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  1. 1) I'm currently implementing this feature. 2) Yes, this app does implement many concepts from linear algebra (simplex algorithm, rank-nullity, etc.). You bring up a good point about unique solutions where they are not necessarily multiples of each other. I will try to implement this feature too! Thanks for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey all, I've recently made an Android app that can balance chemical equations (useful if you are struggling). If you can check it out, it would be of great help! App Name: ChemBalancer Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sagar2398gmail.patel.chembalancer3&hl=en
  3. If I had processed values of: 0.00340 0.00780 0.0100 0.260 0.240 This is an example of something that had occurred in one of my labs. How would I show this in a table? They're all 3 significant digits but, they're not in the correct amount of decimal places.
  4. I'm doing a lab and I'm a bit confused by the significant digits in the final processed data. For example, suppose I was determining the heat lost by a system and the data in the first trial was: ​ m: 0.500 kg c: any constant, let's say 0.800 temp. initial: 25.0 temp. final: 21.0​​ ​​ Q = (0.500) * (0.800) * (25.0-21.0) Q = (0.500) * (0.800) * (4.0) Q = 1.6 ​​ My final answer has 2 significant figures according to the calculation shown above but, my raw data all had 3 significant figures. I've heard people say that keep the same amount of significant figures as the raw data. So what would I do in this case?​
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