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  1. Maharshi

    Extended Essay

    I am not sure that that will work. It's too broad of a topic to comprehend. Perhaps you should attempt to recognize a couple differences and then compare those differences thoroughly.
  2. Maharshi

    Extended Essay

    Hey, I am doing an EE in Biology, but I want it to include lasers. My friend is the same way. I thought of an idea, but he stole it from me. The idea I "gave" him was how plants react to extreme amounts of light. Now, I am clueless as to what to do. I could do how animal cells reacted, but not only would it be too hard to see the changes, I would also not have a suitable experimental subject. So.... any help would be appreciated.
  3. Maharshi

    What is an interesting conspiracy theory?

    LOL!! What was your bad experience with IB? Did the curriculum grow feet and haunt you?
  4. Maharshi

    What is an interesting conspiracy theory?

    Really? Ha ha that sounds funny. There are also many mysteries behind the Bush Administration's actions.
  5. Maharshi

    What is an interesting conspiracy theory?

    I have never heard of MK Ultra but I have heard of a certain Project Blue Book that the CIA and the Government had covered up. It is thought that soon after it was mostly leaked, the CIA released the rest of the documentation regarding Project Blue Book. Quite the mystery, I might add.
  6. Maharshi

    What is an interesting conspiracy theory?

    Interesting... this is the first of it's kind. I have never heard of such a thing. If you have more information, please do tell me.
  7. My C.A.S. is at the moment just volunteering at Crystal Bridges. I need to come up with some good ideas. I am thinking about starting a cricket club to play cricket...but this is America. America has minimal interest in the sport of cricket.
  8. Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone would like to exchange some conspiracy theories. There are many floating around here and there. Please do not hesitate to say what is on your mind and also provide evidence for your claim or counter-claim. Thank you.
  9. WOW! You are from Singapore! I lived in Singapore for a long time until 8 years ago when I had to move to the U.S. Well, anyway, I would allow for private chatting in this large, global, still expanding, and hub of a website.
  10. Maharshi

    IB Music SL

    I can't necessarily vouch that I took IB Music SL but I am a 6-year tuba player myself and have taken AP Music Theory. I have been told that the two are similar. I did great in AP Music Theory so I would say that you will do fine.
  11. Maharshi

    Some advice for a noob?

    My TOK teacher is also my IB Psychology HL teacher. We start of our TOK "discussion" with him telling us about some definitions and about claims. These topics then are transferred to our discussion. This so-called discussion quickly turns into an argument where half of the 12 kids that are in my IB cohort don't talk and the other 6 pick one side or another and argue about pointless statements about shoes and quantum particle accelerations. I don't think that helped at all...but I just felt like expressing to you guys after the previous.
  12. Maharshi

    English B - culture and society - tea time

    Hello, In my opinion, the topic that you chose is too vague and too broad of a topic to discuss in enough detail. Some of the errors in your essay topic include what you mean by importance. Do you refer to importance as important to British culture or important to you? Do you want to write your essay as an objective essay or a subjective essay? I would recommend a refining of the topic. I would suggest that you write the essay as you think you want to(about British tea time, I suppose) and try to obtain a fitting topic from what you wrote. Hope that helps... Maharshi
  13. So my main question is it possible for me to write an extended essay based on UFO's or aliens and do good on the essay?
  14. Maharshi

    Some advice for a noob?

    Hi, It depends on what level of Biology you are doing your experiment on. If you are doing your essay on something that is too vague or too complicated to experiment on, try to research specific points of your topic. If your topic is able to be experimented on but you lack the equipment to experiment it, then try to find someone who did the experiment and try to talk to them or find their results. Be specific when citing something from their results. Experiments give credibility to your argument in your essay.

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