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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering for part 2 of the course - language and mass communication - is it ok to base my written task on visual language? My idea was to talk to use tv as the media platform and analyse visual bias on tv and stuff. Or should I include texts too? PLS RESPOND ASAP - it's due tomorrow.
  2. Hi guys, so I'm roughly three months in the IBDP program and I have issues with my Physics teacher. She has never been trained for teaching IB before, though she claimed to have taught high school students in the past. My school is still new and inexperienced. We haven't gotten our Physics books to this date. My teacher said she can't start teaching without the book but even if we did I don't think she'd be able to teach properly. You see, she's only revised level 8 syllabus to us - scientific notation, orders of magnitude, vector & scalar quantities, estimation, cancellation of labels. The most BASIC things. I'm freaking out because supposedly our first topic should be mechanics and we've done nothing in these past three months. I got an A in my physics and biology IGCSE. I chose physics coz I feel like there's less to memorise -- I wanted to be able to spend more time on other subjects. Also, my dad's family business deals with electronics so I thought studying physics would not be a waste. But if this is the case I feel like I need to do extra tutoring out-of-school. It costs a lot of money and does not guarantee good results! The biology teacher, on the other hand, is an IB experienced examiner. He's really good. The bio students have covered quite a lot. On the side note, my phy teacher is extremely generous in markings (in other words, the tests she gives us are way too easy) so I think if I stick to phy I'll score well on my IAs. (solid 6s or 7s). So, I don't know. Is it possible to cover physics SL without extra help? I can try working hard on my own, try to do as many past papers as I can.. Or should I switch to bio SL where I am guaranteed an experienced teacher? Does bio SL take up much more studying time than phy SL? In all honesty I have no problem in memorisation -- in fact I'm quite good at it but I try to avoid it esp because I don't really need science (I'm planning to major in creative writing). Thank you!!
  3. Hi, I'm currently in year 11. The subjects I'm positive I would take in HL are English Lang&Lit and Economics. I plan to major in English in the UK (England, to be exact) and I'm not sure whether it would be best to take Business & Management or Indonesian Language & Literature A2 as the third HL. I heard that Business & Management is considered as a soft subject in the UK. I don't want to ruin my chances to a very impressive university. Would it look better on my application if I take another A language or business & management as HL? Thank you!
  4. Sorry, I want to keep it private.
  5. I go to a public school with an internal IB-department. In the whole IB-section, years 1 and 2, we are 62 students. We don´t have the best possible teachers, I mean they are not for example IB-examiners or something like that but they have still taught the IB for some years most of them. Some in my class are doing very good, >40 points, and some are lazy and not doing as good. I would say the difference between how you succeed in the IB is mostly about how hard YOU work. Good teachers are just a nice thing to have, but the biggest factor is yourself. And you will find everything you need to know about the IB programme and assignment and presentation instructions here on IBSurvival. If you feel like you want to do the IB, go for it Okay noted! Thanks for the input
  6. Thanks so much!! Yeah I guess I would go for it then if I get the scholarship.
  7. Hey everyone. So I'm starting IBDP next term. I'm very conflicted about where to study. In my city the prestigious IB schools are crazy expensive. They can cost about $20000-$35000 a year. There's this new school that's just starting IB next term. If I go there, I'll be in their very first batch. They're really really new (I think they've only been around for 4-5 years) and right now their eldest class is grade 9. They don't have gr 10. They're also pricey; about $13000 a year. Their compound is 2 hectares and the teachers, I've heard, are very qualified (mostly Aussies and Americans). I have good impressions about the school. Everyone is very professional and kind. But I really don't know if I'd do well there, considering they have no experience in IB and the teachers have only been trained to teach IB for 3-4 months(There's 3 more months to go before the term starts). They're giving out 30%,60% and 100% scholarships. Only 9 people applied and 5 got called back for a personal interview. I personally think I did good. The other 4 students are my friends. Some of them said they didn't do so well. They have 10 slots for the scholarship, btw. I personally think I have a good chance of getting 60%. My parents don't agree on spending $40000 only for high school. Which is why this school might be my only chance of doing IB, if I do get the scholarship. What do you think?? How important is it that I have to have the best teachers to succeed in IB? I'm also worried that we'll only have like less than 10 people enrolling.. Also idk what CAS I can do here. I've heard people raising $1000 funds in their schools, and idk how I can do that when all the students are still very young. I probably can be the head of the school newsletter though, considering they don't have it yet.....
  8. I actually dropped chemistry for IGCSE because I didn't feel that confident about doing it. I used to get Bs max. Do you have any idea if chem SL is easier than chem IGCSE? I know it sounds silly coz IB is supposed to be harder but I've heard people saying that IGCSE econs is easier than econs SL. Thanks btw!! I'm not in ib (not in IGCSE either) yet so I can't say for sure. But I think it will definitely be harder especially if you dropped chem. Ib chemistry (and other 11/12 grade chem) as such will be based on basic concepts learnt in previous classes. There will be more depth into topics already learnt in previous classes. Additionally there may be new topics as well. So if you don't have the basic knowledge of topics it will be a very risky step taking chem in ib (and any other education system). However if you could brush up on those topics in the summer you could still take chem in ib and have a better chance at succeeding in it. I haven't the slightest clue about economics in both the system (and yet I am taking economics for ib ) . Actually, I only dropped Chem 6 months before the IGCSE exams. I learnt all the chapters in the syllabus except for maybe 1 or 2 so yeah but you're right, it'll be a good idea to brush up on it during the summer. Thanks btw
  9. Hi guys! So, this question is for people who have done IGCSE and transitioned into IB.. Currently, I'm doing IGCSE. I'm starting IBDP next term. I dropped chem for IGCSE because I already took the other two sciences I'm better at. I didn't feel confident about scoring well in chem because the max grade I used to get was B. If I felt really, really lazy about studying it I could even score a D in our monthly tests. (OUCH!!) Anyway I've been contemplating whether it was a mistake at all. There's a slight possibility of me studying electrical engineering (I'm okay at physics!) for uni since my dad majored in it, and now has a company and all. That'll require me to take chem, at least in SL. I just want to have options. Say I put way more effort for the subject than I used to for my IGCSE, do you think I'd find it as difficult as I used to? Is the curriculum much more demanding than IGCSE's? I know this question sounds silly because IB is known to be a lot harder, but I've heard some people say that econs SL is easier than IGCSE econs. (Also, is that true?!) Thanks, by the way
  10. I actually dropped chemistry for IGCSE because I didn't feel that confident about doing it. I used to get Bs max. Do you have any idea if chem SL is easier than chem IGCSE? I know it sounds silly coz IB is supposed to be harder but I've heard people saying that IGCSE econs is easier than econs SL. Thanks btw!!
  11. Hey guys, I'm starting IBDP next term. The subjects I'm sure of taking are English A HL, Indonesian A1 SL, History SL. Here's the thing. I'm very conflicted about my future major, so I absolutely have no clue whether to take BNM/Econs, maths or physics in SL or HL level. I'm an okay student in all those subjects. I'm currently doing IGCSE and for mocks I scored: A*(90) in maths, B(75) in physics and B (70) in economics. B sounds very average but my econs and physics scores were probably third best in my class. Only 1 kid got 80 in physics. I don't think any got an A in econs. My teacher is pretty strict about markings. My dad majored in electrical engineering but he now works as an importer for electrical components. He wants me to major in business. I feel like I need a pretty solid foundation in physics so that I'd know something about his company once I work there, esp if I don't study engineering in uni. Which is why I'm not opposed to studying phsyics HL. Physics interests me though I'm not super good at it. I've also heard that in the UK they think BnM is a soft subject. They prefer applicants who studied econs and Maths HL. I kinda doubt I'll be studying there, but just in case. I know my situation is pretty much a mess which is why I'm asking for help. Is it better if I take BNM/Econ HL, Physics HL, Maths SL or BNM/Econ HL, Physics SL, Maths HL or BNM/Econ SL, Physics HL, Maths HL Thanks!!
  12. Hey guys, I need help. I'm planning to take english A HL, indonesian A1 SL, history SL, physics HL. I'm currently doing IGCSE and for mocks I got A* for maths and a B in econs, though my score for econs was probably third best in my class. No one got an A. My econs teacher is pretty strict about marking. Which subject do you think I'll score better in; economics HL or maths HL? Thanks!
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