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  1. kw0573

    Can a retake be cnacelled?

    Hey glad to hear it's working out. I think the subject fee can be refunded. I am not sure. I thought Jan 15 is deadline for NEW STUDENTS not retake students. Again, my info is outdated by a few years but that's the info i have. EDIT: I say this because Jan 29 is deadline for RETAKE students to register but Jan 15 is for new students only.
  2. kw0573

    Math Analysis or Application

    From my impression, A/A is the current SL/HL and A/I is the current studies with some additional stats and technology. I guess by that logic, Applications/Interpretations would be easier but not free 7 by any means.
  3. For class of 2019 and later
  4. For examinations on and after May 2020.
  5. kw0573

    SL Maths IA Ideas

    Hi Johs20! We can help you carve out a clearer path to your topic, given details of concepts and problems that you want explore.
  6. kw0573

    I need serious help!!! :O

    I think there are two things you can do immediately: setting goals for short-term and removing distractions. 28/45 is a point on the map, but you need to identify the route. Focus on the task at hand. Confused in math class? A reasonable goal would be to ask teacher after class/school/during lunch on what you were confused about that day. Paper due in 5 days? In the next 2 hours ,find/read through all the research you will need. Think of work as water corroding a rock: it takes persistence and time. Most importantly, it is about turning hard, general goals into easy, specific tasks. Work without use of technology, or restrict use of technology. As weird as it might sound, it is physically possible to write an essay without using the computer. It is physically possible to do homework using just your notes, the textbook, and a calculator. Turn off your phone and computer when doing work. I would recommend starting with 20 minutes of no-distraction work period, following by a 5-minute break. Best of luck!
  7. Unless you are at the top boundary for a 2 in the oral and written assignment, it is not possible to get a 5. A 4 is still up for grabs though.
  8. You should write the EE in your best subject. Universities do not care what EE subject you choose.
  9. kw0573

    Regular Academic Math vs Accelerated Math

    There is no longer any HL Further Math, or even HL Math. The new courses are HL/SL Applications and Interpretations and HL/SL Analysis and Approaches. A/I is stats focused and A/A is functions/calculus focused. There is significant modelling in both, and both courses share about 25% of the same content. If you are thinking of going into engineering, sciences, economics, computer science, then you probably need A/A; otherwise you can take either one. Unless after high school you plan to do something that does not require advanced math at all, eg literature, it's best to take the 1DE so you have options to take either math courses. 1DE keeps more options available. If you apply within Ontario for university, they need at least one of the 4U courses (advanced functions, prob/stats, vector/calculus). While 1D certainly still progresses towards these classes, taking an accelerated 1DE will make a smoother transition to the harder math classes in future years. It has typically been the case that SL is easier than 3U/4U courses and HL is much harder.
  10. kw0573

    Math IA guidance needed!!!!

    I think you should figure out that yourself, and I should say that if you have the actual cup, it's not difficult at all. You can also try to find a way to do this without calculus, and compare your answers. The truth is that the most complicated method is not always the best. If you have the cup, there are at least 2 non-calculus ways to do this. EDIT: Other than the scaling issue, there is an inherent problem/error in the way you tried to fit the curves to the cup which is that a cup does not (and should not) look like the curves. In fact you are making the volume harder to calculate than what it should be. Alright that's enough critique/hints from me, wish you the best!
  11. kw0573

    Math IA guidance needed!!!!

    Well right now you are finding the volume of a cup that is 4 cm in diameter at the open end, and about 8-8.5 cm tall, which is just honestly a tiny cup and 70 mL is not all that unreasonable.
  12. kw0573

    Can a retake be cnacelled?

    Hi The data I have is 3 years old. It says you can still withdraw one or all of the subjects if the process is completed before May 1 the session of the May exams. by contacting [email protected] Contact your coordinator first and if that were to not work out then contact IBO directly.
  13. kw0573

    Help with my EE Topic?

    To convince your teacher, you should clearly identify ToK concepts that you will be exploring from his music.
  14. kw0573


    It's harder than it sounds, but a D in ToK starts at 4/30. You do need to submit both a presentation and an essay to pass ToK.

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