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  1. bohemian03

    Univerisity of Tokyo

    to attend University of Tokyo, you are GOING to have to know japanese at college level. there no english courses offered at the undergraduate school. if you want to go to japan for university, you should look at the following schools: Waseda University School of International Liberal Studies International Christian University Keio University SFC Sophia University you can apply to all of these universities by sending in documents and the courses offered there are in english. good luck.
  2. bohemian03

    WASEDA University

    hi, i applied to waseda SILS. i don't think there is a require IB score. i am not sure if your school has GPA but as long as you have over 3.5, you should be fine. in terms of your grades, i don't think the school is too competitive.
  3. bohemian03

    RI Criterias! HELP!

    no, the critique of sources is not part of the word count. my first draft is due this friday! eek.
  4. bohemian03

    Getting in to Harvard

    The person attending Harvard right now from my school got a 36 overall or something. he had exceptional extracurriculars and gpa though....
  5. bohemian03

    What time do you go to bed on average day?

    I sometimes go to bed at 5 am... do any of you go to bed that late? I feel like I'm alone in staying so late. I was wondering what was the latest you have stayed up for homework. Make me feel better... please
  6. bohemian03

    How do you deal with bad grades?

    i usually just cry. i cry and cry and cry until i'm sick of crying and just try to move on.
  7. yeah sorry my computer wouldn't show any posts and i don't know what was going on so i just had to make another thread. thanks so much for all your helpful comments. i've finally finished writing my first draft so i will see how it goes.
  8. I was thinking about my Wold Lit 1 topic and this is what i came up with. What do you guys think? (I know I still need to find what effect these images have on the book) 1. The repulsive imagery of the pimple from Rashomon by Ryunosuke Akutagawa and the "hanging intestines" from Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (not necessarily the hanging intestines but the whole image of Santiago Nasar being stabbed - How would I phrase that?)
  9. bohemian03

    Film Studies?

    I didn't even know Film Studies was an IB course... wow... haha
  10. bohemian03

    help with english written task

    I think that's a great idea. Just make sure your "retelling" does not simply become a retelling of a story but rather in the perspective of Phoebe. If you are able to write the diary entries from the perspective of Phoebe, it will show your deep understanding of the character and her view and her relationship with Holden. What are you being graded on?
  11. bohemian03

    Getting in to Harvard

    I think it does help but of course grades/SAT/extracurriculars/essays/etc. are very important. Not Harvard but there was this girl who was a Cornell legacy and she was not accepted at Cornell however, accepted at UVA. So she must have had good stats but she still didn't get into Cornell with legacy... not quite sure how it works.
  12. bohemian03

    I'm literally ****ed

    Well like everyone above me has stated, you gotta start working if you want to be successful. If not, a friend of mine dropped the full IB and continued with certificates. Maybe that is the best option for you but I mean you started the IB so you obviously aren't stupid. Why do you do this to yourself? Nonetheless, if you honestly believe IB is not worth your time, drop it. Move on to different things and you will definitely be successful at whatever you are meant to do or good at doing.
  13. I am currently having a lot of trouble finding a good topic for my World Lit. I'm studying A chronicle of a Death Foretold, Death and the Maiden, and Rashomon. I was wondering what steps you all took in finding your topic. In other words, how did you find your topic? ex. starting out with spider web brain storming etc. I need all the help I can get because I simply cannot find a topic . I've tried several such as importance of music etc. (I know it's vague) but it didn't work out in the end. Thanks!
  14. bohemian03

    Why IB?

    I may be the only one here regret taking the full IB but I had an option between AP and IB. Many people do a combination of AP and IB certificates and I should have done that since my dream is to go to the top schools in the US. Nevertheless, my family were sort of brainwashed by the school. We were told that IB is the best program in the world and blah blah blah. Well I personally think AP has more flexibility so I could have taken classes I wanted to like Computer Science which I couldn't because of my full IB schedule. Oh well....

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