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  1. Yes, I am Are you also skipping some of the topics of the option to reduce the content to study? If so which ones??
  2. Is anybody doing HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS?
  3. No I think you have to wait for 18.00 GMT unfortunately
  4. You just need to show whether you can see or guess where such difference or similarities comes from? Whether it is similarities or differences it all depends on what you wrote in your WA.
  5. I talked about nature as an enemy as well using the figurative language, imagery (visual + auditory), as well as war imagery... I thought it was about nature's revenge (?) in a sense on humans after the war amongst mankind - and the prolonging negative impact of war on nature. I thought I had good evidence to support it but when I discussed it with other students, seemed like no one wrote on anything even close to mine.... eek! Don't worry I also talked about the same things!
  6. How did you guys find it? How did it go for you all?
  7. Don't worry they probably won't even notice. I don't think they will penalize for only a spelling mistake. I guess content is far more important than a small spelling mistake.
  8. aboker7

    Fine Arts

    Is anybody going to attend an art university next year?
  9. How can we create an exam discussion? Will the moderators do it and people can just join in and comment? I am sorry I am new to this website and I am not quite sure how it exactly works. Please let me know.
  10. Usually, it is better if you actually look at a specific time period or artists in order to better focus your essay. The idea of the topic is a good one though.
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