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  1. The word gestation isn't a key word, because the meaning is the same without it, so I don't think they would have that marked 'necessary' in the markscheme
  2. turtle turtle

    My teacher is new to IB - anything I should be aware of?

    Same here, I'm in my final year of IB and my teachers don't cover the whole syllabus (for chemistry, economics, history mainly) and I think you're expected to self-teach to some degree unfortunately
  3. turtle turtle

    Paper 2: What can they ask?

    So for Paper 2: RIse and Rule of Single/Authoritarian Party states, what questions can they actually ask? - Will there always be at least 1 question about the rise to power, or 1 question about consolidation of power? - Could all the questions be about their policies (e.g. what they did to women/ethnic minorities etc...?) Pls help, any reply is appreciated !! ty:)
  4. turtle turtle

    History IA Pls help!!

    Thanks so much for the replies! I'm actually changing my topic to the mandate system. Do you think that an examiner could get biased and mark me down for saying that britain was largely to blame for the problems in the middle east?
  5. turtle turtle

    History IA Pls help!!

    Do you think I could do: to what extent were the middle eastern mandates and the German reparation clauses the best that could be expected for the times and not do the league of nations (700 words analysis total) ? or is it weird to list two separate sections and analyse them? about whether the analysis is superficial, there were only 3 middle eastern mandates and they all had the same outcome. and then for German reparations, I analyse whether the reparation clauses were the best that could be expected. Do you think this would still be a superficial analysis? and thnx for ur replies
  6. turtle turtle

    History IA Pls help!!

    oh rlly i didnt know that lol. but i chose the topic last year, so ib cant reallly expect me to change it though?
  7. turtle turtle

    History IA Pls help!!

    thanks for your reply, ive actuallly finished writing the essay and each part in part d has 300 words, do u think it would be superficial? thnx!
  8. we suddenly discovered our IB teacher decided to take another job and will leave our school just a month before our final exams. apparently our new teacher isn't good... how do u guys think i can study on my own for economics to get a 7?? If she doesn't correct our work, do you think correcting my own papers with markscheme is good? Thank you!!
  9. turtle turtle

    History IA Pls help!!

    I wanted to do the topic: Were the middle-eastern mandate system, league of nations and German reparations terms of the Treaty the best you could expect for the times? But is it alright to list three separate areas to investigate and answer them separately (since it's all part of the same treaty), or is this not good and will lose marks? Thank you!!!
  10. turtle turtle

    Dilations of graphs issue....

    Thanks for the reply, but the IB question said there's a stretch of factor 1/2, and i was confused because i thought that meant you multiply the point by 2 rather than 1/2
  11. turtle turtle

    Dilations of graphs issue....

    Question: There's a point (3, 9) that undergoes "a horizontal stretch with scale factor 1/2" The answer for the new point is (3/2, 9). But since it's a dilation in the y axis, should it be multiplied by 2, not half ?
  12. Do we get back our EE, IA and exam examiner comments or even the mark? is there any way to?
  13. turtle turtle

    Is this too much?

    If you're a sciencey person, doing two sciences at HL is what's better for you
  14. turtle turtle

    Essay titles discussion for November 2016

    But can't personal vs shared knowledge be one of the 'perspectives' I talk about in topic 3?
  15. turtle turtle

    Essay titles discussion for November 2016

    I want to do topic 3, and i feel like you can incorporate topic 6 into it?

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