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  1. Karolina.jj


    Thank you, it made me look at the Film production courses from a slightly different perspective and I'll take it into consideration :). Good luck with the IB btw, 2nd year is the most stressfull if you ask me. Also I hope your uni plans work out like you want!
  2. Karolina.jj


    Hi! I was wondering does anyone have any experience or reviews about Birkbeck university in London? Because I really want to try out the undergraduate course BA honours for Film and Media, full-time, but I'm not sure whether it's really that good... I read many positive reviews about business and english related courses, but nothing about film. So if you know anything let me know!
  3. Karolina.jj

    IB MAY 2016 RESITS

    The deadline is 29th July, so tomorrow
  4. Karolina.jj


    Hello everyone! I wish you all the best of luck for tomorrow's English and Economics exams as well as the rest of them over the (stressful af) 3 next weeks! We're all in this together! *sings HSM*
  5. My school is not better, I'm in my final year as well and all of my classmates (me including) are worried about passing with good scores. We have about 40 students in our year and there are literally like 4/5 students who are working at level 6/7, most are at levels 3-5... To be honest, our school is new to IB and that is bad because nobody knows how to deal with this + we never had older students who would give us some tips or anything on the IB, cause we were the first ones starting the program in the whole school... So yeah. I mean answering your questions, your school does not seem that bad you should be just fine.
  6. Karolina.jj

    University ranking

    I was just wandering, what are your opinions on University of Westminster and Brunel University in London? Cause I got a conditional offer to both for Biomedical sciences and I cannot decide which one is better... Any suggestions?
  7. Karolina.jj

    math IA please help

    hey guys, I'm having some troubles with my math IA about correlation between the GDP (PPP) per capita and life expectancy in African countries, and so I don't know what other calculations to include apart from Pearson's correlation coefficient... please help
  8. Karolina.jj

    Maths studies IA help!

    http://ibmathsresources.com/2014/04/01/maths-studies-ia-exploration-topics/ - a list of possible math studies IA topics
  9. Karolina.jj

    Maths Studies IA - Help please

    I think you need like 2 sophisticated and 3 simple? or 3 sophisticated and 3 simple something like that
  10. Karolina.jj

    Add a sentence, make a story :)

    After a while, Trump also realises that Chuck Norris is actually Mexican.
  11. Karolina.jj

    Science IAs

    Hey! So I think I have a little problem because I just realized that both of my Science IAs (Biology and Chemistry) include the need of explaining Vitamin C content in citrus fruits... I did redox reactions for both of the sciences, for biology I did titration of DCPIP on orange juices, and see if the manufacturing process had any impact on the vit. C content, and for chemistry I measured the conductivity of citrus fruit juices. Am I in big trouble or is that fine? Cause I know I just couldn't do an experiment similar to the one I did for EE. My teachers didn't say anything about the IA topics tho so idk, maybe it's not even a problem.. or is it?
  12. Karolina.jj

    Survivors, rev your engines !

    I'm currently doing my driver's license, so soon I will be able to drive my parents' old car so volvo v40, which is really really awesome
  13. Karolina.jj

    deadline for sending UCAS application

    Hey guys, do you know when is the deadline to send UCAS applications? Is it in like the end of November or something?
  14. Karolina.jj

    Revision before exams 2016

    Do you have any good techniques to revise before the upcoming exams in May?
  15. Karolina.jj

    Specimen 2016

    I can't find anything either, I feel like they started to block all the good webpages with past papers to be honest

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