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  1. kw0573

    IA references question!!

    I think solving this is something reasonable enough that an HL student could do it without referencing anything. So it's completely fine. It would be different if you mentioned anything beyond HL then indeed you do need to cite those. So i presume if you use HL or below math in this derivation, it's fine, but if you looked up some formula then you need to cite that.
  2. kw0573

    Mistake in References

    There will not be any severe consequences that will affect your grades.
  3. kw0573

    Mistake in References

    Its not going to affect your grade, but you should look to use more reputable sources in your future academic career, by always using more reputable sources which always should have publication dates (eg books, original DVD for videos, journals).
  4. kw0573

    Is it possible to do better?

    Don't think about the big picture! Keep thinking about how to do better on the next quiz, test, or assignment. Start small and building your way up.
  5. kw0573

    IOC Minutes

    The IOC, for both SL and HL, is based on Part 2. At HL, there will be 10 minutes of commentary+discussion for an extract, and 10 minutes to talk about one of the other two works in Part 2.
  6. If you are truly having exams in 2020, I would suggest that you start doing practice IAs by modifying an existing procedure, one that could be found online or in your textbook. I understood neither topics (read: both topics sound interesting) but they may require knowledge beyond what is expected of a Year 1 student.
  7. kw0573

    My IB chemistry IA topic as a HL student...

    This is more of a physics concept than chemistry. You could for example try a temperature dependent reaction and perhaps either apply the Arrhenius Eq or Nerst Eq, depending on whether you look at rate of reaction or equilibrium.
  8. kw0573

    Maths SL IA

    There is no rule that the exploration MUST fit in the range 6-12 pages. Mine was 5. In addition, there are no direct penalty for going outside the range, unlike EE or some other IAs.
  9. kw0573

    Math IA guidance needed!!!!

    A lot of the grades depend on what you put into the IA, not the topic itself. But I say if you know what you are doing there's no reason to opt for another topic.
  10. kw0573

    Extended Essay- Physics and Chemistry (mostly)

    Are you responding or seeking an answer? I am not sure what more to say. I guess if not already, read the EE guidelines and grading criteria to understand what's expected of you.
  11. kw0573

    What is plagiarism in a Physics EE?

    You should have explain your results regardless of whether they match literature or not. Remember you are not graded on performing an experiment, but on the communication and evaluation of what you did.
  12. kw0573

    Math IA guidance needed!!!!

    I think you should find the optimal speed without going into the physics (not that the oil should ever freeze). The difficult part of the IA is finding data on fuel usage as a function of speed. Once you do, you can use regression to find a model then integrate different parts of the function to find average fuel use or efficiency. That's all you need to do for this topic. In all these stats IAs, one needs to spend quite some time searching data but the processing is mostly straightforward.
  13. kw0573

    What is plagiarism in a Physics EE?

    For clarification, plagiarism is intentionally taking others' ideas as presenting them as one's own: it has nothing to do with sentence structure. When these two EEs are on different topics, it CANNOT be plagiarism because you two are applying towards different contexts! You did not steal this person's ideas! Actual plagiarism is not solved by rephrasing, rather by citing all your sources wherever you used someone else's input. There are only commercial "similarity" checkers, that compare your syntax with the database. Not all plagiarism involve similar sentence structures. Not all similar sentence structures are plagiarised. Of course, your main concern is that IB might think this is plagiarism, but they don't have nearly enough evidence (mostly for the fact that it is not plagiarism!) In summary (if I am not clear enough), what you have described is not plagiarism. Please stop worrying!
  14. kw0573

    Extended Essay- Physics and Chemistry (mostly)

    If your school does not have a physics teacher, you should not do the EE in physics. A supervisor is there to make sure you are on the right track. Astrophysics is pretty complex and you want a professional who's there to guide you and make sure what you are presenting makes sense. The topic is not narrow enough as of yet. Remember that EE is about depth, not breadth. You can certainly discuss multiple effects but it is better to thoroughly investigate one of them. It is very, very difficult to discuss three or more effects at the depth IB is looking for in the EE. IF you are still insisting on continuing in physics, you should pick ONE specific criterion for life in space. EE is about analysis, not a recount of everything you can find on the topic. You need to demonstrate a strong understanding of physics and explain it well. If you are not taking physics, I highly discourage you from doing EE in physics, especially when there's not even a physics teacher at your school.
  15. kw0573

    Math HL IA

    Have you looked at previous HL exam papers? A lot of the questions will combine say complex numbers and trig and pascal triangle. I meant that but in an IA format. Prim's and Dijkstra's Algorithms are way more complex than studies. I guess it's just difficult to bring in HL content to many graph theory topics.

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