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  1. I was wondering if someone knows any source thats really good at explaining moles. Also if you know how to answer this question please explain how: 5.60 x 10^25 atoms of H = _______ mol of H2O.
  2. I used Microsoft word and didn't have a problem.
  3. So I'm taking HL English A Lang&Lit and was wondering if I could still get a 6 or even a 7. On my FOA I got a 6 and for the IOC I got a 5 (I know it's bad). I've done one written task in which I got a 6 as well. Also if any of you know what the breakdown is by percentage I would really like to know since all of the breakdowns I have found arent updated
  4. Really because I emailed them and the said I was not eligible to apply without the HL bio :/ but if that is true then if I get 7s in my courses such as biology, chemistry, and math (I doubt I could get 7 in all of those) I might still have a chance?
  5. Although I know Bio (SL) is seen as one of the easier IB sciences, I am willing to bet my money against this. its true lol it takes 3 weeks for the grade 11 portion and then a little longer I think 5 weeks for the grade 12 portion
  6. Love to for TOK, Math Sl, and French SL! If you are taking Lang&Lit for English that too!
  7. I have a quick question when you apply to schools abroad (UK) do you have to submit your IB marks? Or can you submit your converted marks? I'm asking because I really want to study in the UK for medicine specifically I want to study at Imperial. For IB they require 38 points, which I know I can achieve if I work hard, but it is also a requirement to take chem and bio at HL, which as much as I begged my school they just wouldn't let me take. However, for Canadian students they require scores of 85%-90% both overall and in relevant Grade 12 subjects at the academic level. My IB courses are relevant its just I can't take both science at HL. Plus, sl bio covers what the regular academic class in Canada learn in 3 weeks.
  8. If it is hard or not is different for everyone. IB is kinda demanding but if you stay on top of you work, study effectively, and strive to succeed you will do great. I usually get 6-7 hours of sleep unless I have a huge deadline and procrastinated. For the free time part it depends on you again. I usually have 2-3 hours of free time but thats because I try to finish everything at school so when I come home around 6 or 7 I can just relax. English isn't my first language either but I'm taking it at HL English Lang&Lit (english at HL is mandatory at my school). In all honesty it's not too bad at the moment my converted mark is a 92. English is usually essays and close readings which if you arent naturally good at come with practice and trust me you will get enough practice in HL English. I wish I was able to take 2 group 4 courses at HL! My school only allows us to take one and they dont offer math at HL. In my opinion there would be a hug work load if you took those 3 HLs. My friend at the moment has sl physics and has 2-3 hours of physics homework a day I can't even imagine the work load for HL! With that being said if you believe you can handle the work load and if you are interested in those subjects then do it.
  9. I'm taking English Lang & Lit HL and for my IOC we pick from 3 envelopes (we are not allowed to chose which extracts) from the three there is Othello extracts, Narrative Life of Fredrick Douglass extracts, and poems. Depending on what envelope we choose we have 5-8 extracts to choose from, but we don't see the text at all while choosing. idk if it's normal but I feel as though every school is doing it so maybe it is.
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