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  1. chilling_kartik

    Factors in Table Tennis

    What Is the Relationship between Speed of Bat, Striking Angle, Coefficient of Static Friction of Bat and the Ball's Spin Rate in a Table Tennis Game? By Christopher W. Linaksita
  2. chilling_kartik

    Terminal Velocity of Cone

    How does the cross-sectional area and angle of a cardboard cone affect its terminal velocity? By Adriaan de Haan
  3. chilling_kartik

    Meteor Trajectory Estimation

    Comparison of different methods of meteor trajectory estimation basing on data from the Polish Fireball Network By Krzysztof Kormanski
  4. chilling_kartik

    Resonant Frequency

    “How is the Resonant Frequency of a Loudspeaker affected by the Diameter and the Mass per unit Area of the Speaker cone?” By Seetal Erramilli
  5. chilling_kartik


    How do the Physical Parameters of the String influence the game of Badminton? By Gaurav Jain
  6. chilling_kartik

    Degradation of Ascorbic Acid

    A Kinetic Study of the Rate of Degradation of Ascorbic Acid by Titrimetry This extended essay was written by Christian Jorgensen
  7. chilling_kartik

    Anyone doing a Physics EE?

    most of the people in our school do their extended essay's in Economics and for te past two years no-one has done an EE in Physics. But this year we have two people doing EE in Physics and mine is on Terminal Velocity,..and i'm very excited about it.
  8. every school has different internal deadlines but the final IB deadline by which the EE's must reach the examiners is 15th March.

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