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  1. Answered options B (Quantum physics) and E (Astrophysics) I found B had weird questions (find the current? wtf) and i wasn't able to prove the second calculation. Option E went very well though, it was easy. I'm hoping a 5 for physics... (overall)
  2. Impersonating a candidate is considered as a misconduct and may lead to suspension and removal of the IB Diploma.
  3. That gives you a total of 23 - 27 depending on what you get. If you add your "1" point you would get if you got C on TOK and EE that would give you 24-28 grand total of points. You need at least 24 points to receive the diploma.
  4. Physics SL was definitely weird. Although Paper 3 was better than Papers 1 and 2 so I guess it balances out. Chinese Ab Initio SL Paper 1 was nightmare but once again Paper 2 was very easy so it balances out. English Paper 1 was meh in my opinion but Paper 2 was very easy (for me at least) so everything balances out in the end I would imagine. Expecting a hard chemistry Paper 1 & 2 tomorrow though. :/
  5. I did the same options as you, author ! Option B and Option E, Standard level. I have the exact same impression about the exam as you it seems... Questions in Option B were weird and rather annoying. Option E was okay I guess. Calculations easy, the only hard part I would say was the binary stars maybe.
  6. Hello ! Does someone know what the November 2014 questions were about? I'm searching for the questions in: -Paper 1 : Communism in crisis --> I know it was on China and not USSR, but what part exactly? Economy, political or rise to power? -Paper 2 : Topic 3 (Single Party States) and Topic 5 (Cold War) --> What questions were asked about Stalin or Mao on Topic 3? And on Topic 5 what questions were for origins and end of the cold war? If you do have these past papers please PM them please !! If you sat the exam can you (try to) answer my questions ? Hopefully you remember...
  7. That paper 1 question was about expressing capacitance in base units, which would be: charge (C = A s) / voltage (V = J / C) => charge2 (A2 s2) / energy (J) => A2 s2 / N m => A2 s2 / (kg m2 / s2) => A2 s4 / kg m2 Simply, knowing that there is A^2 and kg leads to a às the correct answer without even looking to seconds Guys what about paper 1, tz2, Hassan, do you remember the answer for the last MCQ in P1? The one on quantum efficiency? You remember the option you ticked there? :/ Also what was your answer for the one on green light sources? Me too, it was a total guess though 10 was too less and 50 too much I chose 30% too. But apparently I checked my notes and it was 13%, so closer to 10% than 30%... Probably got it wrong :x
  8. Hi ! Yes I'm SL from TZ2. But I took question 4, not question 5. How did you find the data analysis ?
  9. "Other" So you would suggest putting communism in the same section as fascism, right-wing nationalism or free-market authoritarianism for example?... Are you out of your mind? Communism as understood by Soviet examples, would here be "Dictatorial Socialism", at least in my opinion - Schrodinger's CAS please, correct me if I'm wrong. But each communist country had their own variation of communism, so it's hard to associate it with a single system. And suggesting that somebody is out of their mind in this context is rather rude... to say the least.. If the system is not on the list, it is "Other", and it really doesn't matter whether it's left- or right-wing, authoritarian or libertarian. Two opposing systems won't start a war because of beingclassified as "Other". Except the definition of Dictatorial Socialism would be radically different in the USA than in any other country for example, because 'socialists' in the USA means not left wing but rather centre-right... And some socialist countries had already made their transition into communism...
  10. I believe the texts A and B were something about size / microscopic vs macroscopic / seeing the world in detail or as a bigger picture. But I chose Texts C and D... I kindof messed up for context though :/
  11. "Other" So you would suggest putting communism in the same section as fascism, right-wing nationalism or free-market authoritarianism for example?... Are you out of your mind?
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