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  1. what uni is that? warwick? well since you got 40 it's highly likely you can get into a better uni…just email all the unis ur interested in and tell them that you were 1 mark away to a 6 in math. also tell them how many ib points you got overall and how many you got in HL! try kings college, they need 665 in HL, or durham ..Good luck
  2. i know someone who was predicted 40 with 7 in SL math and got an offer to study accounting and finance this year
  3. Geo is fun if you like the human aspects of geography.
  4. yeah sl is much easier and examiners aren't that harsh in marking but HL is alright as well, my english is horrible, got a D in gcse english but I managed to get a high 5 in iB so...
  5. do math studies and bio sl, and if you like maths and are good with graphs, then do economics
  6. I just saw that you're studying business. Do your ee on business I'm telling you, you could easily get an A, especially if you choose a big company with loads of information on the Internet. I could give you a lot of Sample ee's, including mine, and some notes if you change your mind and do it on business. I hated business, and still got an A! And at the end of the day nothing matters more than your overall ib points
  7. I know you might think I'm crazy right now for saying this but do NOT do your ee on computer science. Change it to something else not involving a science, especially computer science or math. If you want 2 or 3 bonus points, do another subject. CS is the worst, I know people who were in your position and only ended up getting a C/D. Seriously, do it on something like business, I did mine on business and tbh I thought it was **** and didn't know what I was doing but I got an A! Anyway, the ib examiners are way too harsh, especially for computer science and no one really does their ee on this subject so the ib examiner is likely to be more strict. If you have a good supervisor who you feel will guide you well through your ee, then go for it. But speak to some other students who did their ee on CS from previous years, if you still want to go ahead and do your ee on this.
  8. do HL english…it's easier. i was horrible at english but still managed to get a 5!…and swap it with sl Chem, your subject choice is too stressful.
  9. my friend went to an ivy league to study comp sci at uni and never learnt it at school. you need math though.
  10. Sorry for asking so many questions lol but what exactly is so hard about CS? I know there are some mind bending confusing concepts like 2d arrays and OOP, but what part of the non-programming stuff is hard? I don't have the syllabus so I don't know lol. cs is the worst, dont bother, all that matters is your total ib points so just do sl bio. i was predicted 5 but got a 3, it's annoying really, no textbook, no notes online unless you study OOP, but yeah don't do it, trust me, i can't get into uni now cause it brought my points down
  11. don't do computer science, biggest regret of my life.
  12. I got marked 1 mark away in 2 subjects
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