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  1. Then, it is fine. Measuring heart rate after exercise is a common IA topic, so I don't see why IB object as long as you're not causing any discomfort to yourself or others.
  2. The IB guidelines states that "no experiment will be undertaken that inflicts pain on other humans or animals." This does include yourself. If the experiment will cause discomfort to you, IB will not approve of the experiment. You can check around the web and see if there are databases that have research relating to your topic, and do a database IA. You can also check around for simulations relating to your topic and use those simulations to carry out your IA. As for the Human Consent form, this is used when you involve other people in your experiment.
  3. It's been approved as an IB subject since last year so yes. Also, please don't revive old threads. Thank you. Locking the thread.
  4. There's no "universal" easy class. It comes done to what your strengths and interests are. Someone with artistic talent and interest is more likely to succeed- and enjoy their Arts HL class than someone who is not. My advice for you would be to look at the HL options your school offers and see which one interests you the most. You're more likely to put in the effort and pay more attention to the subjects that interest you.
  5. For the US, medicine is a graduate program. This means you typically have to present an undergraduate degree or have spent some time in post secondary. IB subject options shouldn't be a huge concern at this point if you're primary interest is staying in the States. For the UK, most schools I've looked usually asked for HL Chem along with one of HL Physics/Math/Bio. So, definitely keep Chemistry and spend some time researching schools and look at their requirements before coming to a first decision.
  6. I doubt it would have changed from when I was in IB, but the bibliography did not count towards the page limit.
  7. No. You just have to upload all your required documents and such by the date IB has set out.
  8. You can use any font as long as it is easy to read and not something like Wingdings. Times New Roman is fine.
  9. U of A only gives conditional offers and they revoke it if you don't meet the average that is specified in your admission letter.
  10. When you apply to graduate programs, universities really don't look at what subjects you took in high school. Since you said you wanted to do Psychology, I'd go with Biology since you like it and they complement each other rather well while also ensuring that you don't get locked of certain classes/universities. Most schools want Biology at the HL level when you apply for a Bsc but just check with the schools you want to apply at just to be sure.
  11. You can still use the topic of Hiroshima and Nagasaki but I'd suggest switching to something like "To what extent did X affect the occurring of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings during World War II?" X could potentially be a specific policy one of the countries had or a specific battle or event in history or a specific conference between the Allies or Axis Powers.
  12. Get a hold of the text the pre-calc class will be using if you can (otherwise, any textbook will do). Work through a few of the problems every few days or so. Watch some videos online or ask around on homework help forums if you have some trouble or read up on it online. If you do that, you should be fine. Some topics overlap with Math SL anyways, so you'll be going through them in class anyways.
  13. I'm sure universities aren't going to look at TOK and EEs. You can mention what your EE topic was to demonstrate that you have an interest in that field but I highly doubt your offer will depend on what you got for your EE. Also, definitely not worth risking going from a C to a D.
  14. I'm positive that were you to get assessed, the IBO would most likely dismiss the sound as "external noise." I remember my teachers telling me that if the phone in their class went off during the Individual Oral, they'd just make a note of it to explain to IB what the sound was and no problem came of it. I'm sure your teacher would have made a note in your assessment sheet to explain (or at least, that's what she should have done). Rather harsh of your teacher to make you panic like that :/ Good luck!
  15. I'd begin by presenting the question you're investigating, a little bit of background and why you chose to investigate the topic. Maybe go into the main concepts you'll be using.