  6. apoorva97

    Economics HL

    The questions on Paper 1 this year were a lot harder than previous years (I mean, the May 2014 questions were like a blessing)! That being said, Paper 2 was a lot better than I expected - I sighed out loud with relief when I saw the questions. Mixed feelings about paper 3, haha. I did questions 2 (monopoly power) and 3 (multiplier, unemployment) for Paper 1, questions 2 and 4 (India and Peru) for Paper 2, and questions 2 and 3 for Paper 3.
  7. I did my Micro IA in Market Failure too (positive externalities of consumption). My structure for all my Econ IAs was always - a 2-3 line introduction about the article, summarising the key points. I then went straight into defining any key terms (in this case, it would be "positive externalities of consumption", "subsidy" etc.) Then I drew a diagram (only one), annotated/labelled everything important, explained and analysed the diagram. Finally, did my evaluation. Read through the IA Rubric though, it's pretty self-explanatory and detailed. Avoid 'waffling' around with your IA's - the word limit IS only 750 words! Don't try defining every single term, it's just a waste of word count. If you're allowed a draft (you should be, I think), try make your draft as good as possible so that your teacher can help you improve it to get the best mark possible, instead of having to start from scratch! It gets better once you do your first IA - you can the gist of what exactly the assessor is looking for. Good luck!~
  8. apoorva97

    Is Math Studies OK for HKU?

    Email the admissions office at HKU and ask - if the website doesn't state anything, your best bet is to call or email them. Better to be safe than sorry!
  9. Good luck to you all too! It's almost over ~
  10. I don't know if this is too late of a reply but; Othello was one of the texts that I had to study for my IOC, along with Selected Sonnets and Odes by Keats. The main revision I did for Othello was to read through and pick out the key monologues (which were highly likely to come up) and just annotate them the best I could. Luckily, our teacher helped us quite a bit with narrowing down the extracts which we had to concentrate on, so it was slightly easier. I got Keats in my IOC though (thankfully!) so I can't say much on the actual experience, with regards to Othello. Good luck! ~

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