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  1. kw0573

    st. robs chs entrance exams help?

    You may be surprised just how many posts we get on applying to York Regional IB schools. There are a lot more. Use the search bar at the top right of this page. (It seems that whenever people mention the name of IB school they are applying to, it's always Bayview or something). It seems that you are well prepared for math. They shouldn't test you on grade 9 material. If you have been reading on a regular or semi-regular basis then you should be fine for reading.
  2. kw0573

    Chemiluminescence Questions

    The rate law is always empirically derived, and is independent of the number of reactants present. You can have only one reactant in a higher ordered reaction, or multiple reactants but zeroth or first ordered. In particular, Arrhenius equation only describes how temperature changes the rate constant, and it does not care about the order of reaction the rate constant is for. You should read more about how to derive rate laws for reactions of multiple steps, specifically regarding the equilibrium assumption and the pseudo steady state assumption. Maybe also review limiting reagents. Answer to Q1. The formula is for the reaction Fluorophore* -------> Fluorophore + Light. But you can assume that that rate is reflective of the original phenyl oxalate ester / H2O2 reaction. You should clearly justify this assumption. Answer to Q2. The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it doesn't matter. Digital probes rarely directly measures the quantity it outputs. Usually some conversion/calculation is done by the probe from an original measurement in resistance or pressure change to the desired quantity, such as illumination. It does not matter whether illumination is the same as illuminance; it's important that illumination (or whatever the output reading is) is proportional to the concentration of the fluorophore, or another chemical species of interest.
  3. kw0573

    Requirements to get into Pre-IB in Canada

    It depends on the school. You need grade 7 final report and the first report of grade 8. Some schools have their own admission tests and interviews so you should ask your prospect schools.
  4. kw0573

    Psychology HL HELP

    For each IB course, IB updates the official syllabus or "guide". Here is the latest psychology guide. You should read the corresponding document for each course, long before the IAs are due. For the psychology guide, page 12-34 lists the topics IB will assess.
  5. If IB Support asked to defer to your teacher, then it should be fine. Sites.google.com is just a host. As long as you don't use click and drag web builders like wordpress or wix then you should be good.
  6. kw0573

    Should I switch to certificate?

    Do you know if your school will adjust it so it is comparable to Ontario grades? 72% is low for any major that needs Advanced Functions. SL Math and Chem are either easier than or about the same as Ontario 4U courses. So there shouldn't be a dramatic increase if you leave IB. It'll be a lot different if you drop from HL to 4U because HL is definitely harder and the mark increase will be prominent. It looks like a wobbly foundation in Functions 11 led to lower grades in Advanced Functions. There's no shame in reviewing content you did previously, maybe even back in grade 9 and 10, for both math and chemistry. Sometimes you just have to do more exercises than assigned to get a good grade. If finishing homework/worksheets on time gets you a 70, then maybe you need to assign yourself more exercises or do the problems multiple times to get an 80. Make use of online resources like Khan Academy and YouTube. Ask your teachers and friends for help whenever you need it. You probably have to make big changes in your study habits, because simply leaving IB will not drastically increase your grades. If IB is overwhelming, then leaving is probably a good option. You still have to work harder than before to get your grades up, but certainly it's more possibly without burdens of EE, ToK, and IAs.
  7. No I'm not familiar with the new Oxford book.
  8. @Ayav Math AI SL is the definition of a useless IB course. I think the more competitive schools you are applying to, the better AA SL is. AA SL is still calibrated for the average IB math student, but AI SL is more of those who are really bad at math so they can get the diploma.
  9. kw0573

    I feel like I am going to fail my HL biology IA.

    There is no pass or fail for any component of any IB course, just the final course grade from 1 to 7. The final grade is scaled from a weighted average of raw course component percentages. Identical weighted averages are awarded the same IB grade. However, your school may have internal grades for the class that are assessed differently from IB grades.
  10. Do you have any particular questions in mind? I think it may be a while for people to provide their own solution in addition to the published ones.
  11. Does your school offer AI HL? If so, that's more advanced than AA SL and its stats and modelling units certainly help with finance. 800 on both SAT and SAT 2 will help, but for many North American universities, good scores/good grades are not enough.
  12. kw0573

    IB Subject Choice and Priorities

    The order is 1) Meet all pre-requisites 2) Take subjects relevant to your future studies/career 3) Pick classes you are good at. Do not take a class you've never taken before for the sole reason that you think it's easy. 95+% of ESS students do not get 7s even though I think they all thought the class was easy before they took it. Besides, most SL courses are very similar in difficulty.
  13. kw0573

    Do Unis Care About 4 HLs?

    Let's be clear that 43 is not a "decent" score. It's a superb score. North American schools care about grades and your portfolio (eg extracurriculars, personal projects/research, leadership and creative experience). Usually once you get 40+, they don't care whether it's 40 or 45 (because it's all predicted at that point). But say for someone who got 34. 34 with 4 HLs they might view it comparable to a 35 or even 36 with 3HLs, but not much beyond that. You should take 4HLs because you enjoy and are good at the HL courses, not because of how unis may view your scores. For example a certain HL Paper 3 might bump your marks up. Ultimately, you should be taking IB for your own benefit, not for the universities'.
  14. kw0573

    Covalent bonding multiple type question

    The question asks in the product of each reaction, which has a dative coordinate bond? As far as I know, A does not react. You'll learn about B in organic chemistry. C is acid-base. D does not happen (F is above Cl). In NH4F, the fourth H is bonded to the lone pair of N, so that specific N-H bond is a dative coordinate bond. I won't explain why B isn't but you'll learn about it in organic.
  15. kw0573

    Subject choice for genetic engineering

    I am not sure if I am expected to respond, or about what you said in the previous comment. But I'll just say again that if biotech is more science than engineering, then Math SL is fine. If you are really good at Math, then you should take Math HL, otherwise SL.

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