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  1. Wouldn't that depend on which university and which course you wan't to apply to?
  2. Hi! This fall I will be applying to university and I've been thinking about what a want to study. For quite a while I thought I wanted to study mathematics/physics at university (hence my IB subject choices). Now, I am quite interested in studying Neuroscience... the problem is that I don't take IB Biology. These are my current grades: HL: Maths (7), Physics (7), Chemistry (7) SL: Geo (7), German (7), English (6). Do you think that any good UK university (i.e. top ones) would accept me even though I don't have biology? Would I be at a large disadvantage? Thank you so much for any answers.
  3. We are (/going to be) reading: Chronicle of a Death Foretold, The Bluest Eye, The Great Gatsby, Othello, Death of a Naturalist (poems) and then we still haven't decided the last one. I absolutely loved The Bluest Eye and I didn't rly like Chronicle of a Death Foretold.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm currently in the last trimester of IB1 and I have to drop one of my HLs by the end of this year (as I really don't want to keep 4 of them). Right now, it's looking like English L/L will be the one I'll drop (as it's my worst grade + I'm not good at languages + I only like it 'cause of my teacher). We've already studied a Paper 2 book in our HL classes and I now have a question about the exams next year (final IB ones). In Paper 2, do I HAVE TO write about the novels SL has studied (in our case that would be Chronicle Of a Death Foretold and The Great Gatsby) or can I choose our third HL-only book (even though I would be taking the SL exam)? Thanks for any answers!! Alex
  5. I've only just finished Electricity and Magnetism (though my teacher has skipped soooo much stuff) and I found Thermal Physics the hardest.
  6. Hi! I've just started working on my Geography I.A. and the first thing I've done is drawn the maps. Our teacher said that we may use maps taken from the internet but that they really like it when you draw them by hand. My questions are: 1) I'm really not the best of artists. Like my drawings aren't terrible but they're not amazing either. Should this matter? 2) I have no idea how to citrate a hand-drawn map (I printed out screenshots from Google Maps, traced them, and then took a picture of them and put that on my I.A. document). Could someone please help me with that? Thank you so much! A
  7. Hi! Thank you so much for answering. Yeah haha I know it's a bit tricky with the predicted grades right now but the reason I'm asking is because my family and I are taking a trip to the UK in a couple of weeks and I kind of need to think about which universities I want to visit. I think I'm fairly set with the extracurriculars etc. but still, the more I think about it, the more I think that I should probably look into some universities with lower requirements. Either way, thanks again for answering. Good luck you too !
  8. Hi! In the fall I will be applying to universities (UK) I will probably be predicted 41-42 points with 776 (7 in maths and physics) in my HLs and these are the universities I want to apply to: Oxford Imperial UCL Edinburgh Glasgow I want to study something with maths / physics / computer science. I know that all of these universities are incredibly difficult to get into and I was wondering whether you guys think that I ought to applying to some universities with lower requirements just in case? Do you think it's too risky? I really don't know, especially as I'm theoretically above the min entry requirement (though I understand that you often need above the min requirement to actually get in). I just don't want to end up only getting accepted to 1 or no universities. Thank you!! Alex
  9. Hi! At my school everyone has to take the IB diploma.. everyone. This must mean (I assume) that even the not-so-good-in-school people get by (as our school (of 100 people per grade) usually has a pass rate of like 97%). Nevertheless, if she is not ready to work at home, she will definitely struggle. If you really want her to go to the IB school, I'd ask the school if it's possible that she takes a "IB certificate / IB courses". It is basically the same as the IB diploma except for that you don't have to do Theory of Knowledge, C.A.S. and the Extended Essay (which all are a great deal of work). I think that it definitely suits students who aren't so good in school very well. (Btw, in the IB people with dyslexia get extra time on their exams (the amount depends on how severe it is)) Good luck.
  10. Hi! Well, if you want to do Economics at university I'd highly recommend that you do HL Econ at IB. Not only because (at least if you're applying in europe idk about the americas etc) you will need HL Econ to get in, but it will give you the opportunity to see what it's really like (and if you don't like it you will still have time to change what you're applying for at uni level). Good luck!
  11. Hi everyone! So, in about half-a-year I am planning on applying to a handful of universities in the UK for the course Maths & Physics. As you can see below, I've right now got physics, maths, english and chemistry at HL. One of the courses I am interested in applying for is Mathematics (with Physics) at Cambridge Uni. I also want to apply to UCL, Edinburgh etc. I definitely want to drop one of my HLs and right now it's between English and Chemistry. I wanted to ask if having Chemistry at HL is a great advantage for applying to the course I am interested in or if I might as well keep English (which I find so, so much more fun) (plus I've got an absolutely rubbish Chem teacher although I am naturally much better at chemistry) Thank you!! Alex
  12. Hi! I take virtually the same subjects as you (or at least maths, physics and chem) and I personally think it's going really well. You really, really do have to consider what grades you are getting right now though. If you find these subjects easy peasy you should be fine but otherwise it probably will be quite a bit of work. Btw it's a really good idea to take 4 HLs in the beginning because then if you find out that you can't manage/don't like on of your HLs you can drop it (I don't recommend keeping 4HLs for the actual exams though (though this is incredibly hypocritical as I'm thinking about doing it 'cause I don't wanna upset my english teacher through switching to SL hahaha)). Anyways, good luck! I think your combination sounds fab (provided that you're fairly good at these subjects that is).
  13. Hello! At my school, they want us to begin to conjure ideas for our EE. Today I wen't to the library to check out my school's previous EEs and I was rather surprised by it. Although I had already heard that the science and maths EEs achieve much lower grades than the language and humanities ones, I was surprised to see almost all of the physics and maths EEs (these are my two strongest subjects) only getting Cs, Ds with the occasional B and E. This year, I happen to have an english teacher I absolutely love (although I'm not sure he's quite as good as my biased self sometimes makes him out to be). Regardless, I think he's great. I truly love poetry and so I have been thinking about doing my EE about two poems. The two poems I have in mind are two poems by William Blake. The problem is that so, so many people have compared these two poems and it's not a very original idea. I don't quite know if this matters as the librarian once said that 'you don't need to come up with anything yourself in your EE, just research other people's ideas and put them together'. I'm not really sure if this is true so I figured that I ought to ask you guys, the people of IB survival. Thank you xx
  14. Hey! For computer science you definitely need HL maths but depending on where you want to study I think that physics would be a better choice than History. I don't take history myself but all of my friends who take it/took it say that it's fairly pointless taking SL history (as it's basically as hard as HL but apparently more difficult to get a 7 in (logic?)). On the other hand, if history is something that you are very passionate about I don't want to discourage you from taking that either
  15. 1. Is choosing relevant IB subjects important towards what I would like to study at university? Or is IB scores more important? This depends on two factors: what and where you want to study. For example, I know that the U.K. definitely cares a lot about which subjects you choose. It is highly likely that you will not get into a Engineering course without HL Maths and Physics, and it is also highly likely that you will not get into a Economics course without HL Economics etc. etc. On the other hand, and please do keep in mind that I am no expert, I believe that they are quite a bit more lenient in the U.S. My absolute nr.1 advice for anyone choosing their IB courses is to TAKE 4 HLs!! No but seriously, take 4 HLs (if your school allows you that is). Then, if you find out that you dislike one of your HLs you can always switch it down to SL. I, for example, started off with: HL Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Geography. Now I've found out that I absolutely DESPISE geography (btw, I see that you're interested in taking Geo. Don't get discouraged by me, most people in my class like it/find it fairly easy so don't worry) and that I LOVE english (which is a subject I hated last year). So I switched down Geo to SL and English up to HL. I am still keeping 4 HLs throughout this entire school year as I am yet unsure of which one to drop. 2. Do you think it's reasonable for a student to choose a subject that they have never studied before for IB? For example, do you think choosing Geography HL for IB is wise when the student have never studied Geography during IGCSE I don't quite know what you mean by "no exposure". For example, at my school, we didn't do any IGCSEs in any of the social studies. We did one trimester Econ, one trimester History and one trimester Geo throughout 9th and 10th grade. If you mean no exposure as to this level I think you should go for it but I do not think that you should take a subject you have absolutely no idea what it is about. 3. What subjects for IB should I choose in order to increase my chances of studying business/finance in University? I'm still unsure about my abilities currently as I have increased my effort levels for this year substantially, as a result, I am getting score 2 grade boundaries than last year in most subjects. I'm not too well-informed regarding the humanities and their undergraduate courses but looking at the subjects you already have, I'd recommend choosing another humanities subject. Hope this all helped!! Good luck in the IB!