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  1. Hi hope neither of us gets too defensive. Anyways, I hope you can agree that there is little merit to answer a question that surely has been discussed multiple times on this forum. The search bar is not exactly Google but it'll do for your purposes. Anyways, good topics will withstand multiple students doing the topic and not turn "overdone". Did you know, before 2016 sessions, the class would do literally the same experiments for IA (except for 1 or 2) and write design independently for them? Just pick topics you are interested in first (for example, refraction or reflection of light) and then formulate several candidate research questions to choose from.
  2. Hi again Just a friendly suggestion, I think you should ask all your questions on re-take at once, because you started in May and you have dragged this now to mid-July, just a few days before the deadline you presumed to be July 30th. However, the July 29/30 deadline is for candidates who are retaking exactly 6-months after their main session. I offer my interpretation of the Handbook below. Since you have passed the 6-month deadline, which was in July 2016, you would register as a regular diploma candidate. Hence, I believe that the first registration deadline was May 15, with the second registration just passed on July 15. Therefore, with registration for Nov 2017 for 2 subjects made on July 21st, the fee is as follows: After 2nd deadline registration fee (€327) + two subject fees (€79 × 2 = €158) + two after 2nd deadline late subject fees (€100 × 2 = €200) = €685 This is the same after July 30, since the date does not apply for retakes after 6-months. However if there were any special circumstances that IB does not know of, you can try to provide a statement and try to get some fees waived/refunded. I am not sure of the process. If you had registered before July 15, the 2nd registration deadline, the fee would have been After 1st deadline registration fee (€152) + two subject fees (€158) + two after 1st deadline late subject fees (€25 × 2 = €50) = €360 If you had registered before May 15, or for someone from May 2017 who's doing the 6-month retake, the fee would have been Before 1st deadline registration fee (€114) + two subject fees (€158) = €272
  3. @Fermin @slickblack_A For starters just google "Physics IA" ideas in this subforum or online to get some ideas
  4. It looks too much just a question of definition of art. I don't think the topic can allow much concrete argument. See if you can find prescribed ToK essay titles since May 2015 and try to modify based on them because IB made those and they are definitely good starting points.
  5. Can you please elaborate? Eg provide details on how you are approaching this topic and linking everything together.
  6. @CarolSmith Hi please start a new thread if you are planning to going off tangent. Haha it's smart to get others to brainstorm for you. That's how I did my ToK presentation ... I would just say that you said you have "many thoughts, but [you] can't express them", then that's what music is, saying what we want to say when we don't know how. Music is a form of self expression when we borrow (copy) other's ideas and words.
  7. Personal engagement, which is somewhat a measure of originality and own input, is only 2 marks out of 24 in the IA. It's generally not very difficult to score at least 1/2 in the criterion.
  8. I think 15% rounded down but yeah 5 in English oral for the grade should be enough to qualify for a regrade.
  9. An oxidizing agent is actually being reduced. It's called as such because it facilitates a specific oxidation that is of interest, while the reduction of the oxidizing agent is mostly trivial or unimportant. EDIT: I would like to add that if English is not your first language then you can bring a dictionary into the exams and so that might help with differentiating some of the terms.
  10. Geography is not as easy as people claim it to be and the SL course is actually one of my lowest grades. History HL will be very helpful to be admitted into a law program after high school and it will depend on if the universities of your choice require it. If not, I would say go with Geography HL as it's easier than History HL.
  11. May 2017 Math HL Specimen papers View File Due to complaints, IB has shortened paper 1 and 2 both from 120 marks to 100 marks. Accordingly, new specimen papers were published. Submitter kw0573 Submitted 07/16/2017 Category Other IBO documents  
  12. 4 downloads

    Due to complaints, IB has shortened paper 1 and 2 both from 120 marks to 100 marks. Accordingly, new specimen papers were published.
  13. Refer to the 2016-2017 Handbook of procedures. According to A5.2.1 section Replacing or retaking an anticipated subject: you can only replace (overwrite) SL with HL. Essentially for you, Math SL will not contribute to the diploma if you take math HL next year. If you are a Course student and not planning to get a Diploma, no restriction will apply.
  14. Chemistry will supplement biology and will make many processes easier to understand. I am not sure how much exposure you have in any of your subjects but IB is a big step up from most high school programs and it's better to take med-related courses than what you presume to be easy ones
  15. I mean that the vertical axis should take values from a continuous scale, not specific values of 0, 1, or 2. And every point plotted should have some physical meaning regards to level of sleep. This is a key component of your IA and I leave you to figure out the details.