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  1. I say fail... I think my grades will be okay, I'm just really disappointed in how it turned out. I procrastinated too much, barely have any product to show for it, and am two weeks late on my written report when everyone else is done and all their projects are so awesome compared to mine. I mean has this happened to anyone else? What was it like? Does it matter that much in the long run?
  2. Well I'm English, though I live in Canada, and it's been a recent revelation of mine that these two peoples are vastly different in thinking. My Scottish acquaintance told me that English people tend to be sarcastic rather than direct like Canadians are; how true this is, I'm not entirely sure, but I do know that when I call myself the Master Debater people either ignore me or tell me to remove the "de" so I'll be the Masturbator and then they laugh and OMG THAT WAS THE POINT OF THE JOKE. So I guess this little pun represents my hope that when I go back there my humour will be better received. I'll call myself the Master Debater and people will just give me a knowing smile and maybe even laugh a little, and confetti and roses will explode everywhere because yay I can relate to these people. Side note: I don't recall ever losing a formal debate (immediate forfeits excluded) so it's also technically sound.
  3. I think the problem with communism is the fact that one party has so much power over the rest of the people; I personally do believe in communism, but the leader of a communist state will inevitably succumb to the human instinct that is greed. It's a sad fact, but that's it. My humble, uneducated opinion.
  4. So I understand it was called the Great War until WWII, but I feel like someone has to ask why it was considered a World War? I see France, England, Germany, Italy, Prussia and Russia involved in the war, so what about the other 200 countries in the World? Yes, I know the answer is obvious to those who have studied history long enough; I haven't. Answers?
  5. A few nights ago I dreamed about getting back to school after spring break (it's now the last week of break) and not having my personal project product done (they expect it at the beginning of the term), and my supervisor and teacher are just talking to me, telling me how screwed I am. They're normally very helpful, but now they've just given up on me, and I keep asking like "hey, you're usually very supportive, what's going on?" and they just keep telling me my product isn't done and I've failed personal project (even though we still have another month and a half before showcasing). At least now I'm accustomed to the worst case scenario.
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