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  1. Thank you Arrowhead! You have shined a lot of light on this whole thing and the more and more I read about the law, the more I find it interesting. I am reading this article about the potential consequences of new legislation in sections 89 and 90 of the Financial Conduct Act, which criminalises making misleading statements and giving misleading impressions when public company sales are involved. I sort of understand that this was in response to the financial crisis and trying to find more ways to hold people accountable. But if the banks lied to the buyers whom they sold the bad debts to on false pretences, why this additional law? I mean like, shouldn't something like fraud law already cover this? Isn't making untested new legislation counterproductive if you want to make things more efficient? The article went into a lot of detail talking about the rules and standards for public companies and how they are much higher than for private companies. So if the standards are so high and companies go through so much crap to become public, how could the regulators let something like the housing crisis just slip under the radar? What were the circumstances that led to regulators becoming so lax about their duties? I am also having trouble fully understanding what the effect of the new law will be? Like, so, what if a seller advertised that his company was worth 10 million pounds, and at that time when he advertised it, it was. But a few days later it fell to 8 million? Can he still be sued for making a misleading statement? Obviously this is not the best example, but I'm wondering the test takes into account, you know, degrees of statements being 'misleading'? What do you think?
  2. Hey Arrowhead and TykeDragon! Thank you for your advice earlier, it made things clearer. I've been reading up on a UK Law degree and spoken to a friend of mine who is currently doing a Law degree at King's to ask her opinion of things. The more and more I think about it, the more I feel that I would enjoy the study of law. I'm still not sure if I want to be a lawyer, though... I just have a few more questions: Do you think UK Law universities will prefer me less if I don't gush about how much I want to be a lawyer? My friend at King's sent me some of her readings for law school and I'm finding it interesting, I know this thread is about giving advice to law students, but could I ask you some questions about my readings? Also, how do universities go about teaching you law? What's the process like? Is there a lot of emphasis on cases and legislation? I mean, I know that it's a Law degree, so obviously there's going to be cases and legislation, but are they going to test us on specific legislation and ask stuff about, 'what did section 5 of the Act say?' How does that work? What do you think you got from your Law degree that you feel is unique to it and made you glad you did it over all the other humanities subjects? Thank you!
  3. Get a planner and pencil in a chunk of hours every day for revising. Within that chunk of time, schedule your subjects accordingly to allow you to do your homework and then do some general revision of the syllabus you've covered thus far. Nobody teaches you time management, it's something you sort of I guess pick up on your own over time. Some people need more help with it than others. Also, maybe limit how much time you spend on the internet every day for non-school-related stuffs. I don't know about you, but I usually waste tons of time every day on FB and Twitter. I have kind of had to teach myself to shut those distractions down when it comes time to do work. You need to identify your time-wasting triggers and learn how to control them. Other than that, do you maybe have ADD or something that limits your ability to concentrate over long periods of time? If you do, you should speak to your school about it and try to get longer times for deadlines and stuff.
  4. Hey! Summer is rapidly approaching and like every year, I'm compiling a list of books I want to read over the summer. I've recently started getting into a lot of non-fiction - mostly on the economics crisis and game theory and laws related to the internet/media. It's got my interest increasing in non-fiction. Do you guys have any non-fiction books that you would suggest I read? They can be about anything really. As long as you thought they were well-written and worth reading. Thanks! ~ Sia
  5. Hello. I just now read through this entire thread and it has been super enlightening! I've been toying around with the idea of studying Law after the IB. I'm currently at the tail-end of IB1 and need to start thinking about summer plans for work experience, etc. I'm an Indian by nationality (studying in boarding school) and I was wondering if you would please tell me more about practicing Law in the UK even though I'm an international. You mentioned there were restrictive conditions - what are they? Thanks! ~ Sia
  6. While that sounds interesting, I think it might be tricky to do that for a History EE. A huge portion of our History EEs is marked on analysing facts and commentary about those facts and presenting a hypothesis. You have to be super careful, I think, in ensuring that you don't go down a path analysing 'what if' scenarios to the extreme. Ground yourself in saying that, certain events played a key role in the Allies winning the war, i.e., "To what extent did Event X result in the Allies winning WWII?" Then you can compare and contrast it with other factors and sort of weave in a narrative of how if Event X had not occurred, Hitler would have won the war. I do also think though that anything related to the World Wars is really overdone to death at this point when it comes to History EEs/IAs. But if this is what you want to do, then go for it.
  7. Thanks, I think I will stick with History for now and try to come up with something. If I'm having trouble, there's always English to fall back on.
  8. I've heard the American Film Institute has an amazing film programme.
  9. It really doesn't matter what you do your EE in. US unis care more about whether you are passionate about something than what your EE topic was.
  10. Hello! I'm lost with my EE at the moment. I plan on writing it this summer because I don't want to worry about it in my final year. But I have nooooo idea what to do, I can't even pick a subject. I keep going back and forth between History and English For English: I was thinking about writing about The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. it's a really amazing book that I read recently and it also won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction so I know it's got 'literary merit'. I was thinking of doing a topic along the lines of, the extent to which art foreshadows key developments in the story and characters...something along those lines. Maybe specifying it as one or two particular themes, or maybe just two characters, I'll streamline it as I move forward. For History: I am a total film nut and I love reading about film history in general. So I wanted to write something about The Jazz Singer, the world's first movie with sound or 'talkie' as they were known initially. So, maybe, something about what was the effect of The Jazz Singer on American cinema and theatre? People always talk about how this film ended the silent film era, but it also had a profound impact on American theatre. There's a popular quote from the manager of the travelling troupe of The Jazz Singer saying soemthing along the lines of, he couldn't justify asking people to pay $3 for a stage rendition of The Jazz Singer when the cinema was playing it across the road for 50¢. So maybe explore the impact it had on both those mediums. I've looked into it, and it is a fascinating story with a lot of historical literature on the topic as well. I also feel like it's an unusual topic, I don't know? What do you guys think? Thanks! Sia
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