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  1. This may sound like a silly question, but is there any restriction on use of GDC during paper 3, depending on the topic? Because I'm doing topic 9, but it doesn't seem like a topic that really requires much calculator use, so far I've only encountered one past paper question where a GDC might be useful. Will they penalize if I use my GDC to solve specific questions or is it like in Paper 2, where I would need to sketch the graph in order to receive marks for my answer? Thanks Ayelet
  2. But most people don't want to pay money for an outdated book specifically written for the 2008 syllabus, so i was wondering if it was even worth trying to sell. Anyway thanks for the answer
  3. Since I'm finally done with IB, I'm considering selling my math book and revision guide to someone who's graduating next year or in 2013, so does anyone know if the IBO are changing the HL math syllabus for 2012 or 2013?
  4. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows if we ever get to know our World lit marks - actually, any of the internal assessments.
  5. aya91

    IB Art retake

    Well I took option A, in SL - I was going to retake not in November, but in May (my school doesn't offer november retakes). So I thought I'd just redo the year by making more (and better pieces), and working more on my IWB, then handing that in with next year's 12th graders.
  6. Vegetarian "chicken" BBQed in sweet chilli sauce and spices with Swedish fresh potatoes (mmmm) and green salad. 9.4/10
  7. aya91

    IB Art retake

    Hi! So basically, I failed my diploma because I got a 2 in HL math. I recently decided that I don't NEED HL math for anything I want to do later, so I would like to refrain from retaking it because I doubt I'd get higher than a four. However I have been considering Art as a future focus... But I took art SL, so does anyone know if it's possible to retake the art exam in HL? (and then I'd just retake math studies instead of HL) I've been trying to reach my art teacher but he's out of the country. Congrats to everyone who passed!
  8. Gosh, I failed. Does anyone know if it's possible to retake the Art exam?
  9. Results! (Kill me) English A1 HL: 5 (higher than expected, since I was sick during paper 2 and did an extremely lousy job) Swedish B HL: 6 Psychology SL: 5 (!!) Physics SL: 3 Math HL: 2 Art SL: 3 (Lower than expected ) English EE: B (Yay!) TOK: C (I don't know why, since I was predicted higher) Bonus points: 1 Diploma: None Retakes, here I come...
  10. Huh, my class is like 20 people, our IB coordinator could have sent it to us. But no. We all get to know in one hour and 32 minutes... Oh dear god.
  11. Egh... both sound nauseating. But I'd say good candy store... if they have dark chocolate. Friends or How I Met Your Mother?
  12. 9, it's a square Spotify or Lastfm?
  13. Well I used to be great at HL math, now I'm scraping by with a 2. And exams are very, very soon. My advice: don't do it!!! Unless you take four HLs. But if you're good at anything else, choose that as your HL, not math. MathHL will always be a mistake unless you really aren't very good at anything else...
  14. Don't laugh... it's a slow day. I usually score pretty well on IQ tests haha. I'm 18, female, and taking my exams in may 2010 iqthing.bmp sheep.bmp
  15. aya91


    My mom is Swedish on both sides (Ingrid Bergman was my grandma's second cousin or something haha)and she converted to Judaism, and my dad is your typical Brooklyn Jew. So I'm a half Swedish Jew

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