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  1. RSells32

    Spanish ab initio

    TZ1 here. Paper 1 was extremely hard compared to all the practice one's I did. But to be fair, paper 2 was extremely easy compared to all the practice ones I did.
  2. RSells32

    How do we answer paper 3?

    My psychology teacher didn't go over it at all. I didn't even know there was a paper 3! And yes I am in HL. Any help with this?
  3. RSells32

    Would you rather...?

    President of the World Would you rather be able to lift 100lbs (45.4kg) telekinetically or 10,000lbs (4535.9kg) physically?
  4. RSells32

    Studies and experiments

    Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for.
  5. RSells32

    IB past papers!?!?!?!?

    Anyone have psychology past papers they would be willing to send me?
  6. RSells32

    Best Form of Government?

  7. RSells32

    Has anyone been accepted for engineering?

    Awesome! That's what I'm doing to. What schools are you going to?
  8. RSells32

    Best Form of Government?

    What kind of Anarchism are you referring to? There's a bunch of different types that are nothing like one another.
  9. It seems like hardly one is doing it. There isn't even a movie!
  10. RSells32

    Has anyone been accepted for engineering?

    Nearly all public universities give credit for SL exams. But yeah, they just view it as "You're in the program. Good job." They don't care too much about your scores.
  11. RSells32

    Has anyone been accepted for engineering?

    Like Emmi said, here in the US they really don't care all that much about your scores. If you fail IB they most likely won't revoke your acceptance, you just won't get the credits for it.
  12. What about doing a google hangouts group? Pretty much everyone has a google account whether they know it or not
  13. It depends on the grader. Some will literally sit there and count while others won't really care if you go over a few words. They HAVE to grade up to the 750 and can stop right there, rendering anything past that as useless.
  14. RSells32

    Dating While in IB?

    I've been dating the same girl for the past 6 months and had another 2 1/2 year relationship before that. I'm predicted to pass the IB with flying colors! It all comes down to whether or not you can handle the workload.
  15. RSells32

    Racism today in modern world

    In the US the problem isn't race for the most part. Its class. If you see someone, whether they are white or black, and they dress professionally, are clean, etc. then you'll get vastly less people looking down on them. However, if you see someone dressing like a stereotypical "thug" then of course you're going to associate negative thoughts with them because the way the dress brings about negative connotations. Of course, the issue is that a lot of Africans in the US are disproportionately in the lower classes and in order to tackle the symptom of racism we need to address the bigger concern of income inequality and social mobility.

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