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  1. Alright so I'm taking English A: Literature for Group 1 subject and I got confused with its part 1, because in Bahasa A Literature we did the Writing Assignment (WA/WL) already... And we had to pick the topic on our own. So, I asked my teacher about English WL/WA topic... And he said that we had to do the reflective statement first, then the WA/WL and we are not the ones to choose the topic. Instead, my teacher will pick a topic for it and everyone will have the same topic. Is this true guys? Shouldn't you guys be the ones to choose the topic? Please help.
  2. Languages? Spanish B. Science freaks? Chemistry. I'm not recommending Geography because in IGCSE it is quite harsh... You have to have good basics in Chemistry if you'd like to take Chemistry in IB, i.e. balancing equations, etc. Btw, why not Spanish Ab Initio... ? btw, it depends on what majors that you'd like to take in your uni later on! Enjoy IB! I'll enter it by this July/August hahahaha-_-
  3. Gilbert

    Exam Problems

    Hey guys I just did the IGCSE Physics today and I posted CIE logo in my instagram and the caption is "How were the exams?" Is it counted as cheating after the exams? Thanks...
  4. Definitely economics, simply because you said that. Economics SL/HL should be easier because what did ncarmont say is true and economics will help if you want to take a business degree in the uni.
  5. Math SL would be the best choice. I don't think most of the unis accept math studies.
  6. I'd suggest IGCSE for this case. IGCSE gives you a solid foundation for IB Diploma program, especially IGCSE Additional Math which is very helpful for you to enter math HL. Also, IGCSE can be used to support your IB scores because you can choose only 6 subjects in the IB Diploma program. I don't take IGCSE Additional Math but it will definitely be very helpful for entering IB Diploma program.
  7. Haha thanks Blackcurrant... My school doesn't offer LangLit and I am not really interested in Literature. So maybe I'll just go for English B, unless I can take Bahasa B then I'll re-consider it. thanks.
  8. Hi guys! I am going to start my DP program in next academic year. My nationality is Indonesian so Bahasa is my first (mother tongue) language. I have chosen Bahasa A Literature and English B as my group 1&2 subjects. Should I replace English B with English A Literature? What are your advices? Thanks!
  9. Thanks. I'll use it as a resource for next year.
  10. Generally, science and engineering majors require Math HL, while business majors require Math SL. That's all I know.
  11. Dear zeevee, which math do you take for IGCSE? There is a big gap between Math HL&SL. IGCSE's Additional Math will help you a lot for IB. But if you are not taking that Additional Math, I am suggesting you to take Math SL and put something else at HL.
  12. Syllabus is for the learning progress. Mock exams are exams in IB's format. CAS = Creative, Action and Service. IA = Internal Assessment.
  13. Chemistry, Biology, and Psychology will be required for that major. I'm not sure which ones should be in HL/SL... But i think you can put the three of them in HL... especially Psychology because it has a small gap between SL and HL.
  14. About B&M as my group 6... Which one is better to be taken? Economics in group 3 or B&M as my group 6? Thanks!
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