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  1. Depends on what you're doing. However, I would generally recommend you choose quotes that support the statement you've made. A nice help is using the PEE-structure, if you've heard of it? It advises you to first make your point, then example, then explanation. Hope that helps
  2. I just started 2.i a few weeks ago and I chose English A Language + Literature HL. I love literature so I was really excited about that part, but it turns we won't work with literature until 3.i. At first I figured it was fine, but the language part is just so boring to me! Basically, I'm considering changing from lang + lit to lit. I really like my teacher though, he's very charismatic and great at teaching, which I don't know if the literature teacher is (my school isn't very good at hiring good IB teachers). One of my worries, though, is if the literature course is 1) too heavy, and 2) just generally "boring" - what I mean is, do you get tired of reading and analyzing so many books? Are the books any good or are they heavy and dry to get through? Just, any thoughts on the literature course in general would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone in here has experience with both subjects, I would just really appreciate to hear your thoughts - which one did you find to be more interesting and is any of them more challenging than the other? Thank you guys in advance! :-)
  3. At this point I really don't know, except I do know that I don't necessarily want an academic education (which seems strange to many when I'm taking IB, but I'm just taking it so I can study abroad later on). I've been thinking about a lot of things, all from event management, to boarding school teacher, to intermedia - so yeah, I'm pretty lost at the moment, haha... Thanks though, your description of the courses really helped! And thank you for the replies everyone, it was really nice to get some outside opinions!
  4. I just chose my subjects for the next two years of IB, but I'm starting to get nervous about them because of how hard everyone says IB is. (I knew it was hard when I started, yes, but I'm getting cold feet about my choices now, haha) I chose: English Lang/Lit HL Danish Literature HL Global Politics HL Visual Arts HL Spanish ab initio Biology SL Math Studies + EE, ToK, etc I have 7 subjects, 4 of which are HL, so I'm starting to get nervous about the pressure I will be putting myself under. When I chose I figured that Visual Arts HL wouldn't be that bad, as there isn't as much reading and note-taking, etc, and it's more independent. Thankfully I have a really nice IB coordinator, and I can change my subjects if I want to... So what I'm wondering is, do any of you have 7 subjects/4 HL subjects, and is it hard/not worth it to have that many? Also, could you tell me about some of the subjects (except EE and ToK, I know those are pretty harsh), like are they so hard you feel like crying and throwing yourself off a cliff, or what? Thank you so much in advance!