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  1. Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you!
  2. I see you've had your exams already but I'll reply if anyone else peeks at this thread searching for advice. One key word my teacher used to always stress is evaluation. Including this in your essay is essential, not only for a balanced argument but also to show critical thinking and reasoning. Chances are you can evaluate whatever it is you're writing about, be it population policies or whatever. Further, a lot of your mark will come from how clear your expression and development of ideas are, as well as the quality and relevance of specific examples used.
  3. Hot because you can't go wrong with History puns and a 7 at HL (also, thanks )!
  4. Hot beacause you have the word sun as part of your name and that's just damn cool, man.
  5. Done! I think this is a really relevant topic (for obvious reasons :P)
  6. Sounds like a solid plan. Good luck!
  7. This research question sounds, to me, much more like a Geography RQ than a History one. One-child is a huge part of the study of Geography regarding population, even in the IB syllabus. Development of a country in general also sounds like IB Geography. Perhaps you could maintain the general idea but put an entirely different spin on your RQ, as I'm afraid that if you don't nail that there's no way your essay will succeed. Hope I'm not being too harsh - just trying to help from experience! I have a feeling I didn't do so well in my B&M EE because the RQ leaned more toward Politics, even though I included as much B&M content as I possibly could.
  8. AAPower

    SL Math IA Help

    I think the simpler the approach, the better. Just make sure you meet all the criteria (have a read of it), by clearly explaining and pointing out which maths you used and why, showing "reflection" and "evaluation". I got a 7 in my May 2016 one and the maths I used were sequences, standard deviation and making graphs and modeling using the computer.
  9. Grade A TOK Essay - May 16 Title 4 View File Essay on the value of knowledge and its application in the world. Hope it helps and proves for an interesting read! Submitter AAPower Submitted 08/23/2016 Category Sample TOK essays  
  10. I've sent a PM! If anyone else would like help with presentations or essays please let me know.
  11. Of course, I'm talking about SL here, but I think the principle remains the same. Th key is a lot of past papers! You eventually get used to the questions and how they are asked, as well as what the IB wants to see in your answers. I once got a 3 on a Trig test the first time I did it, but the key is to not give up and keep going, follow your teachers advice, and stock up on past papers!
  12. My school used to always purchase a CD from the IB with all papers from sessions as soon as they are out - but we only got the Nov 2015 ones around Feb/Mar this year, so it could be a while.
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