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  1. Hi! I was wondering how you use syllabus as you are writing your notes. I've started to prepare for my 2016 finals by re-writing my notes but i'm confused about what to write. One of my teachers has said that we don't need notes, syllabus is our notes but as I've compared my DP textbooks and the actual syllabus of the subject, many things that arent even mentioned in the syllabys are introduced in the textbook. Should I write my notes according to the syllabus or include things that are mentioned only in the textbook?
  2. Hi! Thanks for the link, seems really helpful! Unfortunately I haven't found any IB questionbanks about chemistry... I found a blog where they had listed a ton but it got removed this year and so did the files... and I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars just for questions about chemistry
  3. Does anyone have chemistry p1 or p2 questions specific for a certain topic in chemistry? I mostly have past papers but as I have not yet studied all the chapters in chemistry, I have a hard time trying to answer to the questions that combine knowledge from multiple topics If someone wants, I can send 95 questions with specimen answers related to Energetics and Thermochemistry
  4. Just wanted to hear what you guys are doing, since my summer is pretty much filled with ib stuff I'm on IB1 now so I'll be doing my psychology EE during the holidays. I also have to finish my Written Assignment and do some summer reading for Finnish (probably for English as well). I also thought about starting my Biology IA this summer so I'd have less things to worry about next autumn. Of course I'm doing CAS: running, swimming and taking dance lessons
  5. Anyone got Cambridge's Chemistry and Biology textbooks? Preferrably the 2016 syllabus but old one is okay too
  6. I'm really confused about the whole WA-essay.. actually, I'm not even sure whether it is WA essay or WL essay that I have to do All I know is that - this essay must be completed before summer (I'm currently in IB1) - it's 1200 words (is the word count same in Finnish?) - you have to analyse a book, using a certain focus My current topic is "Discrimination in Albert Camus' The Stranger", but I've written nothing. I originally had an awesome idea about talking about "White man's burden", but then suddenly 3 people in our class wanted to write about it... and now I have to inspect the thing from the psychological point of view If someone has examples of (Finnish) WA-essays, I'd be more than grateful! I seriously have no idea how in-depth the analysis has to be and can I use external sources etc.
  7. I have HL Chem and HL Bio, so I know them both Imo biology is so much easier than chemistry. In biology, you have a few complicated things to learn (protein synthesis, photosynthesis, cell respiration, genes etc in detail), but then there are many SUPER easy areas as well! I mean, evolution and ecology are pretty much common knowledge. In biology, you just have to learn a lot of terminology but you'll do fine if you study it all year long and not just cram for the test day before. Chemistry.. well, it's more abstract and thus harder for me to learn. In my last mocks, I made a really common mistake: I studied all the theory but didn't do almost any calculations. The calculations themselves aren't that hard but you have to get used to the methods if you want to apply the basic formulas to more complicated exercises. There are some easier chapters, yes, but I find most of them okay or hard-ish We are atm going through the HL sections of energetics and thermochemistry and it's SO HARD ugh
  8. I've heard too much horror stories about students getting great predicted grades but scoring 2 or 3 grades lower in their finals don't want that happen to me. I've looked up the requirements for the majors I'd like to apply to and most unis say nothing about math requirements at all, just that the total point score must be 32 or so and "must show a good perfomance on two sciences"... idk what that means I also have a plan B, staying in Finland. You can get into universities by just scoring well on the entrance exams. I have to have a gap year anyways, so I have the time to study the material for the entrance exams. Do universities appreciate SL Math 3 or Studies 6 more?
  9. Hi! I've been wondering for some time now, for the past few months I suppose, if Studies would be more beneficial to me. I've had 2 math mocks now: I got 3 from the first one (Statistics) and now 2 from Calculus. When I attended junior high and pre-IB, I felt that I was at least mediocre. I got 7s and 8s from tests (on the IB scale, that'd transfer to 4s and 5s). Suddenly, on my first IB-year I've become real bad at math. I know how to solve the exercises during the class - even the exam style questions - but somehow I don't know how to solve the exercises we have in our mocks My current subjects are HL Bio HL Chem HL Psych SL Finnish SL English SL Math and I'm still unsure about my future options. I know for sure that I don't want to study chemistry, so would Studies be such a bad choice? I've been thinking about studying neuro science, psychology or pharmacy in uni. My psych teacher said that I would do just fine with Studies, but I've heard some contradictory info. At least most of the people here tell that you can't get to most of unis with studies and you should choose it as a last resort Any advice is much needed!
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