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  1. I think paper 3 was a lot better but for Option A they made the long answer (6 marks) on general anesthetics which I thought was ridiculous seeing that it was such an insignificant part of the syllabus. They also expected knowledge on autism which wasn't taught to us at all. Hoping that paper 3 will carry me!!
  2. yeah they do! Hope not though...I did not do well.
  3. Hey Guys! I wanted to know how everyone found the biology paper 1 and 2! I thought paper two was really bizarre! Also, looked through the Oxford textbook, no mention of a freaking goblet cell...
  4. It was to do with the author's context so time, place and events I think it was. Something like: Discuss the significance of the author's time, place or current events in at least two of the works you have studied.
  5. That sounds super reasonable! Thanks so much for the help.
  6. You give me hope! The petition made it look deadly. Also hey there fellow German! I wish you luck for the rest of your exams
  7. I have been reading all the comments on the petition...did you find the specimen paper was an accurate representation?
  8. I am doing Option A! Glad to hear that paper 2 was nothing new. We have already learnt our option topics and there was no mention of famous experiments, so I need to learn that! Thanks so much
  9. Yeah, that makes sense. Thank you! What option did you do for paper3?
  10. Hi Guys! Wanting to know what you all thought about the studies' papers? What differences did you find in your exam compared to the past papers? How do you think you did?
  11. Hey Guys! November 2016 exam student here. I was wondering what you all thought about the Bio HL Papers? What trends and differences did you see that were different when compared to the old syllabus? Did you find it difficult?

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