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  1. What is the video about? For some reason it is blocked here!
  2. RBST

    Your Favorite Word

    At the moment, GRADUATION On a serious note, I enjoy pronouncing the word exquisite!
  3. Biomaterials and tissue engineering , hopefully Otherwise robotics or something similar..
  4. Happy new year! Here is my resolution: Get my diploma Go to uni and do the course I like Learn a new language Change some habits mmmm, I think that's it. And maybe drive but here we can't drive before 18 and I'll only turn 18 at the end of September...
  5. RBST


    Through UCAS, can I apply to two courses in the same university?
  6. Some are using an ellipse as the shape. But I personally don't think that the building looks like half an ellipse.
  7. Like! Edit: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+use+let+me+google+that+for+you
  8. No, I think it's expected from any language to evolve and change. For example, you don't expect the word "computer" to be an English words in the 1500s. Some words are created with the changes in technology. And now because we have a much better communication system in the world, it's easy to know more about different cultures and different languages and so these mix together (in a sense). And about Arabic, the Classic Arabic did evolve. When I write Arabic I don't use the same language old poets used 1000 years ago. And sorry Armoruer because we changed your topic to the history of Arabic
  9. I remember watching it long time ago. lol
  10. None, (unfortunately). I've been trying to change since ages but I think I'm a lazy hopeless case ..
  11. RBST

    Is it too late?

    Thank you Le Flic, I actually needed these information. I never read or asked about medicine (as i mentioned before) so i didn't know that. I'll read more about it in the next few days..
  12. Mother Courage and her Children The Seagull Both are sooo dead!

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