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  1. PrincessPink2911

    Pink on guys?

    I think pink on a guy is hot!!! it doesn't help that it's the best color of all times!!!!!!!
  2. PrincessPink2911

    New to IB and freaking out already!

    Let me start out by saying welcome! IB is a phenomoinal program and i love being a part of it. The only advice I can give is to stay on top of your papers and such. DO NOT wait until the last minute to do anything! If you do that, you'll be absolutely fine!
  3. PrincessPink2911

    Party ideas

    Naw!!!! But I really feeling a dance party again!!!! We had so much fun and the whole fake id thing would be soooooo much fun because we here are rednecks and nobody cares about age!!!!!
  4. PrincessPink2911

    Party ideas

    Hey guys! I'll be 18 this year and I'm trying to plan a huge party! I love to have a good time and dance but I've done that before! Anybody got any good ideas? I'm open to everything!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. PrincessPink2911

    Writing a good Historical Investigation

    Yes that does help! Your numbers are close to mine so I know I'm on the right track! And I think we all have to be a little crazy for doing IB! My parents think I need help! LOL!!!!!
  6. PrincessPink2911

    Writing a good Historical Investigation

    Thank you!!!!!!! I really am a smart person! I promise! I do deserve the IB program! I swear I'm not dumb
  7. PrincessPink2911

    Old Disney Movies

    I love the old Disney movies! I've always wanted to be one of the Disney Princesses at Disney World or Disney Land!!!!!
  8. PrincessPink2911

    Writing a good Historical Investigation

    Yes! Thank you very much!!!! I really hate to sound clueless, but at this point I am. My teacher didn't explain much! Can you help me with the analysis? What are you suppose to put in to it?? How is it like and not like the summary of evidence?
  9. PrincessPink2911

    Writing a good Historical Investigation

    Can someone please explain the Evaluation of sources??? I just do not understand!
  10. PrincessPink2911

    Nov09 May10 Title 7

    Your thesis sounds super! I'm doing practically the same thing! Good luck!
  11. PrincessPink2911

    I Need Help!

    Ok so basically you're saying that i need to naroow it down more?? Sorry I'm just trying to make sure I understand what you are saying! LOL
  12. PrincessPink2911

    I Need Help!

    Ok I think I have it!! I was talking to a 2nd year girl from school and watching Cinderella at the same time and we came up with "To what extent does the social class system in America effect the develpoment of female characters the Disney movies?"
  13. PrincessPink2911

    Party Planning

    OMG yes!!!!! That would bo sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!!! I think it's the perfect idea!!!!
  14. PrincessPink2911

    Party Planning

    OMG That is such a great idea! Wat do you think of "Dreams Come True" with the Birthday girl (aka me) as The Princess and my date/escort/boyfriend as the prince charming
  15. PrincessPink2911

    Party Planning

    Im trying to get a head start for my 18th birthday party in December! I want to make it formal but lots of fun with dancing and music! However I also want a theme to give the party a special flair!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone have any ideas?? I'm not very good at the whole party thing!!! LOL (im good @ parties *WINK WINK* just not at plannning them)

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