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  1. Guys for paper 3, just study every small piece of information, ur formulae, and expect anything to come. But it will be easy, but don't lose/miss easy marks. Be prepared.
  2. maybe your approximations are different.Or missed an error of ten.
  3. I will restate the rubric for the full marks for the ee criterion"research question": The research question is clearly stated in the introduction and sharply focused, making effective treatment possible within the word limit." First of all, it doesn't have to be in the form of a question, rather than a stated problem. The RQ must be appropriate to physics, and specific to it, that is not concerned by other factors. It must also be identified clearly and placed in the introduction. When doing an RQ, imagine how your essay or IA will look at the end, how it will be an answer to that question, and ask yourself, is this question worth an IA or EE to be answered? Credits: http://www.gbaps.org/hs/West/IB/Documents/Physics_Assessment_Criteria_EE.pdf
  4. as long as you can have a sharply focused research question that is discussant and treatable in 4000 words, it is fine.
  5. As a matter of fact, a good physics EE doesn't need a good topic more than it needs a good research question. And then the topic chosen has to be worthy of investigation and this should be demonstrated in the essay. It is not hard to get an A in a physics EE. Just focus on formulating an excellent RQ, and being able to do an experiment to answer the question. Once the experiment is done, everything will be easy. You can start now by introducing(including some relevant background information) the topic and the RQ and why it is worthy of investigation to save time. I mean you can do these things now even if you didn't start the experiment. Feel free to ask any question concerning physics or physics ee at anytime. BTW, I got an A in my physics EE. And one last thing is that it is natural that you will perform the experiment more than once and a lot of silly things will stop you, but just continue and be smart.
  6. Look 1) Let him feel free to contact me if needs an explanation for any concept or question in the past papers. I''ve gone through every single mcq physics question that exists; from 1998- 2016 specimen. My email is [email protected] btw 2) Before planning or intending to do any kind of hard work, let's just start by doing a small thing and testing whether it works or not. 3) Studying smarter rather than harder in IB physics simply means: not leaving any question without grasping the concept and understanding it. And you should practice physics problems regularly. Use Tsokos textbook.
  7. Look. 1) Once you get a good research question, that is worthy to be investigated, know that you are on the right track. 2) Think of other ideas 3) You can look at the A1 questions(data analysis) in the past papers, I got my idea from one of them. 4) And whatever you choose to investigate, make sure that you will be able to set up an experiment that works for it. So whatever the topic is, the most important thing is to have a strong RQ, and a good and makable experiment. Feel free to contact me any time. I have done my EE in physics last year and scored an A. And btw I have heard what you are earing now such as " an A is not guaranteed" and so on. But if you do love physics, just continue.
  8. Look, always take care of each word in the mcqs, it is asking for the average speed, and this is a graph showing displacement. Average speed= Total distance travelled/ total time total time = 0.5 c S or 5 m S, or 0.005 S Total distance is 2 cm + 2 cm + 2 cm + 2cm = 8 cm 8cm/ 0.5 c s, c goes with c, which gives 16 m/s How I got the toatal distance? Here you are: from max to 0 it is 2, from 0 to min 2, from min to 0 2, from 0 to max 2, this is one complete oscillation. Any other question?
  9. I am not Christian, but, take care, and tell me if I am wrong different interpretations doesn't mean there is lack of reliability, or anything, because some people(Christians) believe that they are the words of GOD.
  10. I had once thought that luck is the one god. I was once almost hit by a motorcycle when stepping out of a bus. I told my mom I was lucky, she told me I was blessed by god. Maybe it was luck that allowed all the variables to come together and set off the big bang. God doesn't have to be a physical being.So logically luck probably will gather or cause a reverse Big Bang, since it is luck, right ?
  11. Suffering is the greatest myth in IB, believe forget about and you will be happy
  12. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bx6ya27G1NRoWDVfbHZQOFNIT2s&usp=sharing
  13. Which question was this? The one that had Mr = 44

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