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  1. When you look at the equation for freezing/melting point depression, you will see that there is no dependence on time, but there is only the change in freezing point. It's more difficult to try to process your data when you look at time to melt because it does not directly (solely) depends on the change in melting point.
  2. Calligative properties describe state changes (eg change in melting of boiling temperature). It's indirect and more difficult to measure kinetics. Better to measure temperature.
  3. I have seen long-answer questions repeated word for word. I have also seen many short answer and multiple choice questions with very high similarity.
  4. The IA is more of an essay than solving a really long problem. So I think if you explain all steps clearly, derive important relationships, then you should have enough math.
  5. Generally students organize the IA themselves and develop own train of thought. You can start by looking at the HL Calculus Option relating to using series to numerically approximate a function.
  6. IB recommends a 2000 word limit, but there is no direct penalties. I'd like to remind you that longer essay does not mean better IA, and that you can be indirectly penalized for wordiness, and that likelihood of math errors increase when your IA is very long.
  7. The topic can be also related to statistics. For example if the time for degradation is a distribution, then you can find the variance or standard deviation (in science it's comparable to uncertainties), then how does the variance/uncertainties propagate to other calculations, for example time between doses? You can also fit the data to theory (from differential equations) and you can find constants for the differential equation and see how well it fits the model. Regression formulas have complex mathematical theory that you can talk about. Many students miss the opportunity to discuss derivations of regression formulas but just blindly use them.
  8. Amount of iron can be found in nutrition value tables. (Consider a Google search in English) Ethanol will not react with either the hydroxyamine hydrochloride or ortho-phenanthroline. A good IA will give brief justification why this is case, such as by drawing attention to nucleophilicity and electrophilicity of the substances. I do not know if blender the leaves can substitute the ethanol. In the IA, you should clearly explain where the color come from, and predict the geometry of the metal complex.
  9. Article 6 clarifies that it's your property but IB can use it for free.
  10. I think this is a common enough mistake that nothing bad will happen.
  11. If you do not understand something you can ask a question here and others can try answer it. There are still plenty of time to improve.
  12. You don't really need to take physics, but if you are doing projectile motion, it would be super helpful to learn about projectile motion on your own. You can readily find resources on YouTube. For example you can get the problem set / homework from the physics teacher and try to work through them; when you have questions, just go ask him. This is generally one of the first topics taught in a physics class so it will not require heavy physics background. Consider proving what you need using algebra first, because collecting data from a simulator. You should define "success". For example, a ball that goes too high or far might not be ideal, as it could be easily spiked or just out of bounds. I don't think air resistance is essential in the data collection.
  13. I thought I was clear that you should check graduation requirements unique to universities of your interest. For example to graduate, I need at least one course in each of literature, social sciences, humanities, math, science. These are needed at my university regardless of the major.
  14. Double check if Lit satisfies any graduation requirements or language requirements at university that LangLit does not (specific to the uni). if not, Lang&Lit is a good idea
  15. I cannot give you specifics but try compare to eliptic paraboloid and try work in complex numbers because the general form just differ by a negative sign.