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  1. No, because your grade did not improve as a result of a re-mark. In other words, your re-mark only paid for re-marking 80% of your work, not including the IA.
  2. Of course, code shows personal engagement, but obviously not everyone need to use code to demonstrate such. If the method is not mathematically viable, you can both prove it mathematically and statistically. All the approaches you described seem promising if you can explain your work clearly.
  3. Don't judge course difficulty by first 2 weeks Ifyou are going into science/engineering, you can swap Econ and Chem. There's pretty much no point doing 4 HLs if 3HLs are enough. For example if you are also considering studying economics in uni, then having 4 HLs can keep more doors open.
  4. Kw =[H+][OH-]. Then to solve for [OH-] it's just division.
  5. Personally I probably appear to be among the people you described during IB. However, consider the possibility that no one is trying to make you feel bad. If others seem to understand the topic immediately, it's possible that they have a strong foundation of all previous topics, and they are able to make class lectures efficient, not to get stuck on concepts that should have been understood previously. Well I admit that there is a small distribution in ability to learn new stuff, most of the time, your classmates just spent more time and effort in previous classes or earlier in the semester to really understand the basics. All in all, the idea is not to find excuses for yourself or believe that others are simply "smarter". You should learn about their strategies to studying and not copy any attitudes of superiority or conceit. I would recommend 1) lightly read lecture materials before class, so if you actually process contents slightly slower, it would be your second time seeing the material in class which allow you opportunity to ask questions 2) try to understand what your teacher just said before writing it down. Personally I am sometimes quite confused and if appropriate, I would stop writing and try to figure out what was said (focus on understanding instead of multitask, remember literally everyone have the same notes and you can always ask a friend for missing sections after class). You often take notes faster when you understand/predict what teacher (will) say. If you can do this, you will turn notes-taking from write it down and figure it out at home, to understand then remind yourself all in class.
  6. The main purpose of the reflection is to award students marks in engagement. This is especially important to students writing Group 1,2, and 3 EEs, where personal engagement may be difficult to find in the paper. Such form for the Engagement criterion is the "Reflections on planning and progress form" (RPPF), whereas your Researcher's reflection space is just personal notes to collect thoughts for the RPPF that you fill out after formal reflection sessions with your supervisor. Hope that helps!
  7. Yeah I don't say this often, but it appears IB will not be beneficial to your post-secondary applications and your best bet may be to leave IB if the alternative is much easier.
  8. 2. The question asks for P(In at least 2 weekends, each weekend has at least 5 accidents). Poisson distribution is used when the number of favorable events can theoretically go up to infinity. Binomial distribution when the number of favorable events is bounded. Hence we first use poisson to calculate P(at least 5 accidents / weekend), as there can be as many accidents as possible in a weekend. Then we use binomial to calculate P(such weekends / month) since the number of weekends is limited to 4.
  9. Some basic tips 1. Always revise content first. Even if your grammar is flawless, if you don't hit the key points you are not getting the marks. 2. Use present tense and past tense in favor of more complicated sentence structures. "In order to depict the inner conflicts of the main character, the author planned this fight before he went home." The main character fights before going home, because the author wants to show his inner conflicts." 3. Use parallelism effectively when making a list. "The main elements are setting the mood, describing the characters in detail, and foreshadowing events about to occur." "The main elements are mood, character description, and foreshadowing." Hope that helps.
  10. People on this forum have taken Physics HL with Math Studies. As long as you are good at simple algebraic manipulations you are fine @TheMagical7. Regarding how hard math HL will get, well every topic of any subject is listed in the IB official guide (free online). With the generous time change effective this year from 1 min / 1 mark to 1.2 min / mark, the difficulty should decrease. It still remains quite a difficult class considering you have 5 other classes to manage at the same time.
  11. extendedessay

    I see, although your coordinator's approach clearly place people who want to do a group 4 or 5 EE at a clear advantage, as you do not know enough content to even think of about the EE. To satisfy your school requirements, you should tentatively brainstorm a couple of topics of which you have somewhat of an understanding of the math. Give these to your math teacher, and later when you cover more syllabus, you can always add more math concepts and make the topic more complex. However I can tell you analytical geometry and matrix rotations are out of syllabus. The HL topics are found in the HL guide
  12. I think it's difficult to argue overcoming sleep deprivation as something to do with experience or trust. In comparison although the RLS is not entirely appropriate for your first RQ, the RQ was altogether on the right track. However it is much more difficult to fulfill requirements if you start talking about judgement, instead of knowledge.
  13. If you dislike some specific aspects of chemistry, maybe engineering is not for you. For many branches of engineering, you need a strong understanding of thermodynamics, which is at the intersection of physics and chemistry. In certain applications, you may need a basic understanding of certain chemical reactions, such as rusting, combustion, etc when you talk about engineering design. I am not sure how much exposure of chemistry you have, but certainly if it's just 1 or 2 classes and maybe a few bad teachers hope that does not forever dissuade you from chemistry because they do not go into the field deep enough and chemical concepts will sometimes appear in engineering coursework. When you study chemistry in university, eventually you'll get into statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics which will definitely be more related to physics. Usually the top-tier engineering schools will want to see chemistry in your high school courses, but you can usually get away with no chemistry in a second-tier university.
  14. extendedessay

    For sake of academic integrity, IB does not allow others to "recommend" topics for you. The conic section topic sounds interesting and appropriate to the level of math in IB. May 2019 exams ... are you IB Year 1? If so you don't have to worry too much about the EE right now as you probably will learn a little bit of matrices when you do vectors in HL. Regarding using matrices to do transformations, you may want to reference some linear algebra textbook on transformations. This transformation is very analogous to u-substitution, which you will learn in Calculus in HL, but there is likely very little calculus in the topic itself as you are not finding rate of change or sum of anything. With that said, you definitely should understand the math of your EE topic early on (say at least 4-5 months before it's due) to prepare for the structuring of your essay.
  15. 1. From the formula for Poisson distribution, you should solve via calculator that . Note in calculator you can just directly plot the distribution. Eg. y = poissoncdf (x, 3) or whatever the syntax is and intersection with y = 0.76. 2. I think they mean in each of at least 2 weekends, at least 5 accidents/weekend. Because it's entire weekend, double expected value to 2.49 * 2 = 4.98. Define a new poisson distribution Y ~ Po(4.98) and find 1 - P(Y=5) - P(Y=4) - P(Y = 3) - ... - P(Y=0) and say that's some probability p Define a binomial distribution W ~ B(4, p) Question ask for P(W = 2) + P(W = 3) + P(W = 4). Hope that helps!