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  1. rhatesib

    Done with IB foreverrr!

    WOW.. it's been one hell of a journey! amazing feeling knowing that you've accomplished so much. Good luck to all those gr.11's and also thinking of doing the program.
  2. rhatesib

    French B SL- urgent!

    nevermind, found a great source.
  3. hey guys, for the paper 2 exam tomorrow, first, are these the text formats that we are supposed to know how to write in? -un journal intime/blog -un article -une lettre officielle (une lettre de reclamation (letter of complaint)/candidature/a un auteur) -une lettre a un ami-un discours (a speech) -le guide de recommandations, la brochure -le recit d'imagination- le compte -rendu -une declaration a la police -une critique d'un film/livre -une anecdote-une page internet .. i wanna know EXACTLY which and only ones we need to know, if i missed or added anything that isn't mentioned please let me know. Also.. Q2: does anyone have a source which states exactly the format of those texts to get a level 5/5 on format accuracy? (as they are easy marks).. thanks!
  4. rhatesib

    History paper 3.

    Yep, for paper 3, you can choose anything regardless being from the same section.
  5. rhatesib

    History paper 3.

    Yep.. That's what i'm doing. But only 1 option that we didn't take. Instead of studying american independance, i chose to study the option of "civil rights and social movements in the americas". You'll do better when studying an option that interests youðŸ‘ðŸ»
  6. rhatesib

    Easier to achieve a level 7 on paper 3?

    Actually, according to the 2014 mark boundaries, it's 12/20. http://www.dpcdsb.org/NR/rdonlyres/257D5ECC-B156-4400-B0C7-D765BB3D4855/140115/201405_Grade_Boundaries.pdf the '15 one isn't out yet.
  7. Hey guys, just wondering specifically about the way paper 3 is marked. Are they more or less strict on the mark bands to achieve a level 7 (compared with paper 2)?? thanks.
  8. my ib history teacher, (she's also the IB coordinator in our school), told us the maxim level you can get without using historians is a level 5. I'm in HL though, so i i'm not sure about SL (for those taking it) cause we have a different mark band.
  9. rhatesib

    History past papers (1&3) + grade received.

    nevermind, got them!
  10. Hey guys! how long have you been studying for history and... how prepared do you feel on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being %10000 prepared). I would say 9.. i've been studying for 3 weeks (only for paper 2) tho.. didn't start paper 3 (starting on friday, luckily i have a weekend) and started studying for paper 1 today lol.
  11. Anyone know a website that have some attached or anything?.. thanks.
  12. rhatesib

    history exam -URGENT!

  13. rhatesib

    History exam (paper 1)

    nevermind! found this thread http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/15024-paper-1-question-4/ useful
  14. rhatesib

    History exam (paper 1)

    Does anyone have a sample answer on Q4 for paper 1 history? This is the only question that i always seem to mess up on and it would mean a lot, thanks!

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