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  1. Regarding the parts situation, so we leave a line space between a) , b) we don't write a) , b) ? I just worry that the examiner will get confused. And there is no shading required this year.
  2. wow that was so long ago, did you find anything? I do HL too and I need at least 6
  3. we did the spec paper for the mocks too, it was very hard! I noticed everyone is pretty confused and stressed about this upcoming exam, I am too! Ozone question was too long and very confusing. * just like the rest of the paper*
  4. ElleIB


    aha! thank you so much
  5. ElleIB


    Hi, My teacher is confused and doesn't know whether the footnotes count in the word count or no? because he said take off the footnotes to be in the 2000 word limit. please help.
  6. the question is how many marks you need in EE to get A or B out of 36? and same for TOK ?
  7. Hi everyone, I cannot find examples of EEs in Arabic whatsoever!! I need to see/read one to see format/layout and check everything, it is quite different from English. Please post a link or PM me or even share it here if you have information, Arabic is so underrated it is both sad and stressful.
  8. Sadly I found nothing! I am also stuck on my reflective statement & I cannot find examples of EE in Arabic
  9. Hi fellow IB-ers, Anyone doing Arabic A literature? if yes what do you use to revise and how do you revise? I found NOTHING on the internet for this subject.. NOTHING!!
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