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  1. aa557

    Physics SL

    Hey i need help for those who took paper 2 tz1, does someone remember the a3 question? What did they asked? Did they asked for the meaning o thermal energy o thermal capacity? HELP HELP HELP
  2. aa557

    Math SL Paper 1!

    I wouldn't say our TZ2 was nearly as hard as TZ1. All we had to do was divide 2 numbers, and get the answer. It was recognizing that the question was a expected value question that made it confusing. TZ2's derivative and vector questions were the real challenges. I had trouble with question 7, didn't knew what to do. Also with derivates I didn't knew that f^3 was the third derivate :/ so I did it like f(x)^3 haha what a shame. Vector was really easy to me but question 10 was like hell
  3. aa557

    Physics SL

    Yup, I did TZ1, I found paper 1 pretty hard but paper 2 was a gift from heaven compared to other papers... how did u find it?Yes I find pape 1 harder, I had to guess some questions, paper 2 was easier however I wasn't able to finish so I left a1 empty and I did question 7 for section B
  4. aa557

    English B HL Paper 1 Discussion

    I also wrote seamless as nothing else sounded normal, but my classmate says that "tired" plot was the right answer as one of the meanings of tired is overused and that was really the case with the text I believe I used tired too, but for now no one really knows, that part was kind of confusing let's hope for the best
  5. aa557

    Physics SL

    Someone with TZ1?
  6. aa557

    Does anyone get the feeling...

    I agree with you, I did physics sl too, and I was predicted to get a 7, but definitely the exam was so a lot different that the way they used to extructure the exams past years. Paper 1 was way harder than paper 2, but I wasn't able to finish paper 2 question a1. I left it for the end but time was my enemy. I feel so sad in general, economics too I was predicted to get a 7, but everything in paper 3 was different. I used to like the IB but now I feel so miserable of have taken the IB. And if nothing can be worse, my university won't accepted me if a don't get good grades
  7. aa557

    May 2015- Physics Paper 1 and Paper 2

    Me, TZ1 Yes I did tz1 too. How do you think it was?
  8. aa557

    May 2015- Physics Paper 1 and Paper 2

    Someone doing SL?
  9. I didn'y understood quite well what the text said in Paper 1. For paper 2 all my classmates did the question about Plato's tri-part soul, However, I did Charles Taylor's The Ethics of Authenticity, which for me was a gift. I think I did really well. On paper 3 I didn't expect the unknown text to be like an interview, but I enjoiyed it. I also talked about Nietzche, Plato, espisthemology, do not remember well. Actually, I think I had a lot of arguments to relate with my experience of doing philosophy during the course. I hope I did well
  10. I found section A to be really great! Actually very similar to November 2009 image. So I did question 2 about the picture. For section B I had epistemology and the question was a gift because it was about evaluating the use of experience in the construction of knowledge regarding empirism. Ethics I also found it kind of tricky but did the second question. I hope I did really well because overall I think this have been the prettiest philosophy exams, meaning that you have so many to talked about and refuse it at the same time for make a great evaluation.
  11. aa557

    English B HL Paper 1 Discussion

    In the last one for filling the gaps I went for "sure". wrote hopefully but then I changed it. Paper 2 I also did the email, and my teacher told me that it is recommendable to spend 1 hour in section A and 30 min on section B so that's what I did, wrote the email and for section b wrote a diary entry. Does someone know if I will be penalized for not counting the words? I looked at te English b guide and it only says that you will be penalized if you wrote less than 250 for section a and less than 150 for section b but it doesn't say anything about writing more or counting the words. Does someone knows how does this works??
  12. aa557

    English B HL Paper 1 Discussion

    Yes, Text B was the most difficult to me. In some questions all of the options seemed to be the right one so I got kind of cofused. I know for sure I failed that one about a word similar to "indifference", because instead of writing apathy I wrote "individualism". Overall it was a great paper. What about Paper 2?
  13. aa557

    Economics HL

    Hello there! Paper 1.I had Tz0 because I took the exam in Spanish. However in my exam, question 1 about price and resources allocation was difficult to understand, so i did question 2 about imperfect competition and question 4 about about the long run supply determinants. Paper 2 was the most beautiful gift, as a matter of fact I used to dislike this paper but I must admit this exam was pretty easy. Did question 1 about Letonia and the European Union. And for development economics also did question 4 about Peru. Before talking about paper 3, I want to say that economics is my favorite subject, actually took the IB just because of economics. But, didn't sleep well the night before the exam so I don't know why I WAS THAT NERVOUS, when I saw the questions I swear I didn't remember anything, think the anxiety blocked me and I didn't know what question to do. Paper 3 was pretty hard, never saw ever before an exercise like those on past papers. Pitifully, I didn't have time to end the exam and leave empty the second half of question 2. And because I was so stressed out, I think I failed at most of the exercises, but nonetheless I did the procedure well, so hope examiners give me something for that. Also I have a question, if in my IA I got a 7, and in paper 1 and 2 i did so well to get a 7, how much can the result of paper 3 affect the final grade?? I never expect this to happen, I always think I'll get a rounded 7. Please if someone knows help me. (I hope grade boundaries for paper 3 are flexible)

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