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  1. I'm studying in an International School in SE Asia and I'm doing the IB diploma. I did the SAT with a score of 1280/1600 although I'm doing it again soon so it might increase. I am predicted to likely get the following IB grades: HL Math - 5 HL Physics - high 6 HL Computer Science - high 6 (possible chance to get a 7) In total, about 36-38 IB points. My CGPA is around 3.87 on 4.33 scale. With these grades, is it possible to get into the University of Waterloo's David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science as an International student? Thanks!
  2. Sorry for asking so many questions lol but what exactly is so hard about CS? I know there are some mind bending confusing concepts like 2d arrays and OOP, but what part of the non-programming stuff is hard? I don't have the syllabus so I don't know lol.
  3. Thanks for the info man. Any tips on how to get a 7 in CS HL?
  4. Wait, what? Didn't you say CS has very little to do with actual programming? then how will taking CS in uni help in that? lol
  5. Seems like CS HL has very little to do with programming itself. So what should one take in IB if one intends on working in software development as a future career?
  6. 3-4 weeks?!??!?! seriously?!?!?! thats it? Interesting. I talked with the CS HL teacher in my school and he mentioned that java is around 70% of the course, and the rest is stuff like number conversions, binary, and theory and stuff.
  7. Yeah, I would like to know that too. I have started a new forum about this, check it out here: http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/35247-computer-science-hl-and-maths-hl/
  8. Hey. I want to study Computer Science in university, as a result, I chose Computer Science and Maths HL (also Physics HL as my third HL). Many people say that CS HL has some very tough concepts and is harder than Maths HL? Is this true, in your opinion? Also, is does taking Maths HL really make your university application more competitive if you apply for CS courses? Thanks! I would really like some comments from people who are currently taking or took IB CS HL.
  9. I see that you took IB Computer Science HL. How much of the course is java programming vs other stuff? I heard that its mostly programming, is that correct?
  10. lol can you please elaborate, what do you mean by "hella" ?
  11. Oh yes, sorry I forgot to mention my SAT score I got 1820. Any other university recommendations would be appreciated thanks!
  12. I got 35 points in total in the IB program. Here are the classes I took and my grade in it: Math HL - 5 Physics HL - 5 Computer Science HL - 7 English Lang and Lit SL - 5 Language AB Initio - 7 Economics SL - 6 I'm set on studying Computer Science at a fairly good university in the US. My cumulative high school GPA is around 3.7 Given my GPA and IB scores, what would be a fairly reputable university to study Computer Science (United States only please) Thanks!
  13. How hard is IB Computer Science at Higher Level (HL) ?
  14. Hey ssuupp guys. I'm probably gonna take Computer Science HL in IB next year because I want to go to a decent engineering university and become a software engineer. Has anyone, or is anyone taking CS HL? What exactly do you learn in the course? Do you learn different programming languages or just Java? Thanks!

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