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  1. NickyJo

    IB Physics HL P1/P2

    I got 14V. but I feel like that's the wrong answer.
  2. NickyJo

    IB Physics HL P1/P2

    I did the same exact thing for the greenhouse one!! everyone was telling me that the answer shouldn't have been 420, but they later said they didn't even attempt that question because it didn't give the radius of the earth. was the radius of the earth even applicable to the question???? as for Heisenberg uncertainty, I wrote in a random equation and hope they give me method marks. it was extremely heavy on nuclear physics!! did the syllabus say to only spend two hours on it?
  3. NickyJo

    Biology HL Specimen Paper

    My class did the Biology HL Specimen Paper this past week. The only thing that surprised us was that there was nothing to draw. My teacher told us there we typically draw something on the exam. The Specimen Paper is supposed to be an representation of what the IB Exam would be like. Was anyone else confused by this?
  4. NickyJo

    Good IB Physics study guide?

    I've been looking for a recently published version of a Physics study guide. I have an Oxford Bio Study Guide and it's pretty good. Is the Oxford Physics Study Guide good as well? What study guides do you guys use?
  5. NickyJo

    University of Florida

    Okay thank you so much everyone!
  6. NickyJo

    University of Florida

    I'm currently a incoming senior. I have a 3.94 GPA, 31 ACT score, and the highest SAT score I have is 1780. I want to go to UF, but I'm afraid that my SAT score will be too low. I also want to be part of the Honors Program because I can get early registration, a residence hall with other Honors students, and there is a camp that freshmen Honors students go to. (If I'm not accepted in the Honors program it won't be a problem for me because UF has the Cancer/Genetics program that I want to do). How difficult would it be for me to get in you think? (omg i feel like im overreacting but im really stressed about university applications).
  7. NickyJo

    Making a video game

    I don't see why it won't work. I definitely see it as Creativity. Check in with your supervisor to make sure though
  8. NickyJo

    Do you think that IB is... leftist?

    I don't think IB is affiliated with any political views. But in my classes I notice the the people themselves are more liberal. In history of the americas we did a political affiliation quiz for fun and I ended up getting Green Party. A couple of my friends got socialist. The majority of the class was liberal/moderate. Hardly any conservatives.
  9. NickyJo

    Math HL?

    I'm in HL Math right now. Personally, I like challenges so that's why I did HL Math. Although I'm struggling in the class, my teacher said that he's pretty sure that I can do well. It's just a lot of work and you should have intrinsic motivation. (I'm taking HL math class, but I might end up taking the SL Math exam).
  10. This was totally a way for them to get more attention, that is not an appropriate way to begin a debate/discussion. (i want to fight them because of this)
  11. NickyJo

    Switch to Maths HL mid-IB?

    I have a friend who switched from SL to HL after the 1st semester. If you think you can do you should try. Maybe review topics that you missed during this year over the summer to see if you can handle it?

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