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  1. There's no time zones for languages. What did you guys get for the synonym of j'obéis ?
  2. no you don;t get 0 for sketching graph on graph paper... like it annyos them a bit but its a legit sketch so no.
  3. Oh that's true. good that it was Text A or B or something. Luckily grade boundaries are pretty low for comprehension
  4. Here you go: ITGS Nov14 Report.pdf & Business Nov14 Report.pdf Maths Studies Nov14 Report.pdf, Chem Nov14 Report.pdf, Bio Nov14 Report.pdf, Chinese LangLit Nov14 Report.pdf I would also like the May 2013 for french please! But to save you having to do all of this.. what do you google/what website?
  5. a Here's French B: French B Nov2014 Report.pdf I can't however find Spanish B report for November 2014 though. Perhaps it hasn't even been published by the IBO. So here's the May 2014 version instead (in case you haven't seen it): Spanish B May2014 Report.pdf thank you so so much
  6. Do you mean Literature, Lang-Lit, or Language B? Language B
  7. I use You can also ask your teachers because they usually have access to them. Or you can just say the subject that you want to know about, and i'll post them here French or Spanish?
  8. where did you find the nov 2014 subject reports/
  9. oh one of them said is this is a tautology, contradiction or neither, and I think the other asked if it was a valid argument; it was NOT a valid argument because x can be a multiple of 6 and not of 12 ie. the number 6.
  10. What do you mean? Like which format was different? I'm so happy that there was none of that stuff where you have to choose appropriate title. etc for paragraphs cause I suck at that haha
  11. I also found the comprehension to be quite easy compared to last years!
  12. I wrote about how this particular animal rights activist had influenced my opinion on keeping animals as pets, and how we should think about the long-term effects of it.
  13. it was seven percent or sometihng. the angle of depression is basically the angle between the slope and a horizontal line. it was seven percent or sometihng. the angle of depression is basically the angle between the slope and a horizontal line.
  14. I think for one of them i got 15/22 or sometihng like that? yh, how many did you have for not eating fruit? there was an 8 somewhere? 8/100? i don't really remember.
  15. what did you write about for the stimulus?

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