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  1. ThisIsMe98

    Will my IOC get bad grades?

    Thank you for telling me all this. Your reply is really thoughtful, I wIsh I could vote you as the best answer too *gives shiny medal*. Sadly my school is full IB and I wished I could just take the sciences for IB since I transferred from a national based private school so the gap is big. I panicked because I never had to do any sort of presentations before and I admit I have that bad habit of aiming high so I felt bad over what I did that day. I did my finals for year 11 today, it wasn't that hard as I thought it would be so I think I can handle the written papers now. Sorry I made a really big fuss about it, I get worried easily. ><
  2. ThisIsMe98

    Will my IOC get bad grades?

    You know what, I bet your performance in the IOC wasn't as bad as mine. You know what I did? After like 2 minutes into the recordings, I got so nervous that I asked my teacher: "Can... we...restart....the....recording???". And I asked him TWICE. And it was recorded!!! And worse, my teacher didn't allow me to restart. And even worse, my recording sample was chosen to send to the IB moderators!!! So yeah.... I felt like hell when I got back from my IOC. Luckily I wasn't alone, because a classmate of mine bit his lip till it bled during recording because he was so nervous. And another friend of mine cried right in front of the teacher at the recording. My result for the IOC was 7/15, which was like a 4 according to my teacher. However, as you can see in my signature, I got 7 overall for my English SL. That was like a miracle to me, because I was always hoping to get a 5. So my advice to you is to calm down because I bet you've done much better than you actually think. Besides, the IOC is only 15% of the total grade for English. Don't look back at your performance in the IOC, because life goes on whether you like it or not!!! Good luck with other parts of the English course though Heyy thanks a bunch. I was really sad yesterday after my IOC. I thought I couldn't do anything anymore because everything is gonna be hard. Today I took my finals for year 11 and the written exams were great for me. I realized I was a big idiot for posting this and you reminded me that my IOC only has about 15% for my final grade. Thanks for reminding me that I paused for like five seconds when I started the whole IOC thing and said good morning when it was an afternoon and started the usual "Gah, blurh blurh no haha not that" and then I looked at the Mac recording my voice... I panicked haha >< Thank you so so much for helping me and telling me this, I hope miracles happen for me too. I won't fret that easily next time and I won't be doing anymore IOCs in the future so I'm looking forward now ^^
  3. ThisIsMe98

    Will my IOC get bad grades?

    It was a final. I usually did well in mocks but I panicked badly in the finals and my teacher looked disappointed so that's why I lost it and posted this post but receiving encouragement from everyone here helped me.
  4. I'm literally panicking now. I didn't sleep well last night. I panicked over my IOC and didn't state a thesis statement or a conclusion for it and ran out of time because I was mumbling and focused on diction. I'm so scared I'll fail my English because of my IOC. I'm worried maybe I might get a 7 or at most 11 because I didn't say things properly. I studied hard and I wrote a lot of notes, I was just bad at speaking in a formal way. I'm honestly scared to the point I cried the whole night and really thought of probably quitting IB because I don't think I'm gonna pass the other subjects with commentaries. I feel horrible...
  5. One more thing, my TOK teacher is planning to move to another country so he wouldn't here next year. I am really worried about this because they might be asking a teacher who teaches IVS to fill in and things might be getting worse for me so I need your help ><
  6. Hi guys, I have been struggling with theory of knowledge ever since I joined the IB school. My first year in DP is almost coming to an end but my TOK presentation is not good. I hope I have someone to help give me feedback on my presentation ideas and structure for my second TOK presentation. I had to post it up here because I don't have any seniors to ask from since it's a new school here and IB isn't so popular around here. I would really appreciate your help. I will always try my best to do my part, I just need feed backs since my TOK teacher rarely cared about me. He often told me to ask for feed backs but he would say he is busy and forget about it and I had to wait in his outside office several times. I get that my teacher isn't supposed to help me in most things but we rarely get to discuss about ideas which I saw from the IB terms, a teacher can discuss about the ideas and encourage that student whether if it is a good knowledge question or topic. I gotta admit several classmates aren't doing so well either. I hope someone could help me, maybe like I'll email you my script or general idea and you could just give a feed back saying if I'm on track or going off track that's all. I won't try to bother anyone too much, I promise, I just am willing to learn things and improve my grades and I need your help since my teacher wasn't helping much. I'll owe big time to you if you help me in this because the grades means a lot to me.
  7. Wow!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! You really helped me a lot because this is my first time doing a TOK presentation so I needed some opinions to guide me. I'll try to figure out the main differences between shared knowledge and personal knowledge now. Thank you like more than a thousand times!!!!
  8. Hi guys, I really need some of your perspectives to help me out in my tok presentation. I just need that help. I looked for several perspectives through online sources but I hope to get some from other people too, like you guys. Most of my friends are not in the ib program so they are not sure about the tok thing so I really need your help. My knowledge question is "To what extent does an authority figure mandate shared knowledge from personal knowledge?" The basic real life situation from me is that I had been switching schools for quite a long of times because I was always moving around so I wanted to talk about how the national education system has been limiting the students to explore different topics because we were separated into three classes like the science, economical and arts class with different set of subjects, it's like a bundle package unlike the ib where you get to choose and major in the subjects that suit you. Also there are situations from the nature itself that displays authority figures and control the system. For example, animals that live in packs tend to follow the leader, if the leader makes a wrong choice, the whole pack dies and they get ousted if they did not follow the system. I wonder how would you guys think about how an authority figure controls the majority of the people and not allow them to explore different things from their personal knowledge? From my point of view, it will disrupt the social structure leading to events like war because people would disagree with one another and animals might behave differently causing the food chain to disrupt and so on. I really hope that you all could help me out with some perspectives on my tok presentation, I'm going to present it on Monday so I hope you could help me out by just giving your perspectives about authority figures. Thank you!
  9. Hi guys I hope I could get some ideas for my tok presentation, I just need perspectives since I'm working on the problem of educational systems. I told my teacher about my real life situations and he insisted I go with this knowledge question which is "To what extent can an authority figure mandate shared knowledge to become personal knowledge?" To be honest I'm a bit confused with this knowledge question but I thought getting different perspectives from people here might help me see this knowledge question better and explore from your perspective? I'm trying my best in this tok presentation so I hope you guys could help me out for a bit. Thank you really really much!
  10. ThisIsMe98

    How hard IB is?

    I am going to finish my first year in the dp program now, so far I think I'm getting used to the whole system and workload. Sometimes when it comes to tok, they have the usual be "open-minded" thing, that is the part when I try to forget everything that I know and absorb what comes from the textbook or what my teacher says. I'll start thinking from what I was taught then add my own thoughts and that's how I handled tok. It was really hard for me at first, maybe you'll figure out a method for studying tok in the future? Many good teachers are leaving my school too, especially my english teacher who is really passionate about teaching us. I rather doubt the one who's going to be my new english teacher in year 12. My not-so-good tok teacher is also leaving with the others so that's quite a headache for me to adapt to the new environment next year. You should stick to IB, trust me. Biology really is all about memorizing, not just that, there are always specific answers in the textbooks and remembering the key terms will always give you an easy 5 or 6/7 if you put in more effort. It isn't just about the teachers, you can find a lot of resources online or from the textbooks to help you, the teachers are there to guide you and give you feedback or explain things to you. I know it would be hard, my school is relatively new too, I'm the first batch of dp students here but I would really like to tell you, IB is worth it. Good luck to you for whatever choice you made.
  11. ThisIsMe98

    I need some advice in IB

    Yep, thank you. I'm definitely going to work hard to graduate from ib Thank you
  12. ThisIsMe98

    I need some advice in IB

    Reflections for my CAS activities I guess. I'm glad that I won't fail ib because of a late CAS reflection. I was so worried I thought of various ideas to work harder to replace all these activities. ><
  13. I just started my TOK presentation not long ago and I'm going to talk about the educational system. My knowledge question is: "To what extent does shared knowledge from an authority figure mandate the validity of personal knowledge?" I wonder if that is alright or I might have to add in more tok terms or change my knowledge question to be more focused? Anyways, thank you for the help.
  14. ThisIsMe98

    TOK Presentation

    Thanks for the tip, I'll try to look for some more RLSs then.
  15. ThisIsMe98

    I need some advice in IB

    Haha okayy the KS bomber thing was funny, I'll try to keep that in mind. Thanks for the suggestions btw. I'll try to talk to my teachers about it and ask questions because they usually say, "we don't know what the ib examiners will do and stuff". I'm guessing I'll just study hard and hand in my reflections early then

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