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  1. So, I am applying to Columbia University (NYC), and it's the only school I'm applying to that requires SAT subject tests. My Literature score was 730 and my Spanish score was 640. Should I retake the Spanish test? Will it hurt me a lot? (My normal SAT score was 2260 [reading:780, math:760, writing:720])
  2. SailorMelina

    Common App Problems

    I haven't actually submitted the application yet. It's just that one part that I can't change.
  3. SailorMelina

    Common App Problems

    Thanks. That is what I was talking about. Hopefully, whoever is looking at my applcation will be reasonable about it since common ap won't let me change it (I guess we're not allowed to change our minds anymore now that we're old and applying to college...gosh...). I wish I hadn't rushed through it though...but oh well. As long as it's not a BIG issue, then I won't worry too much. I'll just have to make the rest of it look killer. Thank you for telling me though.
  4. SailorMelina

    Common App Problems

    All right. I've just begun the insanity called "filling out college applications" and believe I got a bit too swept up. I recently opened an account on Common Ap and was just going through the things when I got to the Release Authorization section under School Forms. I wasn't exactly sure what it was for, but I filled it out and checked the "No, I do not waive my right of access" box. Am I in trouble? Should I have not checked that part? Help please.
  5. Ok, so I'm applying to Columbia University and they require at least 2 subjects tests. They said to take them in your areas of interest, so I decided to definitely take the Literature test (since I'm planning to major in English). I decided that my second one would be Spanish. Should I take the general Spanish test or the Spanish with listening? Does one look better than the other? Is one more difficult than the other?
  6. SailorMelina

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    I had to take it twice, but here is my final score 2260 CR780 M760 W720(essay 11) I haven't taken any SAT IIs yet, but I plan to in October. Aish. What a business.
  7. SailorMelina

    National Honor Society - Why do it?

    Aish. If only I could convince my mom. She thinks that I've totally messed up my life. I keep reminding her I was in Mock trial, student government, Fest Club (Spanish Culture/dance club), IB, drama club, newspaper, etc, however, she doesn't sound convinced. She practically had heartattack when I told her I didn't apply.
  8. So, I'm a junior right now and I got the letter to join NHS. In fact, everyone I know got the letter to join. I asked around and wondered, "Well, what does NHS do?" People replied, "Oh yeah, it's a great program. You have to get service hours signed...blah blah blah....looks good on college application." Well ok, I thought. I guess I'll join. But then I thought again. I'm already doing service hours for IB, aren't I? And the counselors have been really vague on whether or not CAS and NHS hours can overlap, so why do it? Does it really look that great on college application if everyone in my class is in it? If that's the case, then it's not very selective. The lowest grade range on a 4.0 scale a member can have is a 3.0 and people can't have any lower than a C, however, a number of the people I know who got the invited and/or accepted seemed to have even lower grades. I asked another student if I should join NHS and they replied, "Well, do you want to get into college?" What gives? Can colleges really weight a program that much? I ended up not sending in an application, not just because of all these things, but also because I was in the midst of mock trial season, did not get my acceptance letter on time, and could not get to all the teachers on time either. I figured, why stress about it? Should I be stressing about it? A teacher of mine told me that it's possible to join NHS your senior year. Is that true?
  9. SailorMelina

    Matrix Binomials

    Thanks for the help I just turned it in! let's hope for the best! Now I have a NEW project. Yay?
  10. SailorMelina

    Matrix Binomials

    hmm....so how much time were you guys given to do this project? My teacher only gave us a week and won't explain anything (especially when it comes to how this thing is supposed to be structured).
  11. SailorMelina

    Body Mass Index

    When we're creating an equation in question two that fits the graph, is it all right to just take the general form of whatever model we're using and plug in numbers from the original data to come up with an equation? I just need to show all that work, right?

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