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  1. Alex Jordan

    Which language are/were you doing IB Diploma Programme in?

    My school only offers English A, which is kind of sad - I really wanted to get a bilingual diploma! But what's done is done.
  2. Alex Jordan

    Internal Assessment Time Allocation

    The IA can also be done outside of school. For my Maths SL IA, a majority of mine was done at home or in the library. We were given instructions as to how to format the IA, different parts, requirements, etc., as well as samples. For a majority of the IAs, you'll have to take them home and work on them. It sucks, but yeah you'll have to work on it at home. So, yes, it is allowed. Sorry
  3. Alex Jordan

    History IA: Sources

    Oh yay Cold War! Your first draft doesn't have to be perfect - I tried to work as hard as I could for my first draft so that I wouldn't have to stress about a lot of work for the final. Ultimately, it is up to you. Best of luck!
  4. Alex Jordan

    Switch to Maths HL mid-IB?

    It honestly depends on your skills in Maths, and if you have the drive to do it. Maths HL goes deeper into different topics than SL does, such as getting into complex numbers and stuffs. So, if you are willing to take on all that extra work, then go for it. Before you do, however, you should obtain a Maths HL textbook and be able to access IB released items for HL Maths (shouldn't be too hard, no?). These will be your friends when self-studying. I'd try to email your coordinator and get permission first - even if you don't get Maths HL credits, you'll blaze through the Maths courses at your college of choice. Not every college in the US requires Maths HL - but it will earn you some credits, which means less money to pay for college (yeah, American eduction system is ****ed up). So, I'd say go for it if you can handle it and obtain permission.
  5. Alex Jordan

    Do you ever feel like you over analyse things now?

    Can confirm. It's kinda funny actually
  6. Alex Jordan

    Yum or Yuck

    OH MY GOD YUM. black coffee!
  7. Alex Jordan

    Yum or Yuck

    oh my god yum. strawberry milk!
  8. Alex Jordan

    How hard IB is?

    Oh damn. I'd try to push through it, then. Don't get yourself into the affairs of the other students - obviously they don't want to take their education very seriously. You can always find tutors and supplementary materials online as well.
  9. Alex Jordan

    IB Course Choices?

    Physics has a wee bit of memorisation - knowing how to derive formulas based on ones you've encountered during lectures, definitions (e.g. State the definition of electric field potential.) but a lot of equations are given in the formulae booklet, so if you're dead lost, you'll know at least some of the equations. But the memorisation required is nothing like biology, from what I've heard.
  10. Alex Jordan

    The Change One Letter Game

    late (kinda like everyone to their IB classes...)
  11. Alex Jordan

    IB Course Choices?

    I would play on your strengths. I took Physics HL, and from experience, it wasn't too bad. I have friends who also took Bio HL and it does require a lot of memorisation. Both sciences require you to learn extra topics as well, which may be a tad overwhelming at times. I did not take Maths HL but I can definitely recommend taking notes per the syllabus. If you are issued a book for your Maths course (which you probably will be), I recommend taking each section at a time (perhaps a day before the lecture) and taking neat, clear notes. Go over the Maths HL syllabus (usually can be found online) and take notes according to it. That way you'll be prepared. For all subjects, you'll be able to find released items from the IBO that will prepare you for your exams in 2017. These questions will help you get used to the wording and format, and basically give you an idea of what you will need to know. I hope this helps at least a little bit. and good luck!!
  12. Alex Jordan

    How hard IB is?

    I feel like you should stay there - you can always transfer to a Spanish-speaking IB school if necessary. Don't focus on the idiots at your school - you can always study at the library or at home or whatever.
  13. Alex Jordan

    How hard IB is?

    That was a similar problem at my school. Honestly it all depends on how much you want to work for it. Who cares about what your classmates think/do. They can be little ****s all they want - you are the decision-maker of your learning. If you can get your hands on some good IB textbooks that follow your syllabus, you can learn from those. You'll probably be issued some textbooks at your school - they did that with Econ, Chem, Bio, Physics (we got to keep ours because the curriculum changed hell yeah), French, Spanish, and ESS.
  14. Alex Jordan

    How hard IB is?

    That sorta happened to my school. All of the good teachers left (usually because they wanted to start a family), and although we got some good teachers, others are just.../shudders/. So I was placed in the same boat as you. The IB can be hard if you don't take charge of your own learning - sure, you can go to lectures and scribble down notes and do the readings and pass with a 4 or a 5, but what separates 5s from 7s is the amount of work you do. Interacting with the content in different ways was integral to my comprehension of it. For languages, I'd listen to music, look up the lyrics, and jot down what I knew. (I took HL German and also AB initio French, so I can help you there). For English HL, I would make charts and diagrams of themes, motifs, symbols, etc., and compare/contrast characters and other stuff from the works. For your Group 3 (I see you have chosen Econ), do your readings and interact with the content. A lot of people in my school who took Econ (all but one took HL) were making flashcards and "master" charts - charts which did not have values, but labeled the axes, provided a sample curve telling what it meant, etc. For Bio, it relies heavily on memorisation. So, flashcards were really best friends for those in my class who took bio. Also, make your diagrams big and colourful so that they're easy to study! Also be sure to complete the assessment statements for your syllabus - write them out! Maths SL - I stuck mainly to the syllabus and took notes by it. I swore to the syllabus. Your notes from IB1 will carry over into IB2 - e.g. algebraic concepts would pop up in trig, which then would pop up in calc. So, with all this in mind, I believe you can do it! Try contacting some of the IB alumni from your school and old teachers who would be willing to tutor you - plus, you have tons of people here on this forum who can help. it shouldn't be hard to search for IB released items and other misc. textbooks and whatnot which would help as well!!
  15. Alex Jordan

    History IA: Sources

    Section C you generally use your two strongest sources for - so, primary sources would be your best bet. You'll want to quote your other sources in your Analysis as well, but I can understand referring to the strong ones more. I believe I did that with mine (I did my IA on the impacts of the Space Race on US-USSR relations or something like that). But yeah you'll want to reference all of your sources in Section D.

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