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  1. I found paper 1 really hard actually Compared to all the past papers I practiced.. Paper 2 was okay, but still I was left with a feeling of; how am I supposed to show my knowledge through this exam?!? I felt like they left out so many important things! baahh I chose the first question in section B. But the time...... Soo little time : ( I feel like I did okay, but I definitely feel like I could have done better. Some of the questions were mean.
  2. On Friday the 20th when we finish, we are having a graduation at my school. And my parents are coming to celebrate with me, so I am very excited to see them again Then, on Saturday I am throwing a party at my house for the IB students in my class. Here in Norway we have a tradition in May, when we celebrate that we are soon graduating with being "russ" (haha it is so stupid). That is basically includes a lot of drinking and partying, and just doing lots of funny things. However, none (including myself) are "russ" because that would just totally destroy the exam weeks, and the two years in IB would be wasted. Therefore we will party hard on that Saturday instead. After that I will probably totally exhausted, and then I will sleep for a whole week haha! LOOKING FORWARD TO HAVING A NORMAL LIFE AGAIN WOHOO
  3. I honestly dont know.. But I know that I did better on paper 2 than paper 1 I chose question 6
  4. How are you all doing? I cannot believe that we are reaching the end of the IB program... Us having the exams now anyway. So what are your plans for when the exams are over?!? Celebrate and party? Sleep for days? Read a book to make the transition to normal life smoother?
  5. Lets say that I got a 7 on my bio IA, and then I get a 6 or 5 on my exam; what will my final grade be??
  6. Stress down! Do as many past papers as you can before the exams, that help a lot. Good luck! I am most afraid of my Chem HL exam..... Not feeling prepared enough. But time will show I guess.
  7. My hardest subject is Chem HL... I really try to understand it, but I struggle a lot with that subject. My easiest would be ESS because it is just.. easy. Or Bio SL, because it is my fav subject
  8. I really liked your second topic; The role of symbolism in Amir's journey to redemption? From my experience, IB prefers more specific questions rather than broad ones For your criteria question, my advice is to look at other presentations on YouTube, look at some techniques they use that you feel like works, and get inspired! The IB does not expect you to be a professional, just keep it simple but effective, and use your imagination to create a creative piece. Your topic is already creative. Go for it
  9. Haha! Disagree, LUCKILY I have not lost any data while I was working on my IAs You know you are in IB when you procrastinate by complaining about IB...
  10. Disagree, I don't know what Senior Skip Day is... You know you are an IB student when homework has become more important than your own wellness
  11. I have done many of these things already, so that is good Thanks!
  12. From what I have understood, there are no word limit on ESS IA for us graduating in 2016. However, from November 2016 there will be a new curricilum for ESS, where the Internal Assessment is more like the ones in Chem and Bio :-)
  13. Hi! I am currently writing my last WT1, and I decided to write a speech. It is inspired by women’s day (8th of March) and women’s rights, and the one giving the speech is the feminist; Beyoncé Knowles. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to write a good speech? And also if you have any suggestions for things to include in my speech? I always love to get others idea whenever I am writing, because other people often have other ideas than the ones I have All help is appreciated! - K
  14. Hot because you have a cool blog about IB
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