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  1. I don't really know how to it goes, but in our school a Level 7 is 70 and above, so the grades you're expected to get is from the Ranges A to C, and they see where do you stand exactly in the 7, are you in your 80s? Then good. You get a B. 90s? An A does the work. 70? You get a C. Whereas a level 6 stands for a D. 5 - 4 = E 3 and below = F
  2. It's neither, It's in between I Guess. Like IB Has it's moments where it makes me want to pull my hair off, but then I just puff of proudly cuz I have people who understand what i'm going through. Fav song?
  3. I'm not a fan of cars, I'd rather go green. Have you ever thought of being a vegeterian?
  4. business. fav. type of music?
  5. my phone i guess. lol Do you love mangoes?
  6. business and computer science do u like to dance
  7. SO DAMN HOT! Clothes stick onto your skin and sweat. eugh. When you feel bad, who do you go to?
  8. Lol, that's funny. Con: I daydream a lot, and zone out from what's happening around. N/P Con: They don't like wearing jeans.
  9. Lots of people say that IB, will distract you from having a Social Life. That's not really true, the only busiest time that you'll have, is by the second year of IB with all the IAs, TOK presentation and essay, and your extended essay, adding to that your exams. However, if you're really good with managing your time, then I asssure you that's no problem at all
  10. I wish I had the chance to take psychology and art, Our school doesn't offer psychology at all, and it offered us art, but then within the first term, our Art Teacher had to quit her job due to some "family issues" and we had to choose other subjects, where the only classes there weren't full are computer science, Biology, and Chemistry. So I went with computer science instead, and i feel Emotionally wrecked everytime I think of IB Art