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  1. http://pearsonblog.campaignserver.co.uk/ Sloman Economics is what saved my life. In the search bar on the left you can search for whatever you want to write your IA about (ex.// "exchange rates" or "fiscal policy") and you'll be given different current news topics that relate to that subject, with links to many different news sources. It's also really useful because my friend and I could say write on the same topic (ex.// price wars in british supermarkets), but we can use different articles from different news sources.
  2. May15

    That is so scary... I did exactly the same questions for every paper...
  3. i was thrown off by the keynesian multiplyer - so did the other macro question. but i also did the common access resources questions - what sort of thing did you write about? i went along with increases in property rights, quotas, indirect taxes, increased law and legislation etc I talked about property rights, but I talked more about permit schemes to prevent the overuse of the resources. I mentioned examples of fishing and hunting and discussed the overall inability of producers to agree on an equitable method of restricting their use of the common access resource. So I made it a point to say that government intervention is necessary to solve the problem.
  4. I answered the question on common access resources (1 I think) for Micro and the question on Keynesian multiplier (3?) for Macro, and I thought the exam was a total blessing... At first I freaked out when I opened the exam because none of the questions that we might have expected were on there. Even the market structure question was phrased really weirdly, but after breathing haha I started to feel really good about it. The Keynesian multiplier was an especially nice question.
  5. May15

    I was confused about the snakes as well!! Although I didnt really talk about nature as an enemy I know lots of people who didn't talk about nature as an enemy, there are so many ways that you could have approached the text. I personally wasn't in love with either of the two options on this exam but everyone I know thought the prose was so rich. I hate that we can never tell with English exams...
  6. May15

    I also did the prose by Tan Twan Eng for TZ2. I read the poem and the prose both so many times struggling to pick between them. I just didn't understand the snakes in The Pigeon so I went for the prose. I talked about the building of suspense through war imagery, lack of dialogue and the use of nature as an enemy.