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  1. I'm also one mark away from a 5 in biology! I sent it off for remarking yesterday so hopefully it will go up.
  2. It's really annoying me :/ I bet my teachers at school are really disappointed, as am I. I don't think I will be able to look them in the eye if I ever see them again, so embarrassing.
  3. I got my individual paper marks yesterday and one things that stands out the most is my level 2 in geography P1! I'm so confused as to how I managed to get such a low mark, when during the school year I'd been getting between 5-7. Level 2 is incredibly low and I'm starting to think that the examiner who marked my paper is having a laugh. I'm not remarking because I'm 7 marks off the next boundary but has this happened to anyone else? In another subject where they got an extremely low mark for a paper when you expected more?
  4. I failed by 1 mark, going to get remarks when I talk to my school tomorrow. Really upset and feel empty inside
  5. Is it worth asking for a remark if you're 4 or 5 marks from the next boundary? :/
  6. 2 minutes, i think im going to be sick
  7. I'm scared to go to sleep oh god, when I wake up UCAS will probably have updated
  8. Yeah I really enjoyed writing mine Probably because I had a really good supervisor.
  9. Congratulations! That must be a huge relief, now I have to wait a whole 23h 45m for my results
  10. Does anyone know when the grade boundaries will be released?
  11. I wish I could take ESS and maybe Japanese. They only offered these to the year below me.

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