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  1. There are better ways to approach Newton's law of Cooling then using modelling. After learning core calculus you hould have enough skills to derive the curve Generally i only recommend regression at HL if you at least partially derive the formula (using calculus). As long as you can clearly explain your process you will be ok. The IA does not have to be super complex.
  2. It depends to some extent the math background of student, and the program itself. For example at my school the default is to assume student takes HL and so 9th and 10th grade curricula were redesigned to ease into IB question types and the efficiency at which to solve those problems. A score distribution is deceiving when you are not in the class, becausing 1) it doesnt represent what you will get, even if everyone is currently at 7, and 2) the scores might not accurately predict final ib grade distribution. It's no use to delve into a lengthy discussion about hypothetically what makes math hl challenging. Thats why I suggested you to take the course to see.
  3. I didnt go to high school in America and 9th and 10th grade we just had IB math and nonIB math. Although we had math every day in IB so we didnt have to learn pre calc in 10th grade.
  4. IB, for each student, charges the school registration fee, subject fee (for each subject), and core fees. Ifyour school register you within 6 months of your exams, there are also late fees. IB only charge money for registering courses. When you drop a course, the school gets back the subject fee. Unless you registered for a couse late then decided to drop, or you leave IB completely, you or the school shouldnt suffer any losses. This is my interpretation of the 2018 Assesment Procedures, available in the Files section of this forum and elsewhere on the internet. Obviously if you are both dropping and registering another course, such as changing HL to SL, then there would be late fees involved for registering (which I do not know the precise amounts, but over $100 USD).
  5. Another commentor suggested khanacademy. Borrow/buy a textbook. Do the problems. Watch youtube videos. You are good at math, you know what to do. Post questions in the forum if you get stuck.
  6. Ask if you can be allowed into Math HL for like a month or two, and if you maintain some test average, then you are allowed to stay. It sounds like there isnt, in precalc, a precise cut-off for math HL, as your friend got in with similar marks. Youshould clearly convince them why you need Math HL. Unlike going into experimental science, you are not taking a course in your anticipated major, so math level and grades are much important to you then say someone going to premed or chemistry. It is not fair to recommend students on a case by case basis, thats why i suggest if your sept and/or oct grades meet some objective pre-established level then you should be allowed to stay. Teachers should give you benefit of the doubt.
  7. @E.C-01Thanks for the follow ups. I stand with idea of learning everything of precalc over summer on your own, and ask to somehow demonstrate your abilities. With that said, not taking Math HL is not end of the world. Because when you take college physics, there will be significant amount of calculus in there (as opposed to just algebra-based Physics HL). You still have good chances in very elite schools if your GPA is superb: when students have all met minimum course requirements, a top unweighted GPA is still very valuable.
  8. @evrlustngpeace I think OP means he was was barred from Math HL because of no Algebra 2 credit. What you can do is self study algebra 2 over summer and ask to take a final exam when you get back, to show you learned the material. That should be easier than say studying for AP calc BC on your own.
  9. You can buy a textbook and read it for like 1-2 hours a day. Reading ahead often means your work during the semester is more spread out.
  10. When you do a search on the keyword "tips" in the Math HL and Further forum you should return with at least dozens of results. If you have access to past IB questions, those are helpful. If not doing the hardest questions in the textbook also works. So a common strategy is to do as many problems as you can, placing able to solve the question over solving it fast. First step is you know how to at least start solving each question (on the test). This is basically writing down equations you should solve. Doing homework is not only to see a question type before exams but also develop problem solving strategies so you dont stare at blank page for too long.
  11. 0.005 mm looks reasonable
  12. Instead of naming the author, you should include what literary aspects are you comparing/contrasting.
  13. I doubt any chemistry EE can get 7 marks lower in a remark so it might worth remarking it but it likely will not impact acceptance B or C in EE.
  14. Use variables to denote the four roots and expand the factored form to find coefficient of x term.
  15. 6. 21, seconded. 10c. It want you to say Gamma = (n-1)!, which can be derived from parts a and b. Basically the integral form is function of both n and x, but they want it as function of just n. If you take more math courses, you will study more functions of multiple input variables as well as functions that use an integral as definition.