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  1. Get a hold of the text the pre-calc class will be using if you can (otherwise, any textbook will do). Work through a few of the problems every few days or so. Watch some videos online or ask around on homework help forums if you have some trouble or read up on it online. If you do that, you should be fine. Some topics overlap with Math SL anyways, so you'll be going through them in class anyways.
  2. I'm sure universities aren't going to look at TOK and EEs. You can mention what your EE topic was to demonstrate that you have an interest in that field but I highly doubt your offer will depend on what you got for your EE. Also, definitely not worth risking going from a C to a D.
  3. I'm positive that were you to get assessed, the IBO would most likely dismiss the sound as "external noise." I remember my teachers telling me that if the phone in their class went off during the Individual Oral, they'd just make a note of it to explain to IB what the sound was and no problem came of it. I'm sure your teacher would have made a note in your assessment sheet to explain (or at least, that's what she should have done). Rather harsh of your teacher to make you panic like that :/ Good luck!
  4. I'd begin by presenting the question you're investigating, a little bit of background and why you chose to investigate the topic. Maybe go into the main concepts you'll be using.
  5. They're probably testing standard grade 8 math/english curriculum to keep things fair. Schools aren't going to be at the same point in the curriculum; some will be way ahead in terms of covering Grade 9 material and some will be at a more slower pace.
  6. If you feel like you have enough sources to gather enough information to write a sufficient History IA on, go ahead and change your topic, especially if you can't find anything related to your current topic. However, confirm this with your teacher when you get back to school.
  7. First, maybe work on the topic a bit and clarify exactly what victory you're referring to in your topic. After that, look up some credible journals and academic writings that analyzed the specific event and see what they say contributed to the North Vietnamese's' victory. Hopefully, a few will mention nationalism and go into detail about it's impact. Try to find 7-10 credible sources on the topic before starting your write up!
  8. It really depends. What do you want to study?
  9. Yes. Generally, IB is open about the formats you can do for your WA, but I think they also mention doing interviews as an example of such formats.
  10. Sorry for the very late reply! Remembering from what my peers who applied at U of T had, I think you have a good chance at U of T. As an aside, downtown Toronto can be quite expensive but you never get bored
  11. I think you could change the topic slightly, so as to make it more analytical. Personally, I feel like religion as a factor in the formation of the Taliban is too broad for a 4000 word essay. Was their another factor related to the rise of the Taliban that you were able to find some information on while researching?
  12. Are you a diploma student? If so, there may be issues about diploma requirements. If not and are just a certificate candidate, then the IB has no issue with it. Though, your school might, so do check with your counselor first.
  13. Don't risk it. IB tends to be very thorough with their checking, and you can count on them loading that same essay online and checking for similarities. If you get caught cheating by the IB in any way, you're going to fail the diploma program. Whether or not your classmates get penalized is up to them.
  14. You have a pretty good chance for UBC, especially if you can weave in what you learned from your extracurriculars in that essay portion of the application. I think your grades aren't too bad to apply to UBC.
  15. History EEs cannot be on events that occurred in past ten years. That's the only limit.