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  1. rosie123

    Passing the seventh subject

    So, I have chosen physics as my seventh subject and was told that since it does not count in my overall score and it will not be written on my IB diploma I can fail it. However, I am not so sure about this information. Can someone please tell me if there are certain rules regarding this topic? Do I have to pass this subject in general or all of my papers have to be in a range for the mark 2? Thank you so much!
  2. rosie123

    Chemistry IA number of pages

    Can someone tell me how many pages can my Chemistry IA have. I was looking at the ChemGuide for 2016 and read that my write-up must be about 6 to 12 pages long. So, basically, I would like to know what is included in write-up? My IA has 11 pages without cover page, content page and bibliography, so when including everything there are 14 pages. Now, I am not sure if this is acceptable. Thank you all!!
  3. rosie123

    TOK presentation

    Thank you for the answers. I hope that my essay and PPD will go well, so that my final grade is not affected. Do you have maybe some tips regarding the PPD? Are there any rules or tips that should boost my grade, because we were not informed of any. Thank you once again!
  4. rosie123

    TOK presentation

    So, we have finished our presentation in the month of November. One week ago, our teacher informed my friend and me that our presentation even though one of the bests has to be awarded with lower points because my friend was reading the presentation from the slides. Even though I did not read the presentation, because in the same group have to be awarded with same points. I would like to know, if there really is any regulation that suggest lowering the points because of reading. I went through the guide and nothing was said that this kind of presentation should be awarded with zero points. Thank you!
  5. rosie123

    Physics IA

    So, we are doing an experiment in two days for my Internal Assessment. I have chosen to investigate the correlation between the change of starting temperature of liquid and the slope value (i.e. K) in Newton's cooling law. However, I am afraid that this topic could be considered as more of a math investigation instead of physics. It would be of great help if you could give me some advice on how to make it more physics suitable or if it is already a good physics topic. I have talked to my teacher, but I am not sure if she understands what I meant. Thank you!
  6. rosie123

    IA Survey - Phone operating system and IQ

    Done. Can you tell us later what kind of results did you get, I am very interested?
  7. rosie123

    Political philosophy

    Thank you for a response. This has been rather helpful!
  8. rosie123

    Political philosophy

    Do have any recommendation regarding book for revising political philosophy? All of the previous generation passed philosophy in my school with lower grades so it could be said that the teacher does not know the needed material that much. So, any tips about which links and books to use for this topic, previous philosophy students would be GREAT! Thanks!!
  9. I have finished my philosophy IA and I really concentrated on referencing everything, but I am still afraid that external examiner will find something and describe it as plagiarism. In philosophy guide I read that site turnitin.com is recommended for teachers to examine student`s work. So, I wanted to ask you if you have any experience using this site and would you recommend it before submitting IA? Thanks!
  10. rosie123

    Dropping seventh subject

    I have chemistry, biology and english b on HL and serbian, mathematics, philosophy on SL (plus physics as my seventh on SL)
  11. rosie123

    Dropping seventh subject

    Are there any rules for this, because my coordinator claims that I cannot drop my seventh subject? Even tough it is not on the diploma it takes a lot of time because I am not very good at it.
  12. rosie123

    University in Sweden

    I am already singed in. I just wanted to get information from the university itself. I hope the date of receiving results will not be a problem. Thanks
  13. rosie123

    University in Sweden

    I would like to go to Karolinska Institutet in Sweden but their deadline for application is 5th of July (which is also the approximate date I should receive my IB grades). I asked them if conditional admission is possible but they replied that only final grades are valid (not even mock counts). Does anyone know how to solve this problem or do you know anyone who went to Karolinska and how did they do it? I am really confused and worried that I will not get my grades in time for application.
  14. rosie123

    What should I reference in my EE?

    Thank you, this actually helped. I just hope my work will not have too many footnotes.
  15. I am writing my EE and I have chosen Chemistry. I have a real struggle with referencing because I am not sure if I should put a note every time I use a data from another work (and in that way turn my EE into one big reference) or only if it is a quotation or rephrased sentence. I have read EE guide numerous times but I still do not understand it.

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