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  1. My ToK teacher recommends linguistics, saying 2/3 of his favorite students have taken it. Or you can read some of the more foundational texts, eg by Plato and Kant, and others whom i do not recall.
  2. An IA on just calculus or just stats will not be eligible to score the best matks. By virtue of the HL criteria, you need to discuss/connect multiple topics together in your IA.
  3. There is a line that you should find for yourself between borrowing an idea (and cite it properly) and copying a work. For high school I would put that as aiming for 40%+ entirely original approach and/or content (and 100% content in your own words/logic). Now if you are going to talk about this model, that should not be the entirety of the IA but perhaps you can expand it, compare it with another model, or analyze assumptions or other aspects that the original author did not discuss.
  4. It's a new school so you may want to reference entry exams for Father McGivney or Bayview. Generally if you are good at math and English during school you don't have to necessarily study. If you know you have particular weak spots in math or writing then obviously sharpen in those areas before the exam.
  5. Your written task and biology marks are ok, maybe even good, for someone who just started IB. You would have to give specifics (eg your work load, commitments, study habits) if you want more specific response. But in general just start assignments early and ask your peers and teachers for help whenever you need it. It could be useful to get your hands on some past papers for math this year, and for bio and maybe psych/history next year.
  6. You will spread yourself thin if you focus on more than two AoKs. Then your analysis wont be as in depth.
  7. What subject is this? What was the question? What was the model answer? What was your approach/what did you write instead?
  8. The sound about right, but it depends entirely upon how IB is structured at your school. Also the first two weeks may be inaccurate gauge on general difficulty of the courses.
  9. Unlike Group 4 IAs, the markbands are slightly different at Literature HL and SL. Certainly, the HL student is expect to give better-justified analysis in her work. It probably doesn't make much difference whether you choose Econ or Literature at HL. Just go with whichever you like more.
  10. It seems like your teacher goes beyond the syllabus. For example, it looks like you need the sum of squares formula to solve the question efficiently. In a test. Make sure you read all questions before starting. You would know which questions are most manageable. Jot down what you think of when you read the questions. For example this question you may think of "parabola", "zeros", "sum of squares". As you read later questions, you will be subconsciously thinking of related formulas and it prevent you from hastily going into a calculation that may be off-track. At home. Make sure you start with practicing easy problems. You need to be very comfortable with basic skills before you attempt complex questions that need some thinking. There are a lot more tips you can find by using the search bar at the top right of the page.
  11. It is necessary for some engineering schools, especially competitive ones. Check school's admission page for details.
  12. I feel that taking 4 HLs is unnecessary. Economics does not have to be HL because it is not typically a required course to graduate. Similar for computer science. If you are taking econ or comp sci at all then you may be ahead of other applicants. It is a lot different for the math and sciences because almost everyone needs to take a couple of those courses to graduate high school. Therefore there exists a need to take them at HL to differentiate oneself. But from a purely admission cutoff standpoint, Math HL + 2 sciences both at HL is also completely unnecessary, and I am not implying that those are the hardest courses. If B/M is indeed viewed as a soft subject, then there is more pressure on you to do well. Remember just because it is viewed as easy does not mean it is easy for you. ESS is also viewed as easy but barely anyone gets 7s. I mentioned taking Lit HL in a previous response. Literature HL is just a universally useful subject for any major. Even a 5 or 6 shows very strong capabilities in writing and analysis. Although it is somewhat redundant to do both Econ and Literature at HL as there is a lot of writing in both. Over this summer you should look up admission requirements of your universities of choice and ensure that you have met all the prerequisites. An engineering program typically requires two sciences (not necessarily at HL). In summary, if Econ HL is set, I recommend chemistry SL instead of B/M.
  13. Topic 1 asks whether the accuracy/precision/comprehensiveness/completeness/objectiveness of a concept is reflected by its popularity. It can either mean that good knowledge will become popular, or that crowd generates knowledge. Perhaps you want to explore both interpretations of the problem. I presume you do not have to propose a better way of measurement.
  14. For something as competitive as these two programs, you should look to take the most competitive and intensive courses to set yourself apart from others. If you are capable of getting 7 in SL, you can capable of getting 6-7 in HL (with more effort). So it shouldn't make a huge difference mark-wise. There is a significant gap in materials but the study method is more or less the same. People I know in McMaster Health Sci are top students in Chemistry HL.
  15. You should work this out with your school. Each school adapts its own schedule for IB so you should ask your advisor or counsellor. Basically you would have to take other courses with 2 months shorter

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