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  1. The 4000 word is a limit, not a recommendation. Any Group 4 EE is just a long report. You dont have to add new components, just make them more detailed. For example intro may now exceed a page, instead of few paragraphs. You should refetence previous reports of effects of sugar or other solutes affecting refraction, as well as situations in which this information could be useful. And then of course all the typical data analysis and sources of error.
  2. The problem I have with proof of tic tac toe is that it has to, at some level, be enlightening. Because if you just list all the possible moves (proof by exhaustion) then the proof does not use any math topics at all. You can search up a sample IA on minesweeper and you'll see what I mean. At the minimum, you should demonstrate why your proof is mathematically interesting, at least at an HL core level. For example, and I am not saying I know how, but if you transfer this to a topology or group theory problem and definitely it would then be beyond HL. I dont think accidental plagiarism should be concern by anyone.
  3. In the Math SL guide which you can google online, there is a section of prior learning topics and you should be familiar with that before IB starts. Good luck
  4. These are notes, not an IA
  5. From a practical standpoint, the ESS has a very low number of 7s and I dont know if teachers are not familiar with the course or if it's hard. Definitely talk to people taking the course before you switch to it. Biology SL is also reasonable.
  6. There is a CAS guide (2017 which is newest version, i think) that you can find in this forum under files / IB docs / syllabus and guides. Similar documents exist for all your other courses. If we dont have it, they are online somewhere. Guides update every 7-8 years, different for each course. Yes one activity can count for both action and service.
  7. I like folders. Yes with binder you get that clunk every time you open clunk three ring, and that sense of organisation but it does get annoying. It is a lot faster to just stuff it in a folder and organize at home. For most subjects, just periodically unload and keep some handouts at home. Plus not every teacher hole punch. Most freshman math classes dont allow graphic calculator, just a standard scientific will do (most complicated function you may need is a solver of system of equations, most stats functions are not needed.) I started using a TI 84 in senior when I rented from school. In college i downgraded to a generic casio because most college/uni courses do not want graphing calculator. You also need some good sharpeners, pencils are still quite prevalent. If you can get one of use multicolor pens (click and change color) could be useful, but otherwise just always stock a red, a black and a blue pen.
  8. @AK_89Rembember that IB does get harder and often it means you need to work harder to maintain your average. You might see other schools students say how they failed first exam, but that's just different structures of the schools. That should be obvious but I just want to put it on the table. I didn't get into Stanford but I believe these top schools want people who shine. People who are extraordinarily passionate and went above and beyond.
  9. IB Candidate School is not yet authorized to offer the DP. The school is pending IB approval. See article 7.1 of https://www.ibo.org/globalassets/publications/become-an-ib-school/rules-for-ib-candidate-schools-en.pdf The meaning of word authorized can be seen more clearly in https://www.ibo.org/globalassets/publications/become-an-ib-school/required-text-for-candidate-schools-to-use-in-marketing-materials.pdf
  10. @[email protected] Yeah the price per subject for Nov 2018 is about 200 euros (79 subject fee and a 100 late subject fee). These numbers are for two years ago but shouldnt change much. You can consider to take it in May 2019 and it is just 79 euros per subject or whatever new price is (not including any profit school may take) and 350 euros registration fee It is approaching last few days for internal deadlines set by many school for IAs EEs and such. IB does not accept EE after Sept 15 and IA marks (after each school thoroughly grades them) after Oct 30. Most schools set internal deadlines at least 1 month before IB deadlines.
  11. We did poetry too and someone asked the same question. Basically our teacher just said to stick with poetry we learned for the final. He said that IB knows about the works students are writing in their Paper 2, which comes from a prescribed list of authors. You definitely cannot use a work you studied elsewhere, eg works in translation, IOC works, genre studies for IOP. I dont see IB forbids you doing something other than poetry, but you would have to study 3-4 new works, and discuss at a level expected of IB. And then i do not know for sure if they would mark it. Basically you just have to memorize 10 poems or so and you just work them into the essay. You still have a lot of time left. Best luck!
  12. I guess you should look at the first examinations 2014 syllabus, which does include permutation and combination. However it does not go deep at all. Although there are about 3-4 questions about statistics and prob in every exam sessions (2 papers) but they are mostly distributions, independent and mutually exclusive events. I think as long as you know the hypergeometric distribution you'll be fine
  13. I have to say that for people traditionally good at math, Math HL is not a question of ability. It is a matter of how fast you adjust to the system. It is in this light that schools offering pre-IB may score better than MYP or GCSE. Depends on how important Math HL is to your studies or self-esteem, you may decide to leave or stay. But remember that if you want to (and have reasonably enough time) you can always do HL if you have enough access to resources, eg good books, helpful problems.
  14. kw0573

    Starting IAs

    It's never too early to brainstorm ideas. Topics like bio, chem, and math you may need to have a very strong understanding to score well. Just research ideas and if it touches upon topics you haven't covered (eg calculus, organic) then just ask your teacher for guidance.
  15. Guides update on average every 7-8 years for each course. For example we are at a middle of a cycle for most group 4 and near the end for most other subjects (near beginning for some group 3). They are found on Files / IB documents / syllabus on this forum, and many other place on internet by searching for subject, "guide", "ib" etc. The first examinations refer to years whenyou are taking the exam

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