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  1. I'd say that's probably because whereas P.C. is used with activities that lasted for a precise period of time, imparfait is used with activities that lasted for an indefinite period of time. I'd say P.C. is used less often than imparfait because the things we do as humans aren't always set in stone between X date and Y date. There's often some uncertainty or ambiguity in what we do. I think this link might clarify the distinction between P.C. and imparfait for you: http://forum.wordreference.com/threads/fr-il-y-avait-il-y-a-eu.502219/ Or to put it another way, "Il y a eu" is used when an action points to a specific date or emphasizes the fact that the action was short-lived. "Il y avait" emphasizes that the action lasted for a while. Hope this helps you out. Cheers and good luck!
  2. I think although French B SL touches upon more advanced concepts, any Ab Initio course moves at a very fast pace and you have to adapt to a different syntax very quickly. I'd go with French B SL if I were you.
  3. Hey guys, So I've decided to do my EE in Economics SL, using the market failure chapter and perhaps elasticity if it ties in to it. My topic is essentially: As part of "Ontario's Five Year Climate Action Plan 2016-2020", the Canadian Liberal Party has decided to reduce pollution and improve the environment. One of the ways this will be done is by subsidizing additional cycling infrastructure to increase the use of bicycles by commuters. In an economic sense, this would generate positive externalities of consumption (healthier commuters, and less congested roads), so I'd like to evaluate the potential impact this subsidy would have on my Canadian neighbourhood. To evaluate the potential impact, I could analyze the availability of complementary goods for bicycles, such as secure bike parking, safe routes, and changing facilities. I'd also analyze the availability of substitute goods, such as cars and buses. So I have a few questions now that I kind of have my topic: 1) Is it possible for me to form a good Research Question out of this topic, where I can evaluate data for approximately 4000 words? 2) I have trouble visualizing exactly how I can tie in market failure and elasticity as course concepts into here. I know I can definitely throw elasticity in here because of substitute and complementary goods, but market failure not so much... 3) Any previous market failure EE's that have been pretty successful that I can look at? It'd be nice to have something for reference just to see if I'm going the right direction. All Econ EE's I look at are pretty much Market Structure. Thanks guys!
  4. This is super useful, allows me to both quickly summarize everything I've learned and also is detailed enough to better my understanding. Thanks so much for this!
  5. That's very good so far. If I were you, I would also learn subjonctif (ex. il est impératif que... + subjonctif), as well as the various types of si clauses. These both are considered very advanced grammar concepts and they really make your grammar stand out when writing. As for the types of assignments you'll face, I had some oral presentations to prepare me for the Individual Oral, as well as reading articles and making sense out of them (answering questions, kind of like Paper 1 practice.) Some Paper 2 practice later on as well, with types of texts, organizing our thoughts on paper, etc. Hope this helps! Good luck.
  6. Hi there, What I did was consult my French B Textbook, (maybe you have one at your school, ask a teacher perhaps) and in there are multiple articles based on various themes (global issues, communication and media, and social relationships). I suggest you examine a few articles and get a general idea of what the theme should involve, like for example, for global issues in my textbook there's a lot of articles dealing with the environment and ecosystems that are in danger. Hope this helps to give you some ideas. Cheers and good luck!
  7. Hi there, So on Paper 1 you generally have to be really specific when giving the answers to certain questions, especially questions of the type, "Quelle expression montre que ..." (Which expression shows that...), and I was wondering if IB examiners give you any slight leeway if your answer isn't exactly the same as the one in the markscheme but the important stuff is there, which shows that you understand the text but you didn't know every part to include. For example, this year's Paper 1 had a question in Text B that was like list two disadvantages of a multilingual society, and I wrote: (a): "La vie economique ... plus complique." (b): "La vie sociale ... plus conflictuelle." However, the text said "La gestion de la vie sociale...", which is the management of social life. I had included la gestion before but I crossed it out so I'm really worried if I'm just gonna be taken off 2 marks just like that for not including la gestion. I still show that I understand the text since I pull out pretty much exactly the sentence that I need but I just didn't include that initial la gestion part... so is it safe to say that I'd be given some leeway here since it's obvious that I understand what they're asking for, I just didn't know exactly how to put it? Thanks!
  8. Would the Pearson Longmann Chemistry textbook for the new syllabus be this one: https://www.amazon.com/CHEMISTRY-Pearson-International-Baccalaureate-Diploma/dp/1447959752 ? Thanks!
  9. Yeah, it's crazy. You don't produce optimal results and work when you're staying up all night. Maybe once or twice is fine if it's absolutely essential, but nothing more than that.
  10. Last year was 85% I believe since it was kind of difficult. I'm going to guess for this year's, it will be either 86 or 87.
  11. I suggest that you continue doing more exam papers for practice with the time limit. Is there certain types of questions that take up more of your time? I used to have the same experience with French but the more exam papers I did the better I got at finishing the questions under time limits so I'm sure you'll improve quickly.
  12. I think you'll be just fine however I believe you could always re-take the exam if someone like that were to happen, in November.
  13. Hey guys, so I was wondering if someone could go through my French B SL Written Assignment and tell me what they would probably give me like Level-wise. I'm kind of stressing out about it because I really want to shoot for the upper band of a higher level but I don't want the assignment to hold me back or what not. I understand it's well past the due date and I can't change anything, but just to give myself that assurance. So, was wondering if I could e-mail it to someone and have them check it out and give it a rating. Thanks! comment edit share save
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