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  1. kw0573

    Trigonometry Ferris Wheel Question

    Draw the Ferris wheel at time t = 0, with P at the bottom. Draw another wheel, showing location of P, for t = 20 minutes. Then repeat for t = 10 minutes, and find the height of P. Finally, draw the wheel at t = 15 minutes and find the height of P.
  2. kw0573

    what does it mean for my his ee to be "analytical"?

    Analysis includes drawing conclusions from historical evidences, evaluating reliability and accuracy of sources, and highlighting causes and influences between events. For example, "narrative" is stating that complex European alliances and nationalism both started WWI, "analytical" is saying which is the dominant cause and evaluating how the two are related or how they contributed differently.
  3. kw0573


    I think you should look online and in your textbook about existing labs, then modify them slightly for your IA
  4. kw0573


    I did my presentation with a partner, but remember that the amount of content needs to be proportional to the number of people in the group. I think it's good to be in a group unless you can't find anyone you can work with. Claims and counter-claims should be general, as opposed to specific to your RLS. Feel free to have examples outside of your RLS to support your claims and counterclaims.
  5. kw0573

    SL Chem Exam

    NOS questions are scarcely asked. Sometimes they ask for an application, but that is like one question on the entire exam (answered in point form). So NOS and applications should not be priorities and you should only review them only if you are absolutely done with anything else. Most of these questions are meant to have an intuitive answer, and they do not need memorization of details.
  6. kw0573

    why does this exist?

    Yeah as an alumnus I was taken back by how much paper work is required in the new CAS program. The strategy remains to do most of the CAS during the summer after IB1 when you have the free time, then do about 2 hours a week during each school year. It also helps that you keep a notepad while doing the activities so the writing process is a lot easier. Another strategy is to fully understand the expectations, and provide only sufficient, not excess amount of evidence. CAS really tests that you do not put things off to last minute and keep simple things simple.
  7. kw0573

    Can you pass HL Physics if you fail P2 in the exam?

    This is looking at a 2 if you do extra bad in P2. 2 is a diploma fail if you have a 2 in more than two subjects. 3 is also a diploma fail if you do not get a 4 in four or more subjects
  8. kw0573

    Can you pass HL Physics if you fail P2 in the exam?

    There are no passes or fails for individual IB assessments, with the exception that plagiarism is a fail. What are you expecting to get in the IA, P1, P2 and P3?
  9. kw0573

    Origami Math IA help

    The math concepts are somewhat simplistic but the exploration itself is complex. This is the worst combination. What you want is complex math math concepts (eg Calculus, or conditional probability), but a simple exploration.
  10. If there are no uncertainties in the data, you can only score 4/6 on Analysis. It is possible that it may affect your Evaluation marks, but unlikely. It is also possible that you obtain max 3/4 on Communication, because communication of uncertainty is a convention. If there are no uncertainties, or did not propagate them, the maximum score is 17/20. If you make mistakes in propagating uncertainties, you can still get 4/4 on Communication, but max 4/6 or 5/6 on Analysis, depending on how critical the mistake was. For example if you started with 5% uncertainty then ended with 1%, then it will be 4/6 Analysis because the propagation is clearly wrong. Uncertainties are some of the easiest marks to obtain because you just apply some formulae. In context of the final grade, 3 marks on the IA roughly translates to 1/3 of a grade boundary. There are people literally asking for regrades for 3 marks and they are hardly ever successful.
  11. kw0573

    Does appendix count towards page number in IA?

    From a practical perspective, I would go with the rule-of-thumb that the Appendix should not contain any vital information that is central to the understanding of the IA. So, ask this question to yourself, can my examiner understand everything if they skip the Appendix? If yes, then the length of Appendix is not important; if no, then you should have summarized versions of the tables in the main text. I believe the examiners will ask a similar question because there is not an explicit definition of page count. In fact, IB phrases the page count as a sign of a deeper problem, such as convoluted organization.
  12. kw0573

    Teachers assessing IA's

    No, the IAs cannot be remarked, only re-moderated if there is over 15% difference between the average grade of what the teacher gave vs what IB gave. In addition, teachers are allowed to read a full draft once and even then the teacher can only say what should be improved not precisely how to fix the errors.
  13. kw0573

    Help with Integration/Kinematics Question

    Both definite and indefinite integrals can be used to solve this problem. I prefer the definite integral slightly, because it does not make an arbitrary choice. The indefinite integral ∫ v(t) dt gives the displacement function, which describes the distance from a reference point, as a function of time. An arbitrary, yet useful, decision is to make the displacement function pass through the origin. In other words, we use the location at which brakes were first applied as the reference point. d(t) = ∫ v(t) dt = 11t - (2/5)*t^(5/2) + C, where C is zero. We know that v(t) = 0 when t = 11^(2/3). Plug in this stopping time into d(t) we find that d(11^(2/3)) = 32.6 < 50. It takes the driver 32.6 m to stop, so it is before the stop sign. The definite integral can remove this arbitrary choice. ∫ v(t) dt from t = 0 to t = 11^(2/3) gives the expression d(11^(2/3)) - d(0). This means that when the driver speed changes during t = 0 and t = 11^(2/3), the net displacement is the change in the position of those times. Without defining what C is, we can find ∫ v(t) dt from t = 0 to t = 11^(2/3) = 32.6 < 50. Many other solutions are possible, such as finding t that makes d(t) = 50 and whether it is greater than or less than 11^(2/3).
  14. kw0573

    Written task plagairism

    Hi Most of us are current or former students, so we might not be entirely familiar with academic honesty policies. So for the completed IAs and written tasks, the teacher needs to verify authenticity before they are submitted. You can compare the writing to their recent writing samples for stylistic comparisons. I guess you can probably trust your colleagues. As long as you have to the best of your ability to verify authenticity, you should be ok.
  15. kw0573

    IB Math Choice Advice

    A lot of doing math problems is to leave time to check your answers. For system of equations, you just need to plug in numbers and check once. It's a lot more complicated trig and some other problems. One way to make checking your work is to write as much of the steps as you can, so that when you check you don't have to redo all the calculations: you can just "read" through the solution. For these problems you may also have to check whether the answer make sense (eg triangle inequality is satisfied, both roots of the quadratic are acceptable). You have to practice for speed and accuracy when doing homework, not just getting the right answer. It will take a lot of work to get your speed up, but you should be able to do Analysis/Approaches at HL. If the course somehow becomes too demanding, see if you can take one of the AP Physics C tests or AB/BC Calculus, just to demonstrate a good understanding of calculus to universities.

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