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  1. kw0573

    Dead lines for IAs

    First, you should always abide by deadlines set by your school. With that said, IB wants all IA, EE, ToK internally graded (with pre-moderation and predicted grades) by mid-late April. Suppose it takes the school about 2-3 weeks to grade them and validate as original work, you need to have everything done by late March. Most schools want them in earlier.
  2. IB is very insufficient to prepare for AP Physics C because the latter is calculus based.
  3. In heterogeneous reactions, the contact area between catalyst and the solution impacts the rate of reaction. So one way to do this is that if you use 0.2 g of solid catalyst you may get a different rate than 0.4 g. I am not saying you have to do this but it is something to consider.
  4. Remember that when measuring rate, you have to measure instantaneous rate. So you can't wait after reaction is done to find overall/average. You need to fast-changing parameters, like pressure, temperature, pH, amount of liquid etc. Yield definitely is affected because you cannot guarantee you always reach equilibrium. There are also adjusted rate constants that normalize rate to gram of solid catalysts (eg change of concentration per time per gram catalyst) and you can try if those improve data.
  5. kw0573


    Not all IB students do ToK journals. It is not something IB assesses, but rather your school/teacher decides what goes in it. I did them in IB. While the majority of what goes inside one can be considered as opinions, it is just better practice to write them as you would for an essay. You can probably use the first person, even frequently, but you should not use "I think that". It is possible to be assertive and persuasive while using the first person. These may be ok: "What intrigued me is that ...", "I don't understand ..." So "I don't agree that" is maybe ok but "I think that" is almost always superfluous.
  6. kw0573

    Is This Selection Actually "Crazy"?

    If there is no need to take 4 HLs, you probably do not need Psychology at HL. Math does restructure into two new courses if you enter IB this fall or later. Are you aware of the differences? It is neither prudent nor realistic that a plan only works if everything works correctly. I think changing to 3HL/3SL will help make overall success more attainable and likely. Finally not all costs associated with attending a school is described by the tuition fee. There are significant scholarships available in some universities, both before and after admittance. Once your grades are very very good, you may be more accessible to these.
  7. kw0573

    IB Passing Question

    There is no pass/fail for individual IA or Paper. Anything above an overall 1 is technically a pass (which is around 15% for most courses), but there are other conditions that need to be met (such as 28+, 9 in SLs, 12 in HLs, etc) in order for diploma to be awarded.
  8. kw0573

    Could you help in answering some questions

    First of all, you are considered the 2020 batch, for lack of a better word. It's always the year of graduation that defines a class. You may likely get more in-depth answers for some of the general questions using search bar on the top right (eg IAs, ToK, time management). 1. B/M IA: no idea 2. CS IA success criterion: no idea 3. Math Exploration: exploration is the official name for the IA. In roughly 6-12 pages, you are to demonstrate personal input in a math problem or topic. Personal input include anything from collecting own data, explaining the solution in greater detail than what may be published, finding relationships between math topics (especially in HL), providing your own solution (especially for modelling problems), explaining false steps or struggles in solving the problem. 4. ToK. the presentation worth a third of final grade and the essay worth two thirds. The KQ is provided for essay but you need your own for presentation. The two are separate. 5. You only write on EE, but write or conduct one or multiple IAs for each subject. EE contribute to your grade by using its mark as A/B/C/D/E and ToK grade as A/B/C/D/E to determine the core points for a maximum of 3 points. IAs contribute to your grades as a percentage of the final grade. Say you scored 70% on an IA that is worth 20% overall, then essentially you accumulated (70% * 0.2 = ) 14% towards your overall grade. In general, IA asks for more subject-specific content, but in some sense the guidelines for EE are more general, but the great majority EEs can only be on one subject. The EE is an extensive research project and is much longer and time-consuming than most IAs. 6. Managebac: uhhh you probably need to talk to your coordinator and figure it out. 7. Time Management, look to focus on at least 3 subjects a night, rather than one subject for each day of the week. It's probably you are overthinking how difficult everything is or are overwhelmed. Attempt to break everything into smaller chunks rather than finish an assignment in one sitting. 8. CAS: Look for something that requires little travel (eg at school or near where you live). Look for commitments on the weekends or during lunch. You need to fulfill everything on the seven learning outcomes. IB has phased away from hour-counting as the quality of the experience is more valuable than the duration. In general, the tasks should not be mundane or repetitive.
  9. kw0573

    SL Physics IA help!!!

    The mathematics may not be as straightforward as you think. I am not fully convinced you know how viscosity is measured (eg the mathematics of viscometers and implementing a makeshift version). With that said, if you do it rigorously, measure the viscosity of a fluid is probably good enough.
  10. kw0573

    Grade Boundaries

    A reminder that IB grades are calculated by taking a weighted average of the raw grades from each assessment. Another way to look at it is that the you accumulate marks from each assessment. The IA is worth 25%, so a 15/25 on the IA would add 15% to the final grade. This would cap the final grade to 90%, because 10% was lost in the IA. The fact that 15/25 is a 6 is nearly meaningless from the perspective of students; its only purpose is to help examiners determine the overall grade boundary. Only the overall grade boundary is used to assign grades 1-7. For BM HL, the May 2018 boundary for a 7 was 66% overall.
  11. kw0573

    Dropping Math HL to SL

    Like I said, if your grades significantly improve as a result of the drop (ie 3+ points in total) then it completely overweighs the fact that you dropped HL.
  12. If you register as a retake (R), you can retake the EE. You probably are too late for May 2019 but you can register for Nov 2019 and the price is about 180 euros. It can be either a revised EE or an entirely new EE. You also have to submit the reflections along with it, and therefore need a supervisor.
  13. kw0573

    Regarding changes in registration

    Yes it is. You should contact your coordinator.
  14. kw0573

    Dropping Math HL to SL

    What class are you planning to raise to HL? I should let you know that sheer number of extracurriculars won't necessarily get you into those programs. You just need one or two good ones that no other applicants do. I would say that if you can get 6 in math SL and same or higher grades in other subjects (eg 6 in English), probably switch to SL.
  15. kw0573

    Partial IB: Should I do the EE?

    Unpopular opinion: if you are not going to do the diploma, why do the EE? The EE forces you to a certain timeline. If you want to do research, you can do it yourself outside the program. There is little benefit that EE brings to a typical IB graduate and even less if you don't do the whole diploma. I say that and I got an A.

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