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  1. I can say that with the exception of U of T and Waterloo, you have a very good chance at your Canadian university choices. Arts have a very low cutoff, especially for the IB. You extracurriculars are fine. They are varied, and would require a long term commitment. That's what most universities who even consider extracurriculars would like to see. Don't start something this year just for the sake of padding your application since the people who are reading your application can tell when you're trying to do that.
  2. I think she's talking about internal deadlines here since IB assignments are due around February or March to the IBO.
  3. Well, the IB does say that internal deadlines set by your school must be adhered to. The dates your teacher set aren't the ones set by the IBO though. If it does comfort you somehow, I doubt the teacher will not allow you to do your IOP at a later date, if you contact her now and explain that there has been a mix-up and you have to leave tomorrow. Tell her that you'll be able to present the day you return. Most teachers are reasonable when they realize you actually need to leave, and you are not trying to weasel your way out of doing your IOP. I've had the same scenario happen to my classmates and my teacher didn't mind them doing it when the kids came back from their trip.
  4. Yep, they shouldn't care too much about what you got as your IB score or if you got a diploma at all. If IB wasn't mentioned when it talked about your offer, don't worry about it.
  5. Paper 1 was very easy. I did Move to Global War. Paper 2, I wasn't too fond of. I did Authoritarian States and the Cold War. I felt like the questions they gave were too narrow to write much on.
  6. Hey! Feel free to open a new thread to discuss Paper 1 and Paper 2
  7. Were your IB grades factored in at all when you applied to university or was your offer unconditional? If it's conditional, they won't revoke your offer, and if your IB grades never were used to send in an application, you can just tell your teachers to not send them, since the college won't care much for them.
  8. What university and department? I could give a more detailed answer. Usually, if you're taking both the provincial and IB curriculum, the university will take the higher of the two and adjust it according to their scale. So, if you're provincial mark is higher than your IB mark, no worries!
  9. Because this isn't a discussion thread...
  10. Judging by how hard the Biology and Math exams were, I think we can say that IBO hates TZ1.
  11. I believe the Oxford one does.
  12. lel You have 30 days, tops, until IB2 kills you.
  13. #Edgy
  14. We all know that you aren't going to drop.